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Title Artist Date
Scarlett Johansson Gets Live on EP Johansson, Scarlett 2008-07-17
Jem Releases New Album This Fall Jem 2008-06-03
Jimmy Eat World Come to Canada This Summer Jimmy Eat World 2008-05-14
Jack Johnson, The Killers Head up Osheaga Music Festival Johnson, Jack 2008-04-22
Juno Awards 2008 Present Feist With 5 Wins Juno Awards 2008 2008-04-08
Jack Johnson Going 'Green' on Summer Tour Johnson, Jack 2008-03-04
Scarlett Johansson Releases More Details on Debut Album Johansson, Scarlett 2008-02-14
2008 Juno Nominations Announced Juno Awards 2008 2008-02-06
Billy Joel Doing a Few North American Dates Joel, Billy 2008-01-31
Joe Jackson Releases ‘Rain’ This Year Jackson, Joe 2008-01-14
French Duo Justice Playing North America in March Justice 2008-01-11
Michael Jackson Negotiating Several U.K. Dates Jackson, Michael 2008-01-08
Jack Johnson’s New Record Out in February 2008 Johnson, Jack 2007-12-17
Alan Jackson’s 15th Album Out Next March Jackson, Alan 2007-12-17
Michael Jackson Re-Releasing 'Thriller' Jackson, Michael 2007-12-04
Joe Jackson Releases 'Rain' Jackson, Joe 2007-11-08
Jewel Working on New Album with New Label Jewel 2007-11-05
Jump5 Release Christmas Album, Stop in Canada Jump5 2007-11-01
Janet Jackson Preps for Film, Album and Book this Fall Jackson, Janet 2007-10-15
The Jonas Brothers in Film and Coming to Toronto Jonas Brothers, The 2007-09-27
Jimmy Eat World Touring North America Jimmy Eat World 2007-08-30
Jars of Clay Release ëLive Monstersí EP This Fall Jars of Clay 2007-08-22
Jimmy Eat World to Release New Album Jimmy Eat World 2007-08-20
Jacksoul Frontman in Critical Condition After Crash Jacksoul 2007-08-09
Jonas Brothers Release Sophomore Album Jonas Brothers 2007-08-07
Janet Jackson Signs to Island Records Jackson, Janet 2007-07-18
Elton John Performs AIDS Awareness Show in Ukraine John, Elton 2007-06-20
Jewel Joins 'Fast Cars and Superstars' on ABC Jewel 2007-05-24
Jump5 To Play Farewell Tour Jump 5 2007-04-25
Jack Johnson Auctions Off Valuable Surfboard For Charity Johnson, Jack 2007-04-10
Juno Awards Announce Final TV Schedule Juno Awards 2007-03-29
Norah Jones Reclaims Top of the Chart Jones, Norah 2007-02-22
Jars of Clay Tour Canada, Release New Video Jars of Clay 2007-02-13
Norah Jones Hits the Road Jones, Norah 2007-02-02
Norah Jones Performs in Toronto Jones, Norah 2007-02-01
New Orleans Jazz Fest Features More Than Just Jazz Jones, Norah 2007-01-26
Jars of Clay Sell Guitars for Blood:Water Mission Jars of Clay 2007-01-26
Rick James Lives On James, Rick 2007-01-18
Norah Jones to Release 'Not Too Late', Stars in Film Jones, Norah 2007-01-10
Wyclef Jean Appointed Roving Ambassador of Haiti Jean, Wyclef 2007-01-05
Michael Jackson Works on New Album Jackson, Michael 2007-01-04
Elton John, Duran Duran Honour Princess Diana John, Elton 2006-12-13
Tom Jackson Gets Humanitarian Award Jackson, Tom 2006-12-06
Jack's Mannequin Takes 'Transit' on the Road Jack's Mannequin 2006-12-01
Diana Tribute Concert Rumoured John, Elton 2006-11-28
Michael Jackson Sings to a Different Tune Jackson, Michael 2006-11-16
