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Title Artist Date
Audible Diversion Group Removes the Middle Man, Gives Away Free Music Audible Diversion Group 2008-09-09
Bryan Adams Does Intimate Acoustic Toronto Shows Adams, Bryan 2008-07-31
Ryan Adams to Publish Book Adams, Ryan 2008-07-24
Anberlin Readies ' New Surrender', Plays Warped Tour Anberlin 2008-06-20
David Archuleta Signs Record Deal Archuleta, David 2008-06-06
Arcade Fire Contributing to Soundtrack for 'The Box' Movie Arcade Fire 2008-05-14
Bryan Adams Tours, Releases '11' to Wal-Mart and Sam's Club Adams, Bryan 2008-05-08
American Idols Tour Stops in Canada American Idol 2008-04-30
Clay Aiken to Release Record in May Aiken, Clay 2008-04-25
American Idol Chooses The Afters For Show Promo Afters, The 2008-04-16
Augustana Release New Album, Ready Headlining Tour Augustana 2008-04-11
Bryan Adams Releases New Album Adams, Bryan 2008-03-25
American Idol Hosts 2nd Musical Event for Charity American Idol 2008-03-04
Paula Abdul Working on First New Release in over a Dozen Years Abdul, Paula 2008-02-26
Air Re-Releasing Special Edition of Moon Safari Air 2008-02-22
André 3000 of OutKast to Release Clothing Line André 3000 2008-02-21
Arcade Fire Interactive Music Video Now Online Arcade Fire 2008-02-08
American Shortlist Music Prize Nominees Uncovered Arcade Fire 2008-01-31
Abba Museum Announces More Museum Details Abba 2007-12-10
Arcade Fire, The Killers Donating to Rock for Kids Charity Arcade Fire 2007-12-04
Angels and Airwaves Sophomore Record Out This Week Angels and Airwaves 2007-11-07
The Afters’ Guitarist Keeps Playing During Bee Attack Afters, The 2007-11-02
2007 American Music Award Nominations Out Now American Music Awards 2007 2007-10-11
Bryan Adams to Play Show for Peace in the Middle East Adams, Bryan 2007-10-09
Art Brut Tour North America Art Brut 2007-08-17
Anberlin Sign to Universal Republic, Stop in Toronto Anberlin 2007-08-16
Ryan Adams North American Tour Dates Revealed Adams, Ryan 2007-08-14
Audio Adrenaline's Hands & Feet Project Helps Rescue Miracle Baby in Haiti Audio Adrenaline 2007-07-27
Mercury Prize Nominees Revealed Arctic Monkeys 2007-07-19
Anberlin Continue Tour, Rise in the Charts Anberlin 2007-07-16
Arctic Monkeys Singer May Create Supergroup Arctic Monkeys 2007-06-29
Ryan Adams Box Set in the Works Adams, Ryan 2007-06-06
Appleís iTunes Now Selling DRM-Free EMI Music Apple 2007-05-31
American Idol's Melinda Doolittle Pulled From Finale American Idol 2007-05-18
Christina Aguilera World Tour Will Include Shanghai Aguilera, Christina 2007-05-17
Audio Adrenaline's Mark Stuart Sells His Harley Davidson Audio Adrenaline 2007-05-17
American Idol: Idol Gives Back Makes Tracks Available on iTunes American Idol 2007-04-26
Arcade Fire, Damien Rice Headline Latitude Festival Arcade Fire 2007-03-29
David Bowie Invites Arcade Fire To Play High Line Fest Arcade Fire 2007-03-28
Arcade Fire Forced to Cancel European Tour Arcade Fire 2007-03-27
Arctic Monkeys Release New Album Arctic Monkeys 2007-03-21
Christina Aguilera Heads to CSI: New York Aguilera, Christina 2007-03-16
Arcade Fire, Kaiser Chiefs to Play Summercase Festival Arcade Fire 2007-02-26
T in The Park Sells Out in Record Time Arctic Monkeys 2007-02-26
Tori Amos Brings Her 'Posse' This Spring Amos, Tori 2007-02-21
