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Title Artist Date
Phil Wickham Finds His Voice On Third Studio Album 'Heaven And Earth' Wickham, Phil 2009-10-16
Brian 'Head' Welch Releases Solo Album This Fall Welch, Brian 2008-06-26
The Watson Twins Embark on North American Tour Watson Twins, The 2008-06-11
The Walkmen Release New Album Later this Summer Walkmen, The 2008-06-10
The Wedding Release New EP, Tours Wedding, The 2008-06-02
Whistler Music Festival Announces Acts Whistler Music Festival 2008-05-29
Watson Twins Release ‘Fire Songs’ Watson Twins 2008-05-21
Weezer Album Release Date Changes Weezer 2008-05-15
Rufus Wainwright Composing Opera Wainwright, Rufus 2008-04-30
Weezer Release Red Album Weezer 2008-04-22
Wilco Announce North American Dates Wilco 2008-03-24
Kanye West Announces 'Glow in the Dark' Tour Dates West, Kanye 2008-02-14
Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Reveals Solo Album Track Listing Weezer 2007-11-26
Weezer’s New Album out Next Year Weezer 2007-11-12
The White Stripes Get Back to Business White Stripes, The 2007-11-08
Naomi Watts To Star in Hitchcock Thriller Watts, Naomi 2007-10-22
Wyclef Jean’s 6th Album Out Beginning of November Wyclef Jean 2007-10-18
Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo Goes Solo Weezer 2007-10-17
Rufus Wainwright Releases Live CD and DVD Wainwright, Rufus 2007-10-17
Polaris Prize Awarded to Patrick Watson Watson, Patrick 2007-09-26
The White Stripes Cancel All 2007 Tour Dates White Stripes, The 2007-09-19
Kanye West Tops Billboard Album Charts This Week West, Kanye 2007-09-17
Patrick Wolf to Tour North America Wolf, Patrick 2007-09-07
The Who Release DVDs This November Who, The 2007-09-04
White Stripes Frontman a Father Again White Stripes, The 2007-08-10
White Stripes Play One Second Show, Complete Their Mission White Stripes, The 2007-07-18
Black Eyed Peas' to Release Solo Album 2007-07-17
Garage Band Network Talks to former Korn guitarist Brian 'Head' Welch Today Welch, Brian 2007-07-13
Princess Diana Memorial Concert Attracts Close to 15 Million Viewers West, Kanye 2007-07-05
White Stripes Send Icky Thump out on the Road White Stripes, The 2007-06-22
White Stripes Gear up for Canada, Find Family Along the Way White Stripes, The 2007-06-19
Rufus Wainwright Releases 'Stars' This Week Wainwright, Rufus 2007-05-17
Wilco Release 'Sky Blue Sky', Play Toronto Wilco 2007-05-08
Brian 'Head' Welch Releases Memoir this Summer Welch, Brian 2007-05-01
The White Stripes Tour Canada, Ready 'Icky Thump' White Stripes, The 2007-04-27
The Wilkinson's Make New Video on School Violence Wilkinsons, The 2007-04-19
The Wedding Release 'Polarity', Play Summer Festivals Wedding, The 2007-04-19
The White Stripes Release 'Icky Thump' This Summer White Stripes 2007-04-12
Jack White Returns to the White Stripes White Stripes 2007-03-02
Dan Wilson Gets Ready for the Spotlight Wilson, Dan 2007-02-26
Wailin' Jennys Get a New Girl Wailin' Jennys 2007-01-25
Kanye West Graduating to Next Level West, Kanye 2007-01-22
Wilco Has Blue Skies Ahead Wilco 2007-01-19
White Stripes, Led Zeppelin Provide Commentary in New Book White Stripes, The 2007-01-12
Led Zeppelin, Carlos Santana Want to Close Wolfgang's Vault Wolfgang's Vault 2006-12-20
