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Title Artist Date
Teddy Geiger Working on Sophomore Album, Asks Fans to Choose Tracks Geiger, Teddy 2008-06-19
Buddy Guy Releases New Album Guy, Buddy 2008-06-11
Grammy Museum To Open This Fall Grammy Museum 2008-06-10
G. Love & Special Sauce Tour with John Butler Trio G. Love & Special Sauce 2008-05-26
Goo Goo Dolls Release ‘Greatest Hits Volume Two’ Goo Goo Dolls, The 2008-05-15
The Grits 'Reiterate' New Release Grits, The 2008-05-13
Greeley Estates Say ‘Go West Young Man, Let The Evil Go East’ on Tour Greeley Estates 2008-05-09
Matthew Good Working on New Album Good Matthew 2008-05-01
The Goo Goo Dolls Release New Album Goo Goo Dolls, The 2008-04-25
Josh Groban Releases Live Album This May Groban, Josh 2008-04-02
Gnarls Barkley’s Latest Release in Stores Early Gnarls Barkley 2008-03-25
Matthew Good Hits the Road Again Good, Matthew 2008-02-29
Grammy Awards Handed Out Over the Weekend Grammy Awards 2008-02-12
Gnarls Barkley Ready 'The Odd Couple' Gnarls Barkley 2008-02-11
Green Day Working on Next Album Green Day 2007-12-05
David Gray Playing North America Next Month Gray, David 2007-11-14
David Gray Releases 'Greatest Hits', Stops in Toronto Gray, David 2007-10-26
Josh Groban’s ‘Noel’, Top Album Last Week Groban, Josh 2007-10-18
Goldfrapp Putting Finishing Touches on Next Album Goldfrapp 2007-10-12
Glory Revealed Tour Returns to Southern US Glory Revealed 2007-09-14
GMA Canada Week Rolls Out the Nominees GMA Canada 2007-09-13
Illusionist Brock Gill Releases Behind the Scenes DVD, Goes on US Tour Gill, Brock 2007-07-31
Matthew Good Fall Tour Dates Now on Sale Good, Matthew 2007-07-27
Gnarls Barkley Speak Out About New Record Gnarls Barkley 2007-07-19
Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode to Release Solo Record Gahan,Dave 2007-06-28
Matthew Good's New Album Due End of July Good, Matthew 2007-06-15
Brian Littrell, Starfield Finish ëGlory Revealedí, Stop in Canada Glory Revealed 2007-06-01
Glastonbury Festival to Support 'I Count' Environmental Campaign Glastonbury Festival 2007-05-31
Green Day Re-Recording Theme from The Simpsons for Movie Green Day 2007-05-28
Garbage Resurfaces With New Single Garbage 2007-05-28
Natalie Grant Honoured By Arizona Safe House for Girls Escaping Abuse Grant, Natalie 2007-05-18
The Go! Team Prepare New Album Go! Team, The 2007-05-10
Grammy's 50th Anniversary Already Being Planned Grammy Awards 2007-05-09
Guilt By Association Compilation Released Guilt By Association 2007-05-08
Gorillaz End Their Pop Career, Start Film Career? Gorillaz 2007-04-23
Josh Groban Adds More 'Awake' Tour Dates Groban, Josh 2007-04-20
Green Day, Tony Hawk on Punk Documentary Green Day 2007-04-05
Guitar Hero II Launches on XBox Guitar Hero II 2007-04-03
Macy Gray Releases 'Big' Album Today Gray, Macy 2007-03-27
Ben Gibbard Flies Solo Gibbard, Ben 2007-02-28
Danger Mouse Sticks With Gnarls Barkley and More Gnarls Barkley 2007-02-26
Rex Goudie Looks Closer on the Road Goudie, Rex 2007-02-14
Macy Gray Releases 'Big' Record Gray, Macy 2007-02-05
Brian Littrell Hosts 'Gifted' Talent Search Tonight on TBN Gifted Talent Search 2007-01-26
Garbage Working Again Garbage 2007-01-22
Goo Goo Dolls to build studio in their hometown of Buffalo, NY Goo Goo Dolls 2007-01-19
G. Love Releases Early Recordings G. Love 2007-01-05
Buddy Guy 'Canít Quit' Being on the Road Guy, Buddy 2007-01-02
Howe Gelb Takes a Tour in the ëSnoí Gelb, Howe 2006-12-06