Chris Cornell No Longer an Audioslave Audioslave 2007-02-19
Acquire the Fire Embarks on Premier Canadian Tour Acquire the Fire 2007-02-16
Apple's Steve Jobs Calls For an End to DRMs Apple 2007-02-08
Arctic Monkeys to Debut New Set in April Arctic Monkeys 2007-02-06
Audio Adrenaline Extend Farewell Tour, Auction Tickets For Haiti Audio Adrenaline 2007-02-02
Jann Arden is Uncovered on the Road Arden, Jann 2007-01-17
The Arctic Monkeys' Return Arctic Monkeys 2007-01-15
The Arcade Fire Want You to Call Arcade Fire 2006-12-18
Arcade Fire to Play Hometown Shows in Montreal Arcade Fire 2006-12-13
Eva Avila Adds More Tour Dates Avila, Eva 2006-12-11
Trey Anastasio Donates Guitar Strings for a Good Cause Anastasio, Trey 2006-12-01
Arcade Fire Lend Song to Fight Aids Arcade Fire 2006-12-01
SOCAN and Air Canada Centre Go to Court? Air Canada Centre 2006-11-30
Amazing Grace Film Gets an Inspired Soundtrack Amazing Grace Film 2006-11-29
Aluminium Makes Jack White 'Classic' Aluminium 2006-11-29
Abba museum to open in Stockholm Abba 2006-11-29
American Music Awards Honours Black Eyed Peas, Carrie Underwood American Music Awards 2006-11-23
Jann Arden Wins Big at Canada's SOCAN Awards Arden, Jann 2006-11-23
Eva Avila Goes 'Somewhere Else' on Debut Release Avila, Eva 2006-11-13
Audio Adrenaline Stop in Toronto Audio Adrenaline 2006-11-10
Simon Cowell's Angelis Makes Its Debut Angelis 2006-11-08
Article One Tour Canada Article One 2006-11-08
iTunes Latino Comes to the US Apple 2006-11-02
Audio Adrenaline Say Goodbye in Hawaii Audio Adrenaline 2006-10-24
Army of Anyone Makes Debut with 'Goodbye' Army of Anyone 2006-10-11
Aerosmithís Steven Tyler Advocates against Hepatitis C Aerosmith 2006-09-26
All Saints Return All Saints 2006-09-25
Eva Avila Becomes the Next Canadian Idol Avila Eva 2006-09-18
Apple Unveils New iPods Apple 2006-09-14
Todd Agnew Asks 'Do You See What I See?' This Christmas Agnew, Todd 2006-09-13
Clay Aiken is Heading to the White House Aiken, Clay 2006-09-11
The Arctic Monkeys Win the Mercury Prize Arctic Monkeys, The 2006-09-06
Akron Family are 'Meek Warriors' on the Road Akron Family 2006-08-29
Trey Anastasio brings you ëBar 17í Anastasio, Trey 2006-08-18
Aimee Mann's new album is 'In the Snow' Aimee Mann 2006-08-15
Clay Aiken finds 'A Thousand Different Ways' on his new record Aiken, Clay 2006-08-04
Audio Adrenaline start saying 'Adios' Adrenaline, Audio 2006-08-02
Audio Adrenaline Get Kudos, Play Toronto Audio Adrenaline 2006-07-11
Tori Amos boxes up career Amos, Tori 2006-07-06
All-American Rejects ëMove Alongí on the road All-American Rejects 2006-06-28
Aerosmith Return to Their Roots Aerosmith 2006-06-26
Audioslave bring you their ëRevelationsí Audioslave 2006-06-21
Audio Adrenaline write on ëHands and Feetí Audio Adrenaline 2006-06-19
Christina Aguilera doubles up for New CD Aguilera, Christina 2006-06-07
Audio Adrenaline say ëAdiosí with a final album Adrenaline, Audio 2006-06-05
Nike Teams with iPod Nano Apple 2006-05-25
Arctic Monkeys Switch Bassist in North America Arctic Monkeys 2006-05-24
Austin City Limits Festival Announce Lineup Austin City Limits 2006-05-23
Apple Stays on iTunes Apple 2006-05-10
Sunglasses 'A Must' on A-Trak Tour A-Trak 2006-05-05
AFI to release a New Disc AFI 2006-05-04
Angels and Airwaves CD Release Angels and Airwaves 2006-04-18
UK Music Fans Duped by Fake Tickets Arctic Monkeys 2006-04-10
