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The Evaporators : Growing Up Nardwuar

On October 3, 2004, two thousand of New York City's finest square-cut hipsters will be fed the seasoned garage kielbasa of the Evaporators. And you...

Julie Doiron : For the Sake of Silence

It would be a shame to use a clichÈ as feeble as "you can go home again" to start off this feature but in the case of singer/songwriter Julie...

Royal City : Road Tested, Home Schooled

Hands buried deep inside pockets. Arms crossed and brow furrowed. Left arm folded, right arm dangling. Check out the clientele of the average Royal...

Ash : Veterans of Their Craft Yet Still In Their Twenties

After ten years of Ash, transition, evolution and tenacity are the buzzwords currently infecting their world. Back in 1994 there stood a loose trio...

Masia One : From A Signaporean Marketplace To Canadian Hip-Hop Domination

Many years ago in a Singaporean marketplace, a young girl by the name of Maysian Lim had just been given her Chinese New Year money, and was looking...

The Hidden Cameras : The Rainbow Coalition

The city has long served as a primary muse for songwriters the world over. Penning forlorn tributes to New York or Paris or London seems natural....

Billy Klippert : Leaving Levon Far Behind?

Billy Klippert can't keep his perma-grin in check. It could be that his manager has just announced Billy's self-titled debut has bumped the Dave...

Matisse and The Playground : Musical Canvas

The artist Henri Matisse blended a variety of painting styles, from impressionism to abstraction, making him one of the most powerful artists of our...

AC Newman : Hello, Newman

For his uncanny ability for churning out unforgettable pop hooks and knee-buckling melodies, Vancouver's Carl Newman is one of the few Canadians in...

Betty Moon : Who is Betty Moon?

She bantered to her crowd about an identity crisis; admitted to me her respect for Madonna and fear of L.A. Her name is Margaret Gundy, but she often...
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