Johnny Ramone Dies at Fifty-Five

Published: 2004-09-17
September 15th, 2004 brought sad news – the death of Johnny Ramone. The legendary guitarist had a long battle with cancer before passing away at his home in Los Angeles at 55 years old. The rocker was surrounded by his loved ones when he slipped into Rock'n'Roll heaven on that Wednesday afternoon.

A statement issued on the band's official site, sums up the sentiment of many regarding Johnny Ramone's death: "In this moment of tragedy and darkness, let us find solace, and a cure to our pain, in the knowledge that Johnny accomplished to the limit his life's aspirations, and in the process he made ours seem possible."

Music fans the world over are mourning the loss of Johnny Ramone. Co-founding the Ramones, Johnny helped to spark a musical revolution. The Ramones were the first punk band, bringing the sound of rebellion to New York through their infamous performances at CBGB. Many other bands followed in their wake including the Sex Pistols and the Damned.

The first album that Ramones ever pressed was their 1976 self-titled debut which included the classic 'Blitzkrieg Bop' and 'I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend'. The guitar that Johnny Ramone played on those very first punk songs set the standard for every punk song to follow. The fast, simple, three-chord approach that brought a new face to music will forever belong to Johnny Ramone, and it shan't be forgotten.

Many bands in the world have gone on to call themselves punk, but no one can ever come close to matching the Ramones – the punkiest punks of them all.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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The Ramones were the kings of a talentless genre of music. So what? Bands like Yes, Genesis, Dream Theater and Fates Warning exclipsed them in SPADES in terms of musical knowledge and execution, so who cares about a band that never had a hit and wouldn't even know what an F# is? a 4 year old was swept away in the wake of Ivan, shouldn't we be mourning that innocent child instead of some drug addict?
Posted by: Anonymous on September 17, 2004
Your music will be loved forever Johnny. Rest in peace punk.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 17, 2004
A sad sad loss. Thinking of you Johnny and all that love you and that will miss. The afterlife has a special place for rockers.............
Posted by: Anonymous on September 17, 2004
Many will mourn the loss of a man whose music grabbed us by the throat and gave many in my generation( and a few that followed) a good, hard shake. The Ramones gave us a legacy of songs that were alternately smart,funny,angry and poppy. Simple bare-bones songs that made you feel that the guys on stage were there for their audience. Guys who were saving us from musicians who would otherwise be standing there just noodling around and gazing at their prog-rock navels.It's a pity that the words of a person who couldn't even to be bothered to read the article thoroughly and with nothing nice to say were posted. R.I.P. Johnny. We were pleased to meet you. One of us.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 20, 2004
You were an insperation to young punk rockers. I really lived for your music, it represented a lot of people.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 22, 2004
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