Derek Webb's Freebie Downloads Top 80,000 Webb, Derek 2006-12-15
Wilco Working on New Release Wilco 2006-12-08
Dionne Warwick Celebrates 45 Years with 'Friends' Warwick, Dionne 2006-11-14
Wintersleep Stay Awake on the Road Wintersleep 2006-11-06
Queen 'We Will Rock You' Opens Next Spring in Toronto We Will Rock You 2006-11-02
The Who on the Auction Block Who, The 2006-11-01
Stevie Wonder Gets Lifetime Achievement Award Wonder, Stevie 2006-10-20
White Stripes Get Classical White Stripes 2006-10-06
Weezer Sues Miller Brewing Company Weezer 2006-10-05
Robbie Williams Cancels South East Asian Tour Williams, Robbie 2006-09-18
The Who Release Their First Album in 24 Years Who, The 2006-08-25
Derek Webb gives you 'Mockingbird' for free Webb, Derek 2006-08-01
The Who battle about webcasts Who, The 2006-07-31
EMI and Warner drop merger plans Warner Music 2006-07-28
Phil Wickham Releases Debut CD Wickham, Phil 2006-07-27
Weezer calls it quits? Weezer 2006-07-13
The White Stripes win court battle White Stripes, The 2006-06-19
Bunny Wailer joins a new generation of Marley boys Wailer, Bunny 2006-06-09
The Weakerthans reach ëImpossible Distancesí Weakerthans, The 2006-06-09
World Electronic Music Festival Adds Rockers WEMF 2006-05-25
CeCe Winans Postpones Montreal Concert Winans, CeCe 2006-05-19
Wilco Will Go On the Road Wilco 2006-05-15
Warner Teams with Bit Torrent Warner 2006-05-11
Warner Music Faces 14 Price Fixing Lawsuits Warner Music 2006-05-08
White Stripes add a Little Scarlet to the Family White Stripes 2006-05-05
Warner Says No to 4.2 Billion to Merge with EMI Warner 2006-05-04
Robbie Williams Joins Take That...Sort Of... Williams, Robbie 2006-04-25
White Stripes' Producer Wants Credit for their Sound White Stripes 2006-04-18
World Vision Brings Music and Relief World Vision 2006-04-12
Robbie Williams goes Digital Williams, Robbie 2006-04-10
The Wreckers 'Stand Still, Look Pretty' Wreckers, The 2006-03-22
Walkmen 'A Hundred Miles' off with New Record Walkmen 2006-02-16
Superbowl Brings Stones, Motown Legends Wonder, Stevie 2006-02-07
Jack White's Not Talking in Japan White, Jack 2006-01-11
We Are Scientists Bring On Some ëLove and Squalorí We are Scientists 2005-12-23
Weezer: On the Brink of a Break Up? Weezer 2005-12-13
Kanye West Is Ready For Grammy West, Kanye 2005-12-08
Stevie Wonder to Open for the Superbowl Wonder, Stevie 2005-12-06
Paul Wallís Grills and Girls Wall, Paul 2005-11-28
RIP Chris Whitley Whitley, Chris 2005-11-23
Warner Settles 'Payola' with $5 Million Warner Music Corperation 2005-11-23
Kanye West To Receive Billboard Artist Achievement Award West, Kanye 2005-11-18
Warren Haynes Back with Another Christmas Jam Warren Haynes 2005-11-07
White Stripes Cover Tegan and Sara, Start Singin' For Coke White Stripes 2005-11-07
Johnny Winter Brings The Blues Up North Winter, Johnny 2005-11-04
Ratdog Bring The Music To The Deadheads Weir, Bob 2005-10-19
Hey! Butch Walkerís Going On Tour! Walker, Butch 2005-10-07
Wyclef Jean's Life Provides 'Inspiration' For Sitcom Wyclef Jean 2005-10-06
The White Stripes To Rock 'The Daily Show', Use Conan For New Video White Stripes 2005-10-06
Wide Mouth Mason Release New Albums, Tour Ontario Wide Mouth Mason 2005-10-06
