Ange's Juno-logue 2006
What turned out to be an unforgettable whirlwind 72 hours for this Soul Shine reporter became the opportunity of a lifetime for Halifax and for the Juno nominees. Below is an interactive compilation of all the people and places that made the 2006 Juno's the most memorable with a play-by-play and exclusive video clips from the festivities. I hope you all enjoy reading about the biggest Canadian music event of the year as much as we enjoyed being a part of it for all of you.

Friday March 30th, 2006


5:00-7:00pm- Arrive at Pier 21 to attend the kick-off event of the weekend, the welcome reception. The very large room is elegantly decorated with waiters milling about with plates of appetizers and glasses of wine. The most creative aspect of the night was little newspaper cones filled with miniature versions of fish and chips; allowing guests to enjoy a true maritime treat. The reception was hosted by Canada AM host Seamus O'Regan, and a Humanitarian award was presented to singer/songwriter legend Bruce Cockburn for all the political activism he has been involved in. The evening was attended by many Canadian artists such as Canadian Idol winner Kalan Porter and included musical accompaniment courtesy of The Trews among other artists.

Video Clip: Bruce Cockburn talks about receiving the first ever Juno humanitarian award, a quick chat with Kalan Porter and Seamus O'Regan's journalism advice.


7:30-9:30pm- Arrive at the Halifax Forum to attend the Juno Cup, a fun, easygoing hockey game between retired NHL players and Canadian musicians. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and energy as fans cheered on their favorite stars.

Video Clip: Click on the media clip for a chance to see the puck drop, along with some great Canadian hockey action.


11:00-1:00am- Arrive at Ginger's Tavern, a cozy Halifax bar which features many up and coming artists and other musical shows. This show is a part of a weekend music festival called Junofest, a chance for new, indie artists to play in different bars and clubs across the city. I choose to come to this show because of the opening act, performed by new artist Tomi Swick. His new single "A Night Like This", is quickly gaining popularity on radio waves across the country. After his set was finished, we were able to ask Tomi some questions about his new album and who his musical inspirations are.

Video Clip: Click on the media clip to catch an interview spot with Tomi Swick.

After talking to Tomi, I was delighted to have the opportunity to hang out with Ron Sexsmith and his girlfriend Colleen Hixenbaugh. We chatted for a long time and Colleen filled me in on her latest project, a duo affectionately called jackandginger. Colleen, also in the band By Divine Right, splits her talents between playing the guitar and drums on jackandginger's new album.

Video Clip: Colleen Hixenbaugh, of jackandginger and By Divine Right, gushes about Halifax and Soul Shine.

Saturday April 1st, 2006


12:00-2:00pm- Arrive at Pier 21 for a Juno extravaganza also known as Juno Fanfare. Juno Fanfare is a chance for fans to meet their favourite artists and get autographs. Featured artists included Nickelback, Bedouin Soundclash, Kardinal Offishall as well as others. Fans stood and waited in line for hours just to catch a glimpse of their musical heroes.

Video Clip: Some of the Fanfare footage and pandemonium.


4:30-6:00pm- Arrive at the Delta hotel for a press conference with Pamela Anderson hosted by CTV. She arrives 30 minutes late, on the arms of two Canadian Mounties. The press conference lasted roughly an hour. Pamela spoke for about 40 minutes about her thoughts and opinions on the seal hunt and how she believed it was projecting an evil, violent image for Canada. She handled some tough questions from reporters and journalists who stressed the fact that she was dealing with a very sensitive issue for many Atlantic Canadians. When the questions shifted and reporters began asking her about the Canadian music scene, Pamela's knowledge was very much non-existent despite her answering with confidence. Her love for Canadian music pretty much began and ended with Bryan Adams. When asked about the emerging Canadian indie scene, again she mentioned Bryan Adams and also Shania Twain. The low point of the conference came when she exclaimed how excited she was that Canada had such talented musicians as Coldplay. Ouch. What struck me the most was the fact that CTV had been pursuing Pam for many years to host the Junos, a strange thing considering her lack of knowledge and interest in Canada and its music. After all was said and done at the conference, it made me curious to see what she had in store when it came time to host the actual Junos.

Video Clip: Pamela Anderson's press conference antics.


8:00pm-1:00am- Arrive at the Forum for the highly anticipated Broken Social Scene show with special guests Bedouin Soundclash. I myself was overjoyed to be at this show as I am a big fan of BSS and thoroughly enjoy them live. Bedouin came onstage around 9pm and played a 45 minute set. Their musical blend of reggae, soul and rock was demonstrated wonderfully in their performance and created a strong vibe resonating from the crowd. After Bedouin finished their set I had a chance to talk to their lead singer Jay for a few moments and congratulate the band on a great performance. At around 10pm Broken Social Scene took the stage and didn't give it back until three hours later. Known for their brilliant use of instruments and their expanding number of band members, BSS did not disappoint the crowd. At one point in the middle of their show, I was able to count approximately 18 members of the band on stage, a true depiction of the bands versatility and sense of unity. The show, which was attended by the likes of K-Os and members of Hot Hot Heat, was a treat for both longtime fans and those just discovering the music.

Sunday April 2nd, 2006


5:00-8:00pm- Arrive at the Metro Convention Centre, the site of the 2006 Juno Awards. I head into the building and spend some time hanging out in media rooms before being escorted out by personnel to the red carpet. Once we got on the red carpet I am shown to my designated spot, right in between Chum FM and Mix 99.9. I spent the next hour waiting in the cold for celebrities to arrive while making conversation with the Chum FM representative. Finally, around 6:30pm, celebrities began to arrive. I began to see musicians such as the Canadian Idols arrive, bands such as Great Big Sea, Hot Hot Heat, Hedley and Nickelback as well as many others. Artists such as Feist, Bedouin Soundclash, the Pocket Dwellers and Kardinal Offishall came over and chatted to me as I asked them questions such as how it felt to be at this year's Juno awards and what they had been up to in the past year. Although Coldplay and the Black Eyed Peas managed to make it to the red carpet, their visit didn't last long as they were rushed inside only after being outside for a few minutes. Another hour went by and before I knew it all the artists were being escorted into the building for the start of the show. The red carpet portion was over and the show was about to begin.

Video Clip: Feist, Bedouin Soundclash and many others talk music with Soul Shine.


11:30pm-3am: After a successful broadcast of the Juno awards, I find myself in the downtown streets of Halifax talking to members of the band the Pocket Dwellers, who were nominated for New Group of the Year. After getting to know the band a little more, they invited me to a party hosted by EMI/Virgin music at a popular nightclub here in Halifax called Rain. Once in the door, I instantly spotted many celebrities such as Kardinal Offishall, Skye Sweetnam, Nickelback, the whole gang known as Broken Social Scene, K-Os, and Feist. Other personalities such as Ben Mulroney, and the judges of Canadian Idol, mingled with record label executives and publicists alike. Highlights of the party included the chance to talk to BSS leader Kevin Drew and listening to Kardinal spin records as the spontaneous DJ of the night.

Writer: Angelica Blenich

Photo: CARAS

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