Mick Jagger's Father Dies at 93 Jagger, Mick 2006-11-13
Michael Jackson Performs at World Music Awards Jackson, Michael 2006-11-09
Norah Jones' New Album is 'Not Too Late' Jones, Norah 2006-11-07
Jamiroquai Celebrates 'High Times' Jamiroquai 2006-10-30
John Reuben and Last Tuesday Nearly Die on Tour John Reuben 2006-10-20
Jack Johnson and Friends Make 'Broke Down Melodies' Johnson , Jack 2006-10-05
Jars of Clay Bring Clean Water to Africa with 'Good Monsters' Jars of Clay 2006-09-25
Elton John, Annie Lennox, Bob Geldof and more Call for Help in Dafur John, Elton 2006-09-19
Jeremy Fisher Hits the Road Jeremy Fisher 2006-08-31
Sass Jordan Goes Back to Her Day Job Jordan, Sass 2006-08-25
Jars of Clay Release 'Mini Monsters EP' Download, Ready Album Jars of Clay 2006-08-11
Jay-Z plugs H-to-the-2-O with the UN and MTV Jay-Z 2006-08-10
Jet ëShineí on new album Jet 2006-07-25
Janet Jacksonís new record art designed by fans Jackson, Janet 2006-07-21
Shoreline Music Festival rocks the Island Joel Plaskett Emergency 2006-07-21
JJ72 Split, Thank Fans and Foes JJ72 2006-06-27
J Dilla's 'Shining' final album J Dilla's 2006-06-26
Janet Jackson celebrates her success with ë20 Years Oldí Jackson, Janet 2006-06-16
Jay-Z celebrates 10 years Jay-Z 2006-06-13
Jacksoul bares their soul Jacksoul 2006-06-12
Bon Jovi Rocks the Country Charts Jovi, Bon 2006-05-08
Pearl Jam in Reading and Leeds Lineup Jam Pearl 2006-04-04
Jay Dee Lives On Jay Dee 2006-03-30
Jody Raffoul Has a 'Nice Day' Jody Raffoul 2006-03-02
Jet Set Satellite are a go For Relanching Jet Set Satellite 2006-02-16
Jay Dee, RIP Jay Dee 2006-02-13
Alan Jackson Shares his 'Precious Memories' Jackson, Alan 2006-02-01
Jewel Heads to 'Wonderland' with New Release Jewel 2006-01-25
Nas and Jay-Z Work Together Jay-Z 2006-01-24
Sir Tom Jones Rings in the New Year Jones, Tom 2006-01-02
Michael Jackson may loose Beatles catalogue Jackson, Michael 2005-12-21
Janet Jacksonís New Album Nearing Completion Jackson, Janet 2005-12-12
Rock for Relief Johnson, Jack 2005-12-12
Danko Jones Declares New 'Enemy' Jones, Danko 2005-12-07
2007 Junos in Saskatoon Junos 2005-12-05
Jack Johnson sings for Curious George Johnson, Jack 2005-12-01
Jazze Pha and Cee-Lo Celebrate Happy Hour Jazze Pha 2005-11-30
Juanes tours North America Juanes 2005-11-03
The Joggers Set Out Across the Continent Joggers, The 2005-11-02
Elton John Steps Into Christmas Via Starbucks John, Elton 2005-10-31
Thirty Years of Journey and Counting Journey 2005-10-26
Elton John to Re-release Latest Disc Following Not-So-ëPeachyí Reception John, Elton 2005-10-25
Jack Johnson Releases Double Live DVD Johnson , Jack 2005-10-19
Anthrax and Judas Priest Tour Judas Priest 2005-09-16
Jamiroquai Returns to North American Shores Jamiroquai 2005-09-14
Jay-Z Starts New Label, Ponders Comeback, Denies Engagement Jay-Z 2005-09-13
Judas Priest, Anthrax Plan Fall Tour Judas Priest 2005-08-26
Danko Jones Finally Have A Home In Canada Jones, Danko 2005-08-18
Jars of Clay: From Live 8 to 1000 Wells Jars of Clay 2005-07-11
Jamiroquai Packs 'Dynamite' for Fall Release Jamiroquai 2005-07-07