Wyrd Sisters sue members of Pulp and Radiohead Wyrd Sisters 2005-10-04
Western Canadian Music Awards Arrive in Vancouver WCMA 2005-10-03
Tom Waits files lawsuit Waits, Tom 2005-09-19
Kanye West Hits Canada West, Kanye 2005-09-16
Wilco Kicks Off the Fall with Live CD Wilco 2005-09-15
British Rockers Make Quick Record for Warchild WarChild 2005-09-09
Jack White: Corporate Shill? White Stripes 2005-08-29
Wolf Parade Adds Ex-Hot Hot Heat guitarist, Prepares for Album Release and Tour Wolf Parade 2005-08-29
Modfather Paul Weller Returns with New Album, World Tour Weller, Paul 2005-08-24
Stevie Wonder Celebrates Voting Rights Wonder, Stevie 2005-08-08
Wintersleep Continue Across Canada Wintersleep 2005-07-19
Scott Weiland's Fortunes Revolve as Charges Dropped Weiland,Scott 2005-07-14
New Material on the Horizon from Waiting for Daybreak Waiting for Daybreak 2005-07-12
Paul Weller Plans Tour 'As Is' Weller, Paul 2005-06-27
Brian 'Head' Welch's Eyes Opened to Disadvantaged Children Welch, Brian 2005-06-24
Wide Mouth Masonís Newest Due in August Wide Mouth Mason 2005-06-17
Weezer and Foo Fighters Working on Tour Together Weezer 2005-06-16
The Who Scheduled to Perform at Live 8 Who, The 2005-06-15
White Stripes Line Up North American Dates White Stripes 2005-06-10
Jack White Ties the Knot With 'Blue Orchid' Model White, Jack 2005-06-03
Brian Wilson Tours in Summer, Wishes for Winter Wilson, Brian 2005-05-20
Jada Pinkett Smith's Wicked Wisdom to Join Ozzfest Lineup Wicked Wisdom 2005-05-20
Wintersleep Prepares for Tour Wintersleep 2005-05-17
Wilco to Record New Album This Summer Wilco 2005-05-16
Wilco Play Montreal, Plan Live Release Wilco 2005-05-02
Wintersleep Return To Ontario and Quebec Wintersleep 2005-04-26
Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer Play Las Vegas Birthday Bash Weezer 2005-04-21
Scott Weiland Almost Gave Up on Rock 'n' Roll Weiland, Scott 2005-04-20
Wolf Eyes Make Noise Up In Canada Wolf Eyes 2005-04-19
Weezer Reveal 'Make Believe' Track-List Weezer 2005-04-13
Gretchen Wilson Takes the CMT Music Awards Wilson, Gretchen 2005-04-13
The White Stripes Name Fifth Album White Stripes, The 2005-04-12
Welkin Blow Into Toronto Next Week Welkin 2005-03-31
Brian 'Head' Welch To Star in Reality Series Welch, Brian 2005-03-30
White Stripes Fly In And Out Of the Studio White Stripes, The 2005-03-24
Weezer Take Their Daydream On The Road Weezer 2005-03-23
Martha Wainwright's Debut Due In April Wainwright, Martha 2005-03-15
Welkin Take 'Strangers and Exiles' Across Canada Welkin 2005-03-14
Weezer Dream Up A Name For New Album Weezer 2005-03-07
Wintersleep Tour the Mainland This March Wintersleep 2005-03-01
Nathan Wiley Goes On Tour with an Idol Wiley, Nathan 2005-02-25
Catching Up With Wide Mouth Mason Wide Mouth Mason 2005-02-16
Patrick Wolf Releases Second Album Wolf, Patrick 2005-02-14
Waking Eyes Tour Canada with Boy and Marble Index Waking Eyes, The 2005-01-25
The Wailiní Jennys Begin a Busy 2005 Wailin Jennys, The 2005-01-13
Wintersleep Prep ëUntitledí, Play Release Tour Wintersleep 2005-01-10
Welkin Prepare Sophomore Album Welkin 2005-01-05
The Weakerthans Hit the 'Ocean Highway' Weakerthans, The 2004-12-08
Brian Wilson 2005 Musicares Person Of The Year Wilson, Brian 2004-12-08