Apple Vs. Apple Apple 2006-04-03
Bryan Adams plays the Maritimes Adams, Bryan 2006-03-29
Aerosmith cutting tour short Aerosmith 2006-03-24
Christina Aguilera Goes Back to Basics with New Album Aguilera, Christina 2006-03-23
Marleyís Ex-Bassist Sues for Royalties Aston Barrett 2006-03-17
Arctic Moneys DVD On The Way Arctic Moneys 2006-03-16
Aerosmith cutting tour short? Aerosmith 2006-03-13
Armchair Cynics Scores Another for British Columbia Armchair Cynics 2006-03-13
Ani DiFranco returns early from hiatus Ani DiFranco 2006-03-10
Ali Farka Toure, Rest in Peace Ali Farka Toure 2006-03-08
Akron/Family Hit the Road Akron/Family 2006-03-01
Jammy Nominations Announced Adams, Ryan 2006-02-24
RIP Anthony Burger Anthony Burger 2006-02-24
Audio Adrenaline Wins Grammy on Eve of Breakup Audio Adrenaline 2006-02-10
A Northern Chorus Plans 'Bitter' Late Winter Tour A Northern Chorus 2006-02-06
Arctic Monkeys break sales record Arctic Monkeys 2006-01-31
Aerosmith to Tour with Cheap Trick Aerosmith 2006-01-26
Nothing Chilly About Sales of Arctic Monkeys' Debut Arctic Monkeys 2006-01-25
All Saints Reunite All Saints 2006-01-25
'Adios' Audio Adrenaline Audio Adrenaline 2006-01-20
NAACP Image Awards Nominees Alicia Keys 2006-01-12
Arctic Monkeys Look Good on the Dancefloor Arctic Monkeys 2006-01-09
Animal Collective 'Feels' the Urge to Tour Animal Collective 2006-01-05
Pirate Tracks Downloaded Illegally Can Amount To Hefty Fines Apple 2005-12-21
Akron Family hit the road Akron/Family 2005-12-14
Arctic Monkeys album Hitsthe Dancefloor Arctic Monkeys 2005-12-13
Audioslave Release New Single; Plan New Album Audioslave 2005-12-13
Richard Ashcroft Goes It Alone Ashcroft, Richard 2005-11-22
Christina Aguilera gets married Aguilera, Christina 2005-11-21
Ryan Adams' Third CD for 2005 Adams, Ryan 2005-11-16
Record Companies Sue Internationally Apple 2005-11-16
Art Brut Come To North America Art Brut 2005-11-10
Apple's Problems Not So Nano Apple 2005-11-09
Bryan Adams extends tour Adams, Bryan 2005-11-04
Arctic Monkeys Come To Canada Arctic Monkeys 2005-11-04
Ryan Adams To Release Yet Another Album In 2005 Adams, Ryan 2005-10-31
Alfie split Alfie 2005-10-28
All American Rejects hit the road All American Rejects 2005-10-28
Apple Sued over Nanos Apple 2005-10-25
Bryan Adams Tours, Releases 'Anthology' Adams, Bryan 2005-10-20
American Analog Set Prepare To Launch Farewell Tour American Analog Set 2005-10-18
Apple releases video iPod Apple 2005-10-14
Athlete Goes live on iTunes Athlete 2005-10-14
ADULT. Tours Canada Adult 2005-10-13
ALO Sign With Jack Johnsonís Label, Celebrate With Tour ALO 2005-10-13
Trey Anastasio Releases First Post-Phish Album Anastasio , Trey 2005-10-05
Digital Music Sales Skyrocket Apple 2005-10-04
Army Of Anyone: Rock 'n' Rollís Latest Supergroup Army of Anyone 2005-10-03
Apple Hits Rewind on Some iPod Nanos Apple 2005-09-30
Alanis Morissette's Greatest Hits Alanis Morissette 2005-09-28
Aerosmith Tours with Lenny Kravitz Aerosmith 2005-09-28
A Midautumn Night's Dream Tour Winds Its Way Across Canada A Midautumn Night's Dream 2005-09-28
Apple vs. Record Companies Apple 2005-09-26
Austin City Limits Fest will go on...maybe Austin City Limits Festival 2005-09-23
American Music Awards nominations announced American Music Awards 2005-09-22
Bowie helps fuel the Arcade Fire Arcade Fire 2005-09-19