Jet Added to Canada's Live 8 Jet 2005-06-27
JJ72 Readies New Album, Gets Canadian JJ72 2005-06-15
Michael Jackson Found Not Guilty Jackson, Michael 2005-06-14
Junior Pantherz Release 'Death by Life' Junior Pantherz 2005-06-09
Jewel Gets Back in the Saddle Jewel 2005-05-24
Juliette Lewis's Band Releases Debut Album Juliette and the Licks 2005-05-20
Jorane Races Around the Globe Jorane 2005-05-19
Jack Johnson's All-Star Band Johnson, Jack 2005-04-28
Ex-Pumpkin Jimmy Chamberlin Brings His Complex to Toronto Jimmy Chamberlin Complex 2005-04-27
The Joys Prep New Album, Tour Ontario Joys, The 2005-04-19
Michael Jackson Rumoured to be Selling Off Beatles Catalogue Jackson, Michael 2005-04-19
'Johnny B. Goode' Dies at 80 Johnnie Johnson 2005-04-14
Jennifer Gentle Prove Themselves This Spring Jennifer Gentle 2005-03-24
Jack Johnson Helps The Earth Stay Green Johnson, Jack 2005-03-21
Jars of Clay Release 'The Roots & Wings' to iTunes, Napster Jars of Clay 2005-03-04
Jacob Two-Two Take Advantage of Spring Jacob Two-Two 2005-02-28
Wyclef To Help Native Haiti Jean, Wyclef 2004-12-10
Colin James Set to Travel Canada James, Colin 2004-12-09
Linkin Park, Jay-Z Compilation Out Today Jay-Z 2004-11-30
Junior Pantherz Plan New Album Junior Pantherz 2004-11-26
jacksoul Finds a Friend in James Brown jacksoul 2004-11-25
Joshua's Habit Follow the Goldrush Joshua's Habit 2004-10-21
Jorane Seeks International Success Jorane 2004-09-22
Grammy Award Winner Rick James Dies James, Rick 2004-08-09
Norah Jones 'Feels Like Home' on Tour Jones, Norah 2004-08-04
Jack Johnson Takes His Friends Out Johnson, Jack 2004-07-29
Ja Rule Charged With Assault in Toronto Ja Rule 2004-07-28
Norah Jones Moves Tour To Smaller Venues Jones, Norah 2004-07-23
Sir Elton John Protests Anti-War Song Regulations John, Elton 2004-07-20
Al Jarreau to 'Accentuate the Positive' Jarreau, Al 2004-07-06
Jewel Signs On For Instant Live CDs Jewel 2004-06-28
Jethro Tull Tour To Include Acoustic & Electronic Sets Jethro Tull 2004-06-25
New Album & Tour For Jonathan Inc. Jonathan Inc. 2004-05-27
Jewel Live On Stage & DVD Jewel 2004-05-25
jacksoul is ‘Resurrected’ jacksoul 2004-05-17
Michael Jackson Biopic Filmed In Canada Jackson, Michael 2004-05-11
Nashville Label Releases JamGrass Sessions JamGrass 2004-05-11
Tom Jones To Grace Toronto Jones, Tom 2004-04-29
Billy Joel Out of Control Joel, Billy 2004-04-28
Journey To Launch North American Tour Journey 2004-04-28
Janis Joplin In The Movies Joplin, Janis 2004-04-14
The Juliana Theory Keep It Indie Juliana Theory, The 2004-04-08
Montreal's Jason Bajada To Record New Album Jason Bajada 2004-03-26
Tom Jones: It's Not Unusual to Give Jones, Tom 2004-02-16
Juice: Freshly Squeezed from Maple Music Juice 2004-01-23
Jim Guthrie Plans Tour Jim Guthrie 2004-01-15
Junkhouse Make A Return Junkhouse 2003-12-16
John Montgomery: 'Lost' in the Snow John Michael Montgomery 2003-12-12
John Mayer carries 'Heavier Things' John Mayer 2003-12-07
Cash is 'UnEarthed' Johnny Cash 2003-12-01
Groban gets Josh Groban 2003-11-12
He's the Mac Justin Timberlake 2003-09-09
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