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Oliver Black : Oliver Black

It ain't Back in Black or Painted Black, but the Oliver Black buzz is the raving Rock N' Roll revival we've all been waiting for. Busting onto...

Matthew Barber : The Story of his Life

For someone who never consciously planned on becoming a star, Matthew Barber has stumbled into some good fortune. In just a few short years he...

Hot Hot Heat : Hot Hot Heat Chill Out

After a year and a half of touring and a couple of spins through the hype machine, Hot Hot Heat have finally returned home to Victoria BC; definitely...

The Dammitheads : David Tomaloff's Damn Orchestra

"I've been in a bunch of bands," says David Tomaloff, "and when my last band fell apart, I took the opportunity to do something I've always...

Paul Emery : Paul Emery and the Dickens

Musicians often have attitude problems and Paul Emery and the Dickens are no exception; they are just too darned nice. Or so I thought, until Emery...

The Salads : The Salads Are King

I came, I saw, my leg was humped. And when I left, I had many reasons for making The Salads my new favourite Canadian band – here's just...

Electric Eel Shock : Charging up The Stage

You get the feeling that Japanese garage metal trio Electric Eel Shock could do with the help of some kind Lucas-conceived spacecraft to get them...

Pistol for Ringo : Pistol for Ringo Get Intense

True to the independent spirit, and flying in the face of current international policies, Pistol for Ringo are eager to play in Canada during their...

The Unicorns : The Unicorns Do Us A Favour

It's hard to tell whether or not The Unicorns really are as pretentious as they come off to be. After all, their show on December 13th at The...

Evanescence : A New Year's Resolution for the Music Industry

If there's a time to resolve to do things better, it's now. This year I am using Evanescence as my guinea pig, and to illustrate the resolution...
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