Ol' Dirty Bastard Dies at 35

Published: 2004-11-15
This past Saturday (November 13th), the rapper known as Ol' Dirty Bastard died after collapsing in a New York recording studio. Just 35-years-old, the cause of death is at this time unknown, but earlier in the day the rapper, whose real name is Russell Jones, was complaining of chest pains. Today (November 15th) Jones would have turned 36.

Jones' sudden death is a shock to both fans and family alike. In a statement to the press, the rapper's mother Cherry Jones said: "To the public he was known as Ol' Dirty Bastard but to me he was known as Rusty. The kindest most generous soul on earth. I appreciate all of the support and prayers that I have received. Russell was more than a rapper he was a loving father, brother, uncle and most of all son."

Best known for founding influential rap group The Wu-Tang Clan, Jones also had a highly successful solo career. In actuality, to many people the rapper may be better known for his wild behaviour and run-ins with the law, than his actual music. Jones' most recent project began when he was released from prison in 2003 (after being sentenced in 2001 for drug possession), which was a new album for Roc-A-Fella records.

Jones first burst onto the scene along with fellow Clan members in 1993 with the classic 'Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)'. Nothing near the typical hip-hop crew of the early '90s, The Wu-Tang Clan boasted no less than nine MCs, many of which went on to have their own successful side projects. Ol' Dirty Bastard's first solo effort came in 1995 with the release of 'Return to the 36 Chambers', which showcases the rapper's loose, free-form style.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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As much as I love ODB's music. This should go out as a message to all the young youth out there in the street. That Crack Kills. RIP ODB we love you.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 15, 2004
Oh PLEASE - his death was a SHOCK? And if he was such a great father why was his WIFE not making those staements ratehr than his mother of 36 yrs? Come on wake-up. Why should we morn such irresponsible behaviour? As a drug user and felon its surprising he lived as long as he did.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 15, 2004
r.i.p. to one of the most ingenious and carefree voices rap ever had.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 15, 2004
There wont ever be another one like him,he was unique as they come. may he rest in peace.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 15, 2004
This guy was so far from the norm you gotta give him all the respect in the world. Everybody has their flaws, but Old Dirty never tried to hide his.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 16, 2004
yeah, so... i love when people are so ignorant and say " HIS DEATH WAS A SHOCK? PLEASE" of course his mother will have his back, he WAS one of the most nicest people on teh face of the earth, a great father? that? i don't know, no one really knows his life. so dont try to but in and think you know. dont diss someone because of what you heard. ignorance, makes me sick. odb, rest in peace.. i was supossed to see wutang last week... shocker.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 16, 2004
It hurts inside to hear about any well known people dieing and i feel nothing less then sympathy for his family, however let it be a lesson to us as Americans where his type of lifestly will lead you to. I mean look at Chris Farley, a man of 10 times the talent, died in the same manner. Both very talented, makes you feel empty inside to know what they died for. So ODB, rest in peace, and may God, Allah, or whoever is in charge grant you everlasting happiness.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 16, 2004
for someone to say something as distasteful as HIS DEATH WAS A SHOCK.... how could you even get on a web page designed to pay respects to someone who has passed on. You don't know what that man went through or did in his life. Rest in peace ODB you will truely be missed in my heart. -Love A TRUE FAN
Posted by: Anonymous on November 16, 2004
ODB was my favorite after Biggie and I'll miss just as much. It sucks that none of the WuTang Clan ever had his back, maybe if they had the last few years of his life wouldn't have been so hard. RIP ODB XXXOOO
Posted by: Anonymous on November 17, 2004
RIP in Dirt McGirt. The ODG was truly an inspiring hip hop artist. Ever since the Wu Tang Clan with his grunge fierce FLOW. The Old Birty Bastard straight from the Brooklyn ZOO!!! RIP ODB your fans love ya kid...
Posted by: Anonymous on November 17, 2004
My heart goes out to the family of ODB, and everyone who has lost a love one. We are only here a short time, so please enjoy it. I appreciate the music and the image he bought to the industry, he'll be forever missed. Stay strong to the family, friends, fans, and the Wu-tang-Clan Method I love you.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 18, 2004
yo 1st off iwana say sorry to his family and close friends...odb R.i.P your wut brought wu*tang you and rza started it all and alot of people didnt relize you talent but they will now because you are dead, your in heaven with jesus. odb you had true talent mad love from your mother, a mother who cares for you.may ODB rest in peace, we love you odb.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 18, 2004
ODB had a very unique flow, style, and talent. He brought something new, different, and refreshing to hip-hop, and should be given respect for that. His death is very unfornuate and untimely, he was completing a long awaited album and has a full life with family and friend. I hope at least he did not suffer long. The good always die young, I'm sure he was possessed much more good than the publicized bad. Rest in peace, and God Bless his family and friend.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 19, 2004
as i read some of the comments left on this page, i just shake my head in shame. some of you should be ashamed of yourselves. this is a human being. if your brother, uncle, father or son was in his shoes and passed away, it would hurt you deeply to hear someone say such words about them. Realize that yes, he has done some bad things and made some mistakes. but ODB, Russel, Big Baby Jesus, whatever you called him, was a talented human being and he deserves his respect as he passes on to the afterlife. Russel, you were a talented man. no one can make a crazy, funky, nonsense song sound as good as you did. you will be missed.
Posted by: Anonymous on November 19, 2004
i couldn't believe it when i found out! he was a real inspiration in hip_hop. next to method man he had a place in my cd collection. i find it so sad as a young uk hip hop fan how his life was taken away from him in such a pointless manner. ODB r.I.p love jessy
Posted by: Anonymous on November 22, 2004
ODB was a great rapper... he gave something unique to Hip Hop. But unfortunately I agree. How can you say that his death was a shock. Anyone who knew him, knew that he was a drug addict, and unfortunately that is not music. If he couldnt realise his own worth and slowly take his life then thats a shame. Its his family I feel for. I am sorry for the death of anyone famous or not famous. But if you die from drug abuse, there are not many words for it. Sorry to all ODB fans. Sometimes you gotta hear the truth!
Posted by: Anonymous on November 24, 2004
first of all R.I.P. O.D.B. ,there wuznt a betta rapper than Ol' Dirty Bastard...may god rest him in peace!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 22, 2006
Ol'Dirty U Will Be Missed. u's a wu banger till death.. may u rest in peace.. when I got the word of your pass back what will be 4years ago I didnt want to belive it. Oh No. I know the great die young. but why u? so much life to live.. It aint a shame. cause where all a pawn in gods card game. just take big baby jesus's hand he was delt an learn from it. learn from it an better yourself. You will be missed. wu head to death greets me.....peace..
Posted by: Anonymous on October 24, 2008
First of all ODB RIP!I felt odb pain he was hidding pain within even though people say he was unique we all are I just feel so bad no one was smart enough to get himthe help he really needed that was Jesus Christ he is the only answer in this last our some may not believe in him , but the will be a time eveyone will God Bless everyone who reads this!
Posted by: jarvisd32 on October 28, 2008
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