Green Day Wants America to 'Move Beyond Oil' Green Day 2006-11-27
Rex Goudie Tells Fans to 'Look Closer' Goudie, Rex 2006-11-20
Josh Groban Keeps 'Awake' on the Road Groban, Josh 2006-11-14
Green Day Re-Issues Past Albums Green Day 2006-11-13
Goo Goo Dolls To Play Ohio Benefit Show Goo Goo Dolls, The 2006-11-10
Amy Grant gets star on Walk of Fame Grant, Amy 2006-09-26
Good Charlotte to Release 'Good Morning Revival' Good, Charlotte 2006-09-19
Gorillaz Tell Band History with 'Rise of the Ogre' Gorillaz 2006-09-18
Greeley Estates Wants Your Blood Greeley Estates 2006-09-11
Josh Groban Reveals ëYou Are Lovedí Groban, Josh 2006-09-05
Goo Goo Dolls Hit the Road Again Goo Goo Dolls, The 2006-08-24
G.Love & Special Sauce do some ëHot Cookiní G.Love& Special Sauce 2006-06-22
Lisa Germano is ëIn the Maybe Worldí Germano, Lisa 2006-06-16
The Golden Dogs let you look into their ëEyesí Golden Dogs, The 2006-06-07
Rachel Goswellís illness keeps her off the road Goswell, Rachel 2006-06-01
Sara Groves' Captures 'A Day in the Life' Groves, Sara 2006-05-26
Gorillaz Creator Gets Design Award Gorillaz 2006-05-25
Goo Goo Dolls Tour with Counting Crows Goo Goo Dolls, The 2006-04-27
Guess Who's Back Guess Who, The 2006-04-17
Gnarls Barkley Digitally tops the charts Gnarls Barkley 2006-04-07
Matt Good goes Acoustic Good, Matt 2006-03-24
Guns N' Roses fans download new leaked Tunes Guns N' Roses 2006-03-07
Gorillaz bring the show to DVD Gorillaz 2006-03-01
Goldfinger Drummer may Have Golden touch as Record Exec. Goldfinger 2006-02-13
Grandaddy Retiring After Next Record Grandaddy 2006-01-30
David Gilmour tours, Pink Floyd doesn't Gilmour, David 2005-12-21
David Gray To Return To North America Gray, David 2005-12-14
David Gray Bringing 'Life' Back up to Speed Gray, David 2005-12-08
Green Day and 50 Cent Win Big at BMAs Green Day 2005-12-08
BMA Performers Get Ready For the big night Green Day 2005-12-06
Brian Eno and Peter Gabriel to Mastermind World Cup Opening Gala Gabriel, Peter 2005-12-02
Grateful Dead Recordings Free Again Grateful Dead 2005-12-02
Gary Glitter On The Lam In Vietnam Glitter, Gary 2005-11-18
Grokster Croaks Grokster 2005-11-08
Great Big Sea Tours Great Big Sea 2005-10-27
Buddy Guy Touring Again Guy, Buddy 2005-10-26
GBVís Robert Pollard Signs With Merge Records Guided by Voices 2005-10-14
The Germs ReuniteóSort Of Germs, The 2005-10-03
Govít Mule Tours Canada Gov't Mule 2005-10-03
Taking out the Garbage Garbage 2005-09-23
Gorillaz Step into Reality Gorillaz 2005-09-20
Sara Groves Helps Out with Hurricane Relief Groves, Sara 2005-09-13
The Golden Dogs Prepare For Fall Tour Golden Dogs, The 2005-09-09
Gorillaz Announce World Tour Plans, Virtual Reality-Style Gorillaz 2005-09-07
Guided by Voices, Pixies to Release Live DVDs Guided by Voices 2005-08-30
Ex-Guns Sue Rose Over Unpaid Royalties Guns N Roses 2005-08-29
Garbage Hit The Canadian West, Promise To Rock Garbage 2005-08-16
New Great Big Sea Record in October Great Big Sea 2005-08-10
Go! Team Gets Cheap! and Spooky! Go! Team 2005-08-03
Grand Theft Bus Tour East Coast Grand Theft Bus 2005-08-03
Bob Geldof Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize Geldof, Bob 2005-07-08
David Gray Tours 'In Slow Motion' Gray, David 2005-07-04
The Go! Team Tackles North America Go! Team, The 2005-06-23
Green Day Films New Concert DVD Green Day 2005-06-23
Great Lake Swimmers Play US Shows Great Lake Swimmers 2005-06-21
Green Day Added to Live 8 in Berlin Green Day 2005-06-14