Wintersleep Go West Wintersleep 2004-11-24
Rufus Wainwright Releases 'Want Two', Tours Canada Wainwright, Rufus 2004-11-15
New Album From The Who? Who, The 2004-11-12
Hawksley Workman Tours, Releases Live DVD Workman, Hawksley 2004-11-05
The Walkmen Play One-Off Canada Date Walkmen, The 2004-10-29
The Warlocks Test New Material on Tour Warlocks, The 2004-10-25
The Waking Eyes Flit About Canada Waking Eyes, The 2004-10-23
Tom Waits is 'Real Gone' Waits,Tom 2004-10-07
Brian Wilson Hits the Open Road Wilson, Brian 2004-09-30
The Who Launch Their Own TV Station Who, The 2004-09-30
Rufus Wainwright's 'Want Two' Gets Release Date Wainwright, Rufus 2004-09-28
Nathan Wiley Releases Second Album Wiley, Nathan 2004-09-13
Wilco Wheels Across North America Wilco 2004-09-07
Robbie Williams Becomes Pure Frances Williams, Robbie 2004-09-02
Brian Wilson To Release and Tour Lost Album Wilson, Brian 2004-08-10
Robbie Williams to Release Greatest Hits Album Williams, Robbie 2004-07-28
Mike Watt Takes 'Middle Stand' On Tour Watt, Mike 2004-07-27
Tony Joe White to Release Inspired Album White, Tony Joe 2004-07-27
Hawksley Workman Keeps On Trucking Workman, Hawksley 2004-07-26
The Weakerthans Play Across Canada Weakerthans, The 2004-07-16
Wu-Tang Clan Reunited? Wu-Tang Clan 2004-07-15
The Waxwings New Album Descends Waxwings, The 2004-07-13
Wilco Return To North America Wilco 2004-07-12
White Cowbell Oklahoma Summer Tour White Cowbell Oklahoma 2004-07-09
The White Stripes Illegal Concert Film White Stripes 2004-07-06
Steve Winwood Collaborates With File Sharing Networks Winwood, Steve 2004-06-30
The Weakerthans Return To Canada Weakerthans, The 2004-06-25
Rufus Wainwright to Release EP & Album Wainwright, Rufus 2004-06-24
John Waite Continues Success Waite, John 2004-06-17
Bill Wyman Recovers Lost Guitar Wyman, Bill 2004-06-07
Wintersleep Canadian Tour Wintersleep 2004-05-27
Lucinda Williams Returns To The Road Williams, Lucinda 2004-05-19
The Who's 'Tommy' To Be Released On DVD Who, The 2004-05-17
Stevie Wonder to Release New Album Wonder, Stevie 2004-05-11
The Who Compilation Album Who, The 2004-05-06
Rufus Wainwright's ‘Want Two’ On It’s Way Wainwright, Rufus 2004-05-06
Wide Mouth Mason Add Tour Dates Wide Mouth Mason 2004-04-29
White Cowbell Oklahoma Gear Up For Music Mayhem White Cowbell Oklahoma 2004-04-29
Wilco Cancel Upcoming Dates Wilco 2004-04-19
Wilco Singer Enters Rehab Wilco 2004-04-08
The Pure Classical Voice Of Hayley Westenra Westenra, Hayley 2004-04-06
Wide Mouth Mason Begin Tour Wide Mouth Mason 2004-04-01
Hawksley Workman Blasts Ear Workman, Hawksley 2004-03-24
Roger Whittaker Returns To Music Whittaker, Roger 2004-03-22
Folk and Bluegrass Artist Jenny Whiteley Releases New Album Whiteley, Jenny 2004-03-15
Tamara Williamson 'And All Those Racing Horses' Williamson, Tamara 2004-03-09
Kanye West Returns To College West, Kanye 2004-03-02
Wil signs with EMI Wil 2004-02-16
The Walkmen: Latest Tour & Release Walkmen, The 2004-02-02
White Cowbell in Texas' SSW Festival White Cowbell Oklahoma 2004-01-23
Warren Zevon Finds Gold Warren Zevon 2003-12-16
Jenny Gears up for Toronto Whiskey Kittens 2003-11-18
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