Kalan Porter Releases First Single

Published: 2004-09-30
With just a fortnight of being signed to a label, Kalan Porter, Canada's newest Idol, has already got the ball rolling on his music career. The release date for his first single 'Awake in a Dream' has already been decided. Fans of Porter will be able to pick up the record at music stores across the country in just six days on Tuesday, October 5th.

'Awake in a Dream' is just the beginning of Porter's planned output. Following his Canadian Idol win, Porter inked a deal with BMG Records Canada, which is set to release the singer's debut album. The company wasted no time with the singer, putting him in a recording studio just days after his victory to begin work on his upcoming record.

Although there is no confirmed release date on Porter's debut, fans shouldn't have too long of a wait. The as-yet-untitled record is planned to be in stores in late fall, before the snow has a chance to pile too high. Since this year's season of Canadian Idol was much more popular than last, it can only be assumed that Porter's album will fair better than first Idol Ryan Malcolm's did.

To listen to Kalan Porter's first single 'Awake in a Dream' head on over to the vocalist's official site at HYPERLINK "http://www.kalanporter.com" www.kalanporter.com.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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So glad Kalan's AWAKE IN A DREAM is being played on radio - have heard it a couple of times and love it and am looking forward to getting the cd. However, what I really would like to know; is there another song on the single and if so, what is it? I will also be getting Kalan's full cd as the rumour goes two of his own songs will be on it and perhaps some of his violin playing - that makes it even more exciting.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 01, 2004
i really think that this years idol is a whole lot better than last years ( sorry RyaN) Kalan has a fantastic voice and an enduring quality about him which makes people want to hear and see him.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 01, 2004
I don't ordinarily buy the CD's of these Idol show contestants or winners, but I'm making an exception here. I'm tremendously impressed with the talent of this young kid. With the right management and material, the sky's the limit for Kalan.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 03, 2004
As with everyone else who has posted a comment on this message bored, I too am very happy Kalan won Canadian Idol. I loved Theresa too . . . but there was something about Kalan that sent shivers up my spine whenever he sang. Very glad "Awake in a Dream" is being played on the official website. Whenever I get the chance I listen to it over and over again, and can't get it out of my head for the rest of the day! I'm realllllly excited for his CD to come out in late fall. I'm hoping he will add some rock and roll to his album, as well and some pop. Another CD Im looking forward to is the Canadian Idol Season 2 Top 10, where they pic a song or 2 that a top 10 singer has sung. I really hope they put Jacob Hoggarts "I want you to want me" on it! Again, it's one of those songs I'm singing for the rest of the day. All in all, some good albums coming out that I will definately save my money to buy!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 04, 2004
Kalan Porter has the appeal to all ranges of people from 7-77. I'd like to know what stations are playing his new single "Awake In a Dream"? It's good to see that when there are contests that they appear to improve the second time around.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 05, 2004
I just love Kalan's dreamy voice he is so talented and i am a real fan but old enough to be his mom.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 05, 2004
Kalan, you are a terrific young man with an enormous talent!! Being as sweet and shy as you appear only adds to your charm and appeal. Be sure to stay that way!! Your parents must be incredibly proud of you, and my son and I thoroughly enjoyed Idol this summer. It was undoubtedly the very best raw talent we have seen on TV yet, and I applaud you and your Idol family. I have no doubt that Theresa will also do very well, and we completely adored Jacob and his amusing antics that kept us looking forward to the next week. All the very best to you. You have a couple of fans in us here in Ontario......
Posted by: Anonymous on October 06, 2004
I bought Kalan's first single and I listen to it all the time! I love Kalan's voice and he's definitely adorable. I can't wait to buy his first CD.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 07, 2004
I also never buy cd's from the Idols, except I did get Clay Aikens single Invisible. I even live in the U.S. and never saw the Canadian Idol show but someone told me after Kalan won how wonderful he was so I checked it out like a good little music lover. And this young guy just was so special with his huge talents and just a way about him. I really hope all the best for Kalan in his career. He deserves to go far!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 07, 2004
Kalan ; ''i can only imagine'' where this journey will lead him... This is one exceptionnaly talented guy (dont like to call him a kid:his soul is too mature for that)...Wow...And to think we have only seen the top of the iceberg of his talent...Cant wait for the cd...My only negative comment is regarding the single: awake in a dream is great but why not put i can only imagine or house of rising sun on the other side.???instrumental???boring without Kalan's voice...
Love you Kalan...Thanks for many tearfull but heartwarming evenings with your voice..xxx
Posted by: Anonymous on October 09, 2004
I think kalan Porter is an amazing talent and his new single does not dissapiont! I love how they have a regular as well as instrumental version Welldone Kalan!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 11, 2004
"Since this yearís season of Canadian Idol was much more popular than last, it can only be assumed that Porterís album will fair better than first Idol Ryan Malcolmís did."

I was quite put off by that last comment. It's not necessary to throw that dig at Ryan in there. His album did go platinum, after all. Kalan's album will do very well, I'm sure, but I hope his record company realizes that saddling him with cheaply-produced tracks like the B-side of his single is not something they should do to this talented artist.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 18, 2004
I really love Kalan's voice althought I too, am old enough to be his mother. I even went to see his concert in London which was great but the only thing I didn't like was that the band was too loud so Kalan's voice could not be heard
that well and that's what we all went for
I think.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 12, 2005
i luv kalan. hes the sexiest guy alive!!!!!! i get to go to a concert on july 15 with my friend. it will be so fun!!!!! keep rocking kalan!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Anonymous on June 25, 2005
Kalan porter is an amzing singer with many talents. He is very goodlooking and i think he will do veryy well in life. I have a great appreciation for good talent and this is what he has. I love you Kalan keep up the good work.
Posted by: Anonymous on August 08, 2005
Kalan is a one-of-a-kind guy and deserved to win! not everybody has amazing talent and when you find someone that does (Kalan) you cant just let them slip away... Fortunately he didnt slip! Kalan has made it big and hes only going to get bigger. If you have ever seen Kalan perform in concert , you'll know why he won Canadian Idol! and P.S. his cd is THE BEST. if you dont have it, honestly get off your lazy butt and buy the thing! you WONT regret it!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 19, 2005
Kalan deserves this more than anyone! He has the most amazing voice i have ever heard. Not to forget how fabulous he is on the violin! Canada is more than fortunate to have him as our idol! Go see Kalan live in concert and that will prove to you how great he is at what he does - play and sing music! - i did and i never regreted it once..in fact i want to go again(and i will haha!) kalan is the best! i love kalan very lots! xox. hes my idol!
Posted by: Anonymous on August 19, 2005
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