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Atomic 7 : Dim the Lights, Cue the Hillbillies

Toronto's Atomic 7 are like the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. The cover of their latest album …en Hillbilly Caliente features a cutesy...

The Daybreak : Standing in the Shadows of London

Of all the band's currently trolling the Toronto underground, few have been as active these past two years as The Daybreak. Consecutive North By...

Poison The Well : Scream Thy Last Scream

For a band that has built their reputation on the road, as Florida's Poison the Well has, they would never let a little obstacle like ornery border...

The Organ : Over the Wire

In their music and stage presence, Vancouver's The Organ is brooding and distant. Their melancholy eighties style and somber, personal lyrics have...

The Waxwings : The Morning After

Detroit rockers The Waxwings came to Toronto to play the NXNE festival at Healey's June 11. Things are going well for the guys – a new album,...

Heavy Blinkers : Coastal Reflections

Amid the fog and scenic splendor that is Nova Scotia, you'll find a group of young men and women plying their craft and making some of the most...

The Forces Of Evil : Introducing…The Forces Of Evil!

Following the demise of ska-punk veterans Jeffries Fan Club in 2002, the Orange County ska scene looked asleep on its feet, with only the legendary...

Arcade Fire : Burning Down the Nuthouse

It's been said that the gap between reality and dementia is but a thimbleful. With this in mind, I welcome thee to the domain of the Arcade Fire, a...

Starvin Hungry : The Hunger for Success

John Milchem certainly has gotten a lot of millege out of the Starvin Hungry monicker he hatched way back in 1995. What originally started out as a...

My Morning Jacket : This Jacket Still Moves

For a band like My Morning Jacket, the road to redemption is found night after night, city after city, with a guitar in hand and that lost highway in...
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