New Ryan Adams Album Adams, Ryan 2005-09-16
Alice Cooper Tours Western Canada Alice Cooper 2005-09-15
Arcade Fire Second Album Not Yet Started Arcade Fire 2005-09-09
Alexisonfire Get Used, Head To Europe Alexisonfire 2005-09-08
Apple Reveals New iTunes Phone + Even Smaller iPod Apple 2005-09-08
Antony & The Johnsons win Mercury Prize Antony & The Johnsons 2005-09-07
Alfie Escape Bus Accident Alfie 2005-09-07
Arcade Fire and Bowie 'Wake Up' Together Arcade Fire 2005-08-31
Audio Adrenaline Have 'Heart' (and Feet) Audio Adrenaline 2005-08-26
Audioslave Announce Massive Fall Tour Audioslave 2005-08-25
Fiona Apple Gets 'Extraordinary' in October Apple, Fiona 2005-08-24
Ryan Adams Cancels Remainder of US Tour Due to Illness Adams, Ryan 2005-08-12
Air Traffic Control Cleared to Land at Home Air Traffic Control 2005-08-11
Arcade Fire to Open for U2, Rock for Fashion Arcade Fire 2005-08-11
Tori Amos Sells Official Bootlegs Amos, Tori 2005-08-10
Ryan Adams Reveals 'September' Details Adams, Ryan 2005-08-04
Aaron Arman Plays Opera House Arman, Aaron 2005-08-04
Arcade Fire Sets the Prairies Alight Arcade Fire 2005-07-22
Antony Brings the Johnsons to Canada Antony and the Johnsons 2005-07-21
Paula Abdul Plays to be on Foxís ëSo You Think You Can Danceí Abdul, Paula 2005-07-20
Audio Adrenaline Fall Tour Announced Audio Adrenaline 2005-07-18
Bec Abbot Releases 'Not so Hip' Abbot, Bec 2005-07-07
CMJ Music Marathon Line-Up Announced Arcade Fire 2005-07-05
Ryan Adams Secured For Edmonton Folk Fest Adams, Ryan 2005-06-17
Tori Amos Prepares for 'Summer of Sin' Amos, Tori 2005-06-13
Todd Agnew Readies Second Album Agnew, Todd 2005-06-10
All-American Rejects Ready To 'Move Along' All-American Rejects 2005-06-08
A Last Goodbye Label Shopping A Last Goodbye 2005-06-02
Architecture in Helsinki Hits North America Architecture in Helsinki 2005-05-25
Toronto's Akumu to Release New Album Akumu 2005-05-24
Todd Agnew to Release Sophomore Album Agnew, Todd 2005-05-11
A.A. Sound System Starting Work on Next Album A A Sound System 2005-05-09
Audioslave Get Permission To Perform In Cuba Audioslave 2005-05-05
Annie's Debut Finally Gets North American Release Annie 2005-05-03
Bryan Adams Disc Finally Gets American Release Adams, Bryan 2005-05-03
Allman Brothers Band Tour The Continent Allman Brothers 2005-04-28
Bryan Ottoson of American Head Charge, Found Dead American Head Charge 2005-04-21
At The Drive-In Compile Their Best At the Drive In 2005-04-14
Audio Adrenaline Go Until their Hearts Cave In Audio Adrenaline 2005-04-12
Ryan Adams Releases Track List of 'Cold Roses' Adams, Ryan 2005-03-29
Ambulance Ltd. Hit Canada on the Way to Coachella Ambulance Ltd. 2005-03-28
Ryan Adams To Play Canada In Spring Adams, Ryan 2005-03-23
Audioslave Prep New LP, Play Toronto Audioslave 2005-03-21
A Northern Chorus Gets 'Bitter' A Northern Chorus 2005-03-03
Ryan Adams Bit by 'The O.C. Effect' Bug Adams, Ryan 2005-03-01
Catch Trail Of Dead Live This Spring And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead 2005-02-16
AIDS Wolf Stroll Around Ontario Aids Wolf 2005-02-14
Ash Announce Canadian Tour Dates Ash 2005-02-03
Ryan Adams Plans 3 LPs For 2005 Adams, Ryan 2005-01-31
Clay Aiken Hits the Studio This Spring Aiken, Clay 2005-01-21
Ashlee Simpson Gets Thumbs Down at Orange Bowl Ashlee Simpson 2005-01-06
