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Title Artist Date
Underoath are 'Lost in the Sound of Separation' Underoath 2008-07-16
Carrie Underwood Tours Canada Underwood, Carrie 2008-06-18
U2 Re-Issues First Three CDs U2 2008-06-05
Underoath and Xbox Partners in Online Gaming Venture Underoath 2008-04-29
U2 Signs with Live Nation for a Dozen Years U2 2008-04-17
U2 Albums to be Re-Released This Summer U2 2008-04-10
U2 Enter Studio for Next Effort U2 2008-02-21
David Usher Planning to Release Album This Year Usher, David 2008-02-08
U2 Completes Unfinished 20-Year-Old Song on Facebook U2 2007-11-19
Usher’s New Album Set for Spring Usher 2007-11-12
U2 Re-Releasing 'The Joshua Tree' Two Decades Later U2 2007-10-19
Carrie Underwood’s 2nd Album Released Underwood, Carrie 2007-10-05
Underoath Plan Live CD/DVD, Show Quick Thinking on Tour Underoath 2007-10-03
David Usher Announces Fall Canadian Tour Usher, David 2007-08-13
David Usher Planning Acoustic Record Usher, David 2007-08-03
Carrie Underwood Second Album In Stores This Fall Underwood, Carrie 2007-07-20
U2 Release 'Live from Mexico City' on DVD U2 2007-07-05
Until June Appear on Grey's Anatomy Box Set, Ready Summer Tour Until June 2007-06-21
Underoath Release '777' DVD, Tour This Fall Underoath 2007-06-14
Until June and Denise Richards Attend Benefit For John Wayne Cancer Institute Until June 2007-05-22
U2's Bono and American Legislators Advocating Expansion of Global Education U2 2007-05-03
U2 Re-Release PopMart DVD U2 2007-04-30
U2 Auctions off Gear for Hurricane Katrina Victims U2 2007-04-25
Underoath Kick Off Their 'Dirty South Tour' Underoath 2007-04-18
Usher Finds Love, Works on New Album Usher 2007-04-13
Carrie Underwood Keeps her Country Roots Underwood, Carrie 2007-02-21
Underoath Plan Spring Tour Underoath 2007-02-16
Keith Urban Announces 'Crazy World' Tour Urban, Keith 2007-02-14
Underoath Drummer Readies The Almost's Debut Underoath 2007-01-26
Justin Timberlake, Carrie Underwood Get Added To Grammy Performance List Underwood, Carrie 2007-01-19
U2 Prep for Acoustic Release U2 2007-01-03
Bono Forgives Former U2 Stylist, Gets Stetson Back U2 2006-11-16
U2's Vertigo Tour Gets the 3D Treatment U2 2006-11-01
Universal Sues Video Sites Universal 2006-10-19
U2 To Release 'Best of' in November U2 2006-10-04
U2 recording new material with Green Day? U2 2006-09-12
Underoath Return Underoath 2006-09-01
Universal Licenses Free Downloads Universal 2006-08-30
Underoath cancel Vans Warped plans Underoath 2006-08-08
U2 seek help from Pearl Jam, Kanye West U2 2006-07-25
U2ís ëZoo TVí hits DVD U2 2006-07-20
Usher to make Broadway debut Usher 2006-07-17
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman wed in Australia Urban, Keith 2006-06-26
Underoath preparing to ëDefine the Great Line' Underoath 2006-06-15
Bono's Red Campaign Goes Mobile U2 2006-05-16
U2 reschedules for November U2 2006-03-14
U2 Postpones Tour Dates U2 2006-03-10
U2: Prophetic Words for The Message Author U2 2006-02-20
CMA Music Festival Underwood, Carrie 2006-02-15
FËte Black History Month with Umoja Umoja 2006-02-13
Grammy Awards Impress Viewers U2 2006-02-09
Bono's Red Products U2 2006-01-27
Brazilian U2 Fans Without Tickets U2 2006-01-18
Bonoís balancing act U2 2006-01-03
Rolling Stones and U2 Top Year End Tours U2 2006-01-02
U2 Awarded by Amnesty International U2 2005-12-12
U2 Plan To Conquer Australia, New Zealand with 'Vertigo' Tour U2 2005-11-22
U2 Announces Track List For Upcoming DVD U2 2005-11-11
U2 Commits Chicago Show to DVD U2 2005-11-09
Underoath Upgrades Recent Album, Tours Underoath 2005-10-07
Urban Music Awards in Canada Urban Music Awards 2005-09-30
U2 Song Inspires African Well Fund Campaign U2 2005-09-14
Keith Urbanís Expanding Tour Urban, Keith 2005-09-12
Keith Urban Releases First Live DVD Urban, Keith 2005-08-29
Live 8 Victory for Geldof, Bono U2 2005-07-12
Bono Takes On the G8, Paul Martin U2 2005-07-07
Solid PR Compiles Unicorns, An Albatross For MS Unicorns, The 2005-07-06
U2's Bono Gets Hat Back U2 2005-07-06
Toronto's Uncut Working On New Album Uncut 2005-07-05
American Idol Carrie Underwood Hits Number One Underwood, Carrie 2005-06-24
Bono Presses European Union for More Aid U2 2005-06-10
Underoath Films New Video, Tours with Warped Underoath 2005-06-09
Carrie Underwood Wins American Idol Underwood, Carrie 2005-05-26
U2 May Take Second Look at 'Pop' U2 2005-05-26
U2 Say No to TV Commercial U2 2005-05-25
U2 Films Chicago Gigs for Tour DVD U2 2005-05-17
David Usher Looks Inward Usher, David 2005-04-29
U2's New Video Shot in Vancouver U2 2005-04-28
David Usher Tours Behind Fourth Solo Effort Usher, David 2005-03-17
U2 Inducted into Rock & Rock Hall of Fame, Start Clothing Line U2 2005-03-15
Underoath Pack 2005 with Tours Underoath 2005-03-14
U2 Play More Canadian Shows This Fall U2 2005-03-08
U2 Set Up Shop in Vancouver U2 2005-02-28
Usher Nominated at Soul Train Music Awards Usher 2005-02-03
U2 Confirm Tour Plans, Hit Canada U2 2005-01-25
Are The Unicorns Dead? Unicorns, The 2005-01-03
Bono Turns News Editor U2 2004-12-10
U2 Announce Tour Plans U2 2004-11-16
U2 Confirm Tour and Album Track-List U2 2004-10-12
Halloween in Toronto: The Used, The Bronx and Brian Jonestown Massacre Used, The 2004-09-28
U2 Reveal New Album Title and Single U2 2004-09-15
U2 Announces Release Date of New Album U2 2004-08-23
Uncut and Jake Fairley Together Again Uncut 2004-08-13
New 'U2 Show: The Art of Touring' Book to Include Rare Photos U2 2004-08-12
Usher Shuffles Dates With Launch Of North American Tour Usher 2004-08-06
CD Copy of New U2 Album Goes Missing U2 2004-07-19
Usher Brings 'Confessions' to North America Usher 2004-07-06
Unicorns on Tour Unicorns, The 2004-05-03
Uncut Signs with Paper Bag Records Uncut 2004-04-29
Bono Saluted by King U2 2003-12-03
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