Canadian Idol Crowns Kalan Porter King

Published: 2004-09-17
Kalan Porter who wowed viewers with his rock influenced vocal talent was crowned Canadian Idol during Thursday night's CTV broadcast.

Emerging from among 8,977 other contestants the 18 year old Medicine Hat, Alberta native edged out Theresa Sokyrka, a 23 year old from Saskatoon, after over 32 million votes were tallied following their last round of competition.

Kalan who had recently been attending Medicine Hat College at the time of his audition had decided to take a year off to focus on his music. Now with claiming the Canadian Idol title, that is exactly what Kalan will be doing. Moments after the show Kalan signed his contract with BMG Records Canada and was presented with an undisclosed amount.

The first single to be released by Porter is titled "Awake in a Dream" and will begin radio airplay today. Following his whirlwind of press interviews Kalan will head into the studio on Monday and begin recording his debut album to be released this fall.

With over 3.3 million viewers, Wednesday night's final performance showdown was the most watched Canadian Idol show ever breaking last years record.

During last night's 2 hour results show the top 10 returned to the stage to perform a number of hits together for the last time. Highlighted was an emotional duet between Kalan and Theresa singing Cyndi Lauper's "True Colours".

Writer: Soul Shine Staff

    Photo:Frank Gunn


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Tacky, but they got it right - this kid is the real thing.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 17, 2004
Can you tell me which radio station in Calgary will be airing Kalen Porter's hit single Awake in a DReam?
Posted by: Anonymous on September 17, 2004
Gosh, he is so talented and so cute. I am so gonna buy his CD! =)
Posted by: Anonymous on September 19, 2004
the girls are a-swooning over this young man, reminiscent of leif garret, mark lester, the beatles, etc. from 20, 40 years ago. it is refreshing to see a humble, magnificent talent. and the kid doesn't even wear any rings on his face.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 19, 2004
Leif Garret... forgot about him! Very nice though to see Kalan win this. It seemed as though he was just "himself" on stage, and that was enough.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 20, 2004
I am so pleased that Kalan won. He is by far the most talented that has appeared on Canadian Idol, and a jaw-dropper on so many levels. Despite his young age, Kalan is brimming with talent, and overflows with musicality. Kudos goes to him because Canada loves him, and for taking hold of the well-deserved winning title.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 20, 2004
This kid is incredible! Huge talent! Canada finally got it right. His CD's will be in my collection!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 20, 2004
Well here you have it. Our new Canadian Idol. He will be known all over the world not just in Canada. Kalan Porter= world Idol! Goodluck !
Posted by: Anonymous on September 22, 2004
Way to go Kalan, well deserved. He is by far the most talented singer Canadian Idol has had. What amazing voice he has, very nice looking guy. I will be buying his CD forever. Canada is proud of you Kalan!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 22, 2004
Kalan's performance of "I can only imagine" was beautiful. I really respect the fact that he wasn't afraid at all to let his faith be known to everyone.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 23, 2004
Congratulations to Kalen Porter. I knew from the very begining that he would take the title. He is so talented. I personally voted for him each Wednesday over and over with my daughters. I can't wait to hear his recording of Awake in a Dream. He sang that beautifully on air. I suspect it will hit the top of the charts really quickly. Can't wait to see him take his career into the stratusphere. I love his voice! He's the whole package so all the power and blessings to him, he deserves it. Some people just shine ya know and he's one of them. And it certainly doesn't hurt that he is a little cutey!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 23, 2004
Kalan is the most talented person to ever be on the 1st and 2nd Canadian Idol shows. I think it was a "given" Kalen would win. I am so proud of him because his talent surpasses all the "Idol" competitors; Canadian & American. You will go a long way Kalen to be the all time famous talent of our country. I hope you take away the title of "Most Famous Canadian" from Pamela Anderson!! GO KALAN
Posted by: Anonymous on September 24, 2004
I agree with the person above, He is the best by far of both American & Canadian idols, even though I love Kelly Clarkson butI think he is better. Theresa started out good but the last month or more her voice has been not great. He is the best, he is one of the most talented young man I have seen in may years I am not a teeny bopper, I am 49 years old.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 24, 2004
KALAN PORTER? he has definately got star power and an incredible voice. Although Theresa was an amazing singer, too, Kalan really deserved to be Canadian Idol. Go kalan!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 11, 2004
i am a HUDGE fan of Kalans and i think that he has a great voice, and that he deserved this more than anyone.i hope he carrys on with his music cause i love it!
Posted by: Anonymous on November 21, 2004
Kalan Porter is the hottest thing out! I am doing my project on him for school. (because he is Canadian) YOU ROCK KALEN!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 02, 2004 do your country proud
Posted by: Anonymous on January 11, 2005
kalan is awswome he is the best out of american idol and candian and i went to see him at his concert and it was the best ever he has got a really talented voice and he really really deserved to win canadian idol.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 26, 2005
kalan is awesome he is by far the best singer i have ever heard. I went to see him saturday in lethbridge and he blew my mind
Posted by: Anonymous on March 21, 2005
Kalen Porter is on top of all singers GO KALEN!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 01, 2005
kalen is number 1 !!!! I love his music and his voice.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 27, 2005
its good to have another canadian idol out there... to represent us..YO!!! GO CANADA!!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 19, 2005
kalan is awesome and i am his biigest fan
he is sooo talented and i can't wait to see what he's gonna do next
Posted by: Anonymous on June 22, 2005
I think Kalen Porter is awsome. I voted 64 times for him. My niece saw him at the Canada Day celebrations this past Canada day in Ottawa and she totally loves him.

I especially like his song: Awake In A Dream.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 13, 2005
he was really cool i seen him at the Calgary Stampeed ^^ all though there were tons of girls there screeming in my ear it was really cool
Posted by: Anonymous on July 25, 2005
OMG! I luv this kid soooo much! i think is music is fabulous!
Ibought his cd, Its fabulous. I would recomend it to eny body!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 29, 2005
Kalan Porter is an incredibly talented singer and musician. I can't wait to hear his next CD. Go Kalan go!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 25, 2005
Kalan Porter is an awsome singer just in general he was great troughout the whole show canadian idol. His concerts are awsome to i went to the one in edmonton in april and it was great really roudy one girl even fainted it was close to the stands
Posted by: Anonymous on November 18, 2005
He is a great singer I find his music better than that of justin timberlake and others He's really good
Posted by: Anonymous on January 25, 2008
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