More Details on Tori Amos LP Amos, Tori 2004-12-24
Ash's 'Meltdown' Gets N. American Release Ash 2004-12-13
Metal Community Remembers Dimebag Darrell Abbott, Darrell 2004-12-10
Legendary Guitarist Darrell Abbott Shot Dead Abbott, Darrell 2004-12-09
Free Fiona Apple Campaign Apple, Fiona 2004-12-09
David Bowie Praises The Arcade Fire Arcade Fire, The 2004-11-29
A Northern Chorus Prepare Album, Tour A Northern Chorus 2004-11-18
Bryan Adams and 'Reckless' Celebrate Another Year Adams, Bryan 2004-11-05
Aerosmith Release First-Ever Live DVD Aerosmith 2004-11-04
Tori Amos Prepares Album and Book Amos, Tori 2004-11-03
A Perfect Circle Get 'eMOTIVe' A Perfect Circle 2004-11-01
The Arcade Fire Heat Up The Winter Arcade Fire, The 2004-10-26
Follow the Trail of Dead And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead 2004-10-07
Auf der Maur Tours with Von Bondies and Matt Good Auf der Maur, Melissa 2004-09-20
Apostle of Hustle Play Toronto Apostle of Hustle 2004-09-16
Alexisonfire Reach Gold With 'Watch Out!' Alexisonfire 2004-09-14
The Arcade Fire Celebrate 'Funeral' Arcade Fire, The 2004-09-09
ABBA In Miniature Form ABBA 2004-08-06
Bryan Adams Calls for 'Room Service' Adams, Bryan 2004-08-04
Conductor Alfonso Leads Underwater Music Concert Alfonso, Sebrina Maria 2004-07-13
'Watch Out' for Alexisonfire Alexisonfire 2004-07-06
The Animals and Hermits Latest In SACD Format Animals, The 2004-06-14
Afflatus To Release Debut Afflatus 2004-06-11
A Northern Chorus Canadian Tour A Northern Chorus 2004-06-10
Bryan Adams Summer Tour Adams, Bryan 2004-05-24
Alicia Keys Becomes an Author Alicia Keys 2004-05-21
A Northern Chorus Set Out On Tour A Northern Chorus 2004-05-19
A ‘Big Feeling’ for Susan Aglukark Aglukark, Susan 2004-05-13
The Arcade Fire Signs On With Merge Records Arcade Fire, The 2004-05-10
Tori Amos Releases New DVD Amos, Tori 2004-05-05
Melissa Auf Der Maur Returns To Canada Auf Der Maur, Melissa 2004-05-04
ëLove Is Hellí LP Released Today Adams, Ryan 2004-05-04
Andrew W K To Host Weekly TV Show Andrew W K 2004-04-26
Alexisonfire To Release New Album This Summer Alexisonfire 2004-04-21
Ryan Adams Releases Material Online Adams, Ryan 2004-04-05
A Perfect Circle To Remain Unbroken A Perfect Circle 2004-03-30
New Release For The Jazzy Lee Aaron Aaron, Lee 2004-03-25
California's Autopilot Off Record Album In Toronto Autopilot Off 2004-03-15
Almighty Trigger Happy Gear Up For Tour Almighty Trigger Happy 2004-03-03
Aerosmith and Cheap Trick on Tour Aerosmith 2004-02-17
Fresh Air in Canada Air 2004-02-03
Andrew W.K. Loves Canada Andrew W.K. 2004-01-28
Aerosmith Tour Dates Aerosmith 2004-01-20
Quebec's Archambaultzik Launches Music Download Site Archambaultzik 2004-01-19
A Perfect Circle Begin Tour A Perfect Circle 2004-01-09
Alise Marlane Injures Leg Alise Marlane 2004-01-09
A Perfect Murder Signs with Victory A Perfect Murder 2004-01-04
Andy Stochansky's Five Star Motel Andy Stochansky 2003-12-22
Riding the Music Alexi Murdoch 2003-12-09
Honking on What? Aerosmith 2003-11-22
Alexisonfire: Too Hot to Handle Alexisonfire 2003-11-22
Ani makes an Educated Guess Ani DiFranco 2003-11-22
A Private Engagement Avant 2003-11-12
Aaron Booth: From a Whisper to a Scream Aaron Booth 2003-11-11
Unplugged August 18, 2003 2003-08-20
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