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Title Artist Date
Aaron Keyes Releases New Album This Summer Keyes, Aaron 2011-06-01
Keane is in Perfect Symmetry Keane 2008-08-11
BB King Releases 'One Kind Favor' King, BB 2008-07-22
Kings of Leon Reveal Album Release Date Kings of Leon 2008-06-24
Lenny Kravitz Tours Canada This Fall Kravitz, Lenny 2008-06-19
Keane Completing Third Record Keane 2008-06-16
Alicia Keys Scouts For New Singer Keys, Alicia 2008-05-06
Keane Recording Third LP in France and Germany Keane 2008-03-17
Lenny Kravitz Canadian Tour Dates Rescheduled Kravitz, Lenny 2008-03-17
Alicia Keys North American Tour Dates Announced Keys, Alicia 2008-02-19
Lenny Kravitz Canadian Tour Dates Posted Kravitz, Lenny 2008-01-24
Lenny Kravitz Releases Track Listing for It is Time for a Love Revolution Kravitz, Lenny 2008-01-07
Lenny Kravitz to Launch MySpace Contest for Upcoming Tour Kravitz, Lenny 2007-11-19
Chantal Kreviazuk Returns from Visit in Ethiopia with War Child Canada Kreviazuk, Chantal 2007-11-14
Alicia Keys’ Next Album Due in November Keys, Alicia 2007-10-30
Daniel Kirkley Films Christmas Special with Natalie Grant, Jars of Clay Kirkley, Daniel 2007-10-04
Lenny Kravitz Releases New Album Early Next Year Kravitz, Lenny 2007-09-25
The Killers Unveil Title of B-Sides Record Killers, The 2007-09-25
Mat Kearney Stops in Toronto Kearney, Mat 2007-09-25
Kings of Leon to Work on 4th Record Kings of Leon 2007-09-05
KOCH Records Forms Christian Division KOCH Records 2007-08-29
The Killers to Release Rarities Compilation This Year Killers, The 2007-08-24
The Killers Frontman Becomes First Time Father Killers, The 2007-07-18
Alicia Keys' New Album to Feature Several Collaborations Keys, Alicia 2007-07-06
Kingdom Bound Festival Readies for August at Darien Lake Kingdom Bound 2007-07-04
Lenny Kravitz Performs at Live Earth in Rio Kravitz, Lenny 2007-07-03
Kingfest's Complete Lineup Announced Kingfest 2007 2007-06-05
MuchMusic Video Award Nominations Announced k-os 2007-05-25
The Killers Don't Rush Third Album Killers, The 2007-05-15
Kaiser Chiefs Decline Princess Diana Concert Kaiser Chiefs 2007-04-09
Mat Kearney Releases 'Stripped Music' Kearney, Mat 2007-03-28
Keane Reschedule Tour Dates Keane 2007-03-22
Kings of Leon Release Record 'Because of the Times' Kings of Leon 2007-03-19
B.B. King Still On the Road King, B.B. 2007-03-16
The Decemberists, Kaiser Chiefs Head to Green Apple Festivals Kaiser Chiefs 2007-03-07
The Killers, Arctic Monkeys Win Big at Brit Awards Killers, The 2007-02-15
K-OS ready to descend upon America K-OS 2007-02-15
Kingfest 2007 Rocks Seneca College, Benefits Habitat For Humanity Kingfest 2007 2007-02-15
The Killers Take 'Sam' Out to Town Killers, The 2007-02-14
Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Blues Legends Tour Kenny Wayne Sheppard 2007-02-08
V Fest Visits Vancouver and Toronto Killers, The 2007-01-29
Kaiser Chiefs Tour for 'Angry Mob' Kaiser Chiefs 2007-01-24
Mat Kearney Tour Dates Kearney, Mat 2007-01-23
The Killers Travel to Tokyo Killers, The 2007-01-08
Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos to Produce Kapranos, Alex 2007-01-08
Chantal Kreviazuk Hits The Road Kreviazuk, Chantal 2007-01-03
Alicia Keys Attempts the Big Screen Keys, Alicia 2007-01-03
Kings of Leon Work on New Release Kings of Leon 2006-12-28
Kaiser Chiefs Test out New Material on the Road Kaiser Chiefs 2006-12-18
Diana Krall and Elvis Have Twins Krall, Diana 2006-12-11
Keane Returns to North America Keane 2006-12-06
John Mayer, Mat Kearney Tour Next Spring Kearney, Mat 2006-11-14
Alicia Keys and David Bowie Team Up to 'Keep a Child Alive' Keys, Alicia 2006-11-13
Billboard Music Awards Announce Performers Killers, The 2006-11-06
