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Ox : Canadian Alt Country Band Ox Saddle Up In The UK

An Americana alt country Canadian band playing to UK audiences may seem like an unlikely combination, but then again, Ox are not your average...

The Polyphonic Spree : So Heavy Together

When ex-Tripping Daisy frontman Tim DeLaughter and his troupe of Dallas-based wackos, The Polyphonic Spree, began work on their debut album The...

Morgan Finlay : The Zen Of Rock n' Roll

He spent two years rampantly researching, planning and saving money for his solo music career, yet Morgan Finlay didn't even practice with his...

Welkin : Dream-Catching In B.C. With Welkin

It may be stargazing at a cabin atop the Rockies for Welkin's west coast fans, but once this band hits Toronto, it'll be all about Muskoka,...

Girl Nobody : Concerned and Confident

For an independent band just recently making their first foray east of their native British Columbia, Girl Nobody - as a collective - are remarkably...

Tobin Sprout : Broad Strokes and Bar Chords

"My son was born when I was on tour with Guided by Voices, and I was still touring with them when my daughter was born. It got to the point where I...

Alise Marlane : Alise Marlane Talks Love, Nature and the TTC

Shy and soft-spoken in person, Alise Marlane opens up and shares her perspective on the world when performing her thoughtful, introspective songs....

Span : Living the Life

Norwegian old school/prog rock punk/metal hybrid quartet, Span, are lounged around in the dungeon-esque basement dressing room of the intimate...

The High Llamas : Odd Pop and the 1890s

Most bands avoid touring Canada and the northern US in the dead of winter, fearful of treacherous driving, small crowds and other such roadside...

The Foo Fighters : Are The Foo Fighters on the Edge?

With the Foo Fighters again on an extended break, fans have been worrying themselves to sleep over rumours of an alleged split on the horizon. The...
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