Gentleman Reg Gets Digital, Tours Gentlemen Reg 2005-06-02
Guns N' Roses Album Due Out by Christmas? Guns N' Roses 2005-05-19
Singer-songwriter Ben Gunning Finding His Way Gunning, Ben 2005-05-18
Tom Green is a Rapper, That Is Green, Tom 2005-05-11
Joel Geleynse Wins Toronto's Kingdom Bound Talent Search, Hopes for Finals Geleynse, Joel 2005-05-10
Gomez Release Live Album in June Gomez 2005-04-12
Great Lake Swimmers Release Second LP, Tour Ontario Great Lake Swimmers 2005-04-05
Joel Geleynse Nominated For Two Shai Awards Geleynse, Joel 2005-04-04
Abdul Charged, Mikalah OutÖJust Another Day on 'Idol' Gordon, Mikalah 2005-03-25
Gorillaz Battle Their 'Demons' In May Gorillaz 2005-03-18
Gaetz Ave Gain Ground with Eastern Tour Gaetz Ave 2005-03-17
Adam Green Brings 'Gemstones' To Canada Green, Adam 2005-02-28
Garbage Release 'Bleed Like Me' Garbage 2005-02-28
Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson Brings 'Grady' Home Grady 2005-02-17
Green Day Announce More Canadian Shows For Spring Green Day 2005-02-07
Girls With Guitars Play Winterfolk III Girls with Guitars 2005-02-03
Irv Gotti Indicted for Murder Inc. Scandal Gotti, Irv 2005-01-28
Golden Dogs Take Their Show On The Road Golden Dogs 2004-11-23
Garbage Announce New Album Details Garbage 2004-11-22
Jenny Gear and the Whiskey Kittens Promote Debut Gear, Jenny 2004-11-17
Holly Golightly 'Slowly But Surely' Tours Golightly, Holly 2004-11-12
The Grateful Dead Movie Gets Facelift Grateful Dead, The 2004-10-21
GreenTaRA Storms Toronto GreenTaRA 2004-10-05
Great Big Sea Light Up The Fall Great Big Sea 2004-10-01
Green Day Announce Fall Tour Dates Green Day 2004-09-10
Gomez 'Bring It On' Gomez 2004-09-02
Peter Gabriel To Release Previous Videos On DVD Gabriel, Peter 2004-09-02
Grand Theft Bus Keep Tour Rolling Grand Theft Bus 2004-08-27
The Grateful Dead Live On Grateful Dead, The 2004-08-19
Green Day's 'American Idiot' Hits Chart With Record Breaking Debut Green Day 2004-08-16
Green Day To Release 'American Idiot' Green Day 2004-07-30
The Golden Dogs: Lucky Number Three Golden Dogs, The 2004-07-26
New Series Of Jerry Garcia Live Concert Recordings Garcia, Jerry 2004-06-21
Emm Gryner To Tour With The Cardigans Gryner, Emm 2004-06-15
Josh Groban Keeps Out Of The Press Groban, Josh 2004-06-03
Saying Cheers With Jerry Garcia Garcia, Jerry 2004-05-28
Green Day sets New Release Date Green Day 2004-05-21
The Golden Dogs To Release Album With True North Records Golden Dogs, The 2004-05-14
New Matt Good Album Good, Matthew 2004-05-07
Josh Groban To Tour Canada Groban, Josh 2004-04-30
Galaxie 500 Release DVD Set Galaxie 500 2004-04-28
Time To Say Goodbye To Guided By Voices Guided By Voices 2004-04-27
Three Gut Records Celebrate Anniversary With Jim Guthrie Guthrie, Jim 2004-04-22
The Grateful Dead are Back Grateful Dead, The 2004-04-09
George Canyon: Canada's Country Idol George Canyon 2004-04-09
George Thorogood & The Destroyers Celebrate 30 Years George Thorogood 2004-03-29
Jim Guthrie and Bob Wiseman Tour Guthrie, Jim 2004-02-25
Jerry Garcia Boxed Set Garcia, Jerry 2004-02-20
Great Big Sea Announce New CD & Intimate Tour Great Big Sea 2004-01-29
The Gossip Tour Canada Gossip, The 2004-01-27
George Michael: 'Amazing' George Michael 2004-01-12
No More Suicide Good Charlotte 2003-11-24
Michael Re-signs with Sony George Michael 2003-11-19
Lightfoot signs with Linus Gordon Lightfoot 2003-11-17
Great White Give a Chunk to Charity Great White 2003-09-09
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