Mat Kearney in Private Toronto Show! Kearney, Mat 2006-11-01
Tim Burton Directs Killers 'Bones' Killers, The 2006-10-31
Greg Keelor Does Acoustic In-Store Keelor, Greg 2006-10-31
Keane To Release Official Bootlegs Keane 2006-10-11
Greg Keelor Gives Fans 'Aphrodite Rose' Keelor, Greg 2006-09-21
Killers Take 'Sam's Town' To Your Town Killers, The 2006-08-23
Keane Frontman Checks into Rehab Keane 2006-08-23
Keane Cancels Shows Due to Fatigue Keane 2006-08-21
Kutless partner with Suzuki Motor Corporation Kutless 2006-08-14
Vegoose Festival hits Vegas Killers, The 2006-08-10
Chantal Kreviazuk tells 'Ghost Stories' on the road Kreviazuk, Chantal 2006-08-04
Keane takes ëthe Iron Seaí on the road Keane 2006-08-03
Barenaked Ladies, Alicia Keys to kick off International AIDS Conference Keys, Alicia 2006-07-28
Evolve Festival hits Nova Scotia k-os 2006-07-28
BeyoncÈ Knowles and Mom sued Knowles, Beyonce 2006-07-24
Kasabian lose a member Kasabian 2006-07-20
New Killers album on the horizon Killers, The 2006-07-04
Sleater-Kinney entered ëThe Woodsí together but are leaving separately Kinney, Sleater 2006-06-30
Stellar Kart ëCanít Stand Sitting Downí Kart, Stellar 2006-06-20
BeyoncÈ searching for an all-girl band Knowles, Beyonce 2006-06-12
Keaneís ëUnder the Iron Seaí leaks Keane 2006-06-08
Montreal Jazz Festival Calls Musicians to Jazz it up King, BB 2006-06-05
BeyoncÈ Knowles celebrates her ëBíDayí with an album Knowles, Beyonce 2006-06-01
King Biscuit is MIA King Biscuit Time 2006-05-12
Kids in the Way Re-Release 'Apparitions' Kids in the Way 2006-05-09
'Kepler ist Kaput' Kepler 2006-03-29
No Doubtís Tony Kanal Launches Label Kanal, Tony 2006-03-27
Narvin Kimball RIP Kimball, Narvin 2006-03-20
Kanye West and Red Hot Chili Peppers to play Lollapalooza Kanye West 2006-03-17
The Killers sued by Former Manager Killers, The 2006-02-24
kd Lang Releases Rarities kd Lang 2006-02-15
Milton Musicians Help Michael P Fight Rare Disease Kelly Mclutyre 2006-02-10
Grammy performers Sing Duets Keith Urban 2006-01-27
Album Sales Slump To Their Biggest Low Since 1996 Kazaa 2006-01-06
Canadians #1 Illegal Downloaders Kazaa 2006-01-05
Keane Fans Anticipate New Release Keane 2006-01-04
Canadian Urban Music Awards 2005 k-os 2005-12-01
King Biscuit Time's 'Crunch' King Biscuit Time 2005-11-24
Kraftwerk live DVD Kraftwerk 2005-11-11
Kanye sued and is now being sued Kanye West 2005-11-11
k.d. lang Seeks to Deny Lapp of Luxuries k.d. lang 2005-11-10
KISS Prep New Live DVD Kiss 2005-11-09
Kaiser Chiefs' Frontman Falls Kaiser Chiefs 2005-10-26
Keane To Release Double DVD Set Keane 2005-10-21
Killers Make an Even Bigger 'Fuss' of Debut Album Killers, The 2005-10-19
Kiss Me Deadly on the Road Kiss Me Deadly 2005-10-19
RIP Songwriter Baker Knight Knight, Baker 2005-10-17
Kasabian DVD is on the Way Kasabian 2005-09-19
Suge Knightís Assets Frozen; Talk Show Joke Writers Ecstatic Knight, Suge 2005-09-14
Kings of Leon Announce Fall Tour Dates Kings of Leon 2005-09-06
Kazaa Defeated in Australian Court, Must Modify Software Kazaa 2005-09-06
KMFDM Plan Fall Tour KMFDM 2005-09-03
The Kills Set To Release New EP, Hit The Road With Bloc Party Kills, The 2005-08-16
Kasabian Releases Digital Live Album Kasabian 2005-07-04
Keplerís 'Attic' Sees the Summer Light Kepler 2005-06-23
KISS Store Bites the Dust Kiss 2005-06-23
Kanye West's 'Registration' Gets Later Kanye West 2005-06-16
k-os Co-Headlines With John Legend k-os 2005-06-13
Check Out Carole King's 'Living Room' King, Carole 2005-05-27
Kings of Leon and The Secret Machines Console One Another Kings of Leon 2005-05-11
k.d. lang's Juno Performance Available For Download k.d. lang 2005-05-05
Kids In The Way Release New Album Kids in the Way 2005-05-04
Actor Val Kilmer May Record Album Kilmer, Val 2005-05-04
