The Mars Volta Name New Album 'Frances The Mute'

Published: 2004-09-10
The follow-up to the Mars Volta's 2003 album 'De-Loused In The Comatorium' has been given a name. The four-piece has titled the record 'Frances The Mute', but still haven't set a release date for the album. The reason for the lack of release date is because the experimental rockers have yet to leave the studio, therefore they can't possible predict when 'Frances The Mute' will hit shelves at this point.

As many probably know, the cover-art of the Mars Volta's debut album was quite memorable. Depicting a solid gold head on a plate, with a stream of light emitting from its mouth, the photograph was the talk of many music circles.

Responsible for the artwork was legendary artist Storm Thorgerson, who has also agreed to do the cover for 'Frances The Mute'. Over the course of his career Thorgerson has provided the cover-art for Pink Floyd's 'The Division Bell', Zeppelin's 'Houses Of The Holy' and the Cranberries' 'Bury The Hatchet', among many, many others.

Included in the line-up of the Mars Volta are two former members of the critically acclaimed band At The Drive-In – Cedric Blixer and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Splitting down At The Drive-In even further, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez opted to release a solo album called 'A Manual Dexterity – Soundtrack Volume 1' in August.

For constant updates on 'Frances The Mute' go to the Mars Volta site at

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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"Frances The Mute", I can't wait!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 16, 2004
I have tried and tried to figure this one out. I am aware that Storm Thor. did the album cover art. Who the heck drew the pics inside? Re : the dock/beach/ocean image, the hand/forearm clasping hand/forearm, e.t.c. Were those Julio Venegas drawings or what? I must know. Thanks so much.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 04, 2004
im a die hard TMV fan ive been listening to them ever since at the drive-in and just start liking them more and more. no matter how many times i hear them a day it is the only cd ive not got tired of. i can wait! thank u TMV
Posted by: Anonymous on November 20, 2004
Omar is hands down the greatest guitarist of our generation
Posted by: Anonymous on January 27, 2005
De-Loused In The Comatorium is a piece of art, the album is inside my head all day, Its just so different, so full of sounds, ITS "A MUST HAVE ALBUM" FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO ARE SICK AND TIRED OF THE MTV ENVIROMENT. BRAVO AND THANKS MARS VOLTA.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 27, 2005
I have seen tmv twice when they were with apc. Those were the two most incredible expirences of my life. Anyone who even half like tmv should go see them, the raw energy is incredible
Posted by: Anonymous on January 27, 2005
De-Loused in the Comatorium was awesome. By the sound of 'The Widow', Frances the mute is gonna be awesome too.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 03, 2005
Posted by: Anonymous on February 10, 2005
mars volta are the best, i can't stop listening to de-loused, televators is so awesome, omar and cedric are the best. thank you for bringing something different... i'm tired of all this other crap coming out. "frances the mute" is good too.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 28, 2005
The Mars Volta is a perfect blend of artistic talent and musical genius, I was moved deeply by De-Loused in the Comatorium and am excited to here Frances the Mute.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 28, 2005
There are no words to descride how awsome The Mars Volta is. Its amazing how they put everything together.From sound, to thier words.It has brought me out to a new level of music.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 08, 2005
hey everyone check out the hottest new band to hit atlanta if you like mars volta they are just as differnt and talented.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 09, 2005
The Mars Volta have changed my life. I didn't think it was even possible for bands to do that anymore but they truely have made me ask questions but more importantly they have made me feel hope. When I first saw them play in a small tent at Coachella I only had their EP and a small basic idea of their ideas and concepts. Now I believe I understand and as a fellow musician their music has breathed new life into me in so many ways its difficult for me to put it all into words. I know I'm not the only human being that feels this way. Thanks to Mars Volta and their awesome fans.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 17, 2005
in all honesty...this music will kick you in the butt, drag you across town, and will leave you wondering why it felt so good. it's everything you never knew you wanted. it's kinda scary actually. it's not for everybody.
Posted by: nixon33 on May 12, 2005
hot darn, the mars volta rock. i only recently got into them. I bought frances when it came out, and i just bought deloused yesterday. im in love with them.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 20, 2005
Clever music, out with the music money making machine...Creativity has never been this way for a very long time...Call it what you will...This band needs more recognition than your typical radio friendly "rock group.." Shame on the money making popstars...We need bands with talent like The Mars Volta.
Posted by: Anonymous on August 01, 2005
The Mars volta is without a doubt the most inspiring band i have come across. Their passion for innovative and experimental ideas have swept many off their feet. finally a band that captures real struggles and real accomplishments for the human soul. I forgot to mention the best live show on earth. Remember " past present and future tense". che lives on
Posted by: Anonymous on August 10, 2005
i love you
Posted by: Anonymous on August 10, 2005
When I first listened to Deloused in the Comatorium, I was amazed by the sheer intencity and dexterity of the band. The ideology behind this album also makes it all the more enjoyable to listen to. From the beautiful yet merciless sounds expelled from Rodrigeuz-Lopezs guitar to the spine-tingling vocal capabilities of singer/lyricist Bixler-Zavala, Frances the Mute goes one step further (both musically and artistically) and dares to travel into regions only once inhibited by psychedelic experimentalists. A truly talented band that undeniably dispose of labels and limitations of any kind.
Posted by: Anonymous on August 23, 2005
the next pink floyd?
Posted by: Anonymous on September 06, 2005
well they might be since at the drive broke up because omar and cedric wanted to sound more like pink floyd.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 03, 2005
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