Meat Puppets Guitarist Goes Solo Kirkwood 2005-04-29
Lenny Kravitz Back on the Road Kravitz, Lenny 2005-04-21
Kasabian Squeeze Canada In This Summer Kasabian 2005-04-18
Kraftwerk Prepare First Live Album Kraftwerk 2005-04-15
Mark Knopfler Visits Canada this Summer Knopfler, Mark 2005-04-15
Kaiser Chiefs Charge Back To North America Kaiser Chiefs 2005-04-05
Mat Kearney and MuteMath Co-Headline This Spring Kearney, Mat 2005-03-22
B.B. King Plans Duet Album, Tours Canada King, B.B. 2005-03-02
Korn Guitarist Brian Welch Leaves Anger Behind, Follows God Korn 2005-02-23
The Kills Take 'No Wow' To Canada Kills, The 2005-02-16
Mat Kearney Begins Work On Next Album Kearney, Mat 2005-02-11
The Killers Return To Canada Killers, The 2005-02-09
Kaiser Chiefs Schedule First Canadian Gig Kaiser Chiefs 2005-01-20
Kings of Leon Release New LP, Tour North America Kings of Leon 2005-01-19
Kings of Convenience Visit the East Coast Kings of Convenience, The 2005-01-13
The Music Team Up With Kasabian Kasabian 2005-01-04
Kaki King: Finger-Picking Good on Letterman King, Kaki 2004-12-23
Police Investigate Vibe Awards Melee Knight, Suge 2004-12-02
Kings of Leon's 'Heartbreak' Hits North America Kings of Leon 2004-11-26
Keane Expand Canadian Tour Keane 2004-11-24
Keane Return To The Canadian Winter Keane 2004-11-11
Kasabian's Debut Released In North America Kasabian 2004-11-09
Live Diana Krall DVD Set for Release Krall, Diana 2004-11-02
The Kills Tour and Ready Second Album Kills, The 2004-10-27
K-OS Brings a 'Joyful Rebellion' on Tour K-OS 2004-10-13
Ronan Keating: '10 Years of Hits' Keating, Ronan 2004-09-20
Keane and The French Kicks Unite Keane 2004-09-03
Kevin House New Album and Tour Kevin House 2004-09-03
The Kinks Mark Their 40th Anniversary With Double Release Kinks, The 2004-08-31
The Killers Add Dates to Fall Tour Killers, The 2004-08-30
Korn's Greatest Hits Album to Arrive Earlier Korn 2004-08-30
King Cobb Steelie Hit The Road With New Album King Cobb Steelie 2004-08-13
Joel Kroeker Becomes Headliner Kroeker, Joel 2004-08-11
A Lenny Kravitz Kravitz, Lenny 2004-08-04
Keb Mo Talks Peace and Freedom on Album Keb Mo 2004-07-30
Canada Captures The Killers Killers, The 2004-07-28
Download Kings of Leon Live Kings of Leon 2004-07-20
Kid Rock to Tour Canada Kid Rock 2004-07-16
Kansas Re-Issues & Box Set Kansas 2004-06-23
New Kings of Leon Album Finished Kings of Leon 2004-06-22
Ray Davies: Sixty Years a Kink Kinks 2004-06-21
The Kinks Re-Master their Classics Kinks, The 2004-06-14
Steppenwolf Singer Gets Star on Canadian Walk of Fame Kay, John 2004-05-28
Kraftwerk to Re-master Older Albums Kraftwerk 2004-05-13
Keane Release Debut Album Keane 2004-05-10
The Killers Make a Fuss Killers, The 2004-05-03
All Aboard For Diana Krall Krall, Diana 2004-04-15
Happy Kreter Trades In Bass Guitar Kreter, Happy 2004-04-08
Duo Grammy Winners k. d. lang & Tony Bennett To Begin Tour k. d. lang 2004-04-07
Kimberly Locke Makes A Hit With '8th World Wonder' Kimberly Locke 2004-03-26
Kin Za Za Create A World Of Harmony Kin Za Za 2004-03-10
Diana Krall Helps Raise Over $800 ,000 For Leukemia Krall, Diana 2004-03-08
Diana Krall & Friends To Play Benefit Gala Krall, Diana 2004-03-05
Joel Kroeker Master Of Ethnomusicology Kroeker, Joel 2004-03-03
The Killers On The Loose Killers, The 2004-02-26
Andrea Klas Breaks Family Tradition Klas, Andrea 2004-02-23
Billy Klippert Signs With Label Klippert, Billy 2004-02-20
Kraftwerk World Tour Kraftwerk 2004-01-20
Malicious Code found on Kazaa Kazaa 2004-01-12
On the Border of Pop Kurt Neilson, Elton John 2004-01-06
The Return of Kraftwerk Kraftwerk 2003-12-17
Kathleen Edwards Makes Techno-History Kathleen Edwards 2003-12-03
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