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Masia One : From A Signaporean Marketplace To Canadian Hip-Hop Domination

Many years ago in a Singaporean marketplace, a young girl by the name of Maysian Lim had just been given her Chinese New Year money, and was looking...

The Hidden Cameras : The Rainbow Coalition

The city has long served as a primary muse for songwriters the world over. Penning forlorn tributes to New York or Paris or London seems natural....

Billy Klippert : Leaving Levon Far Behind?

Billy Klippert can't keep his perma-grin in check. It could be that his manager has just announced Billy's self-titled debut has bumped the Dave...

Matisse and The Playground : Musical Canvas

The artist Henri Matisse blended a variety of painting styles, from impressionism to abstraction, making him one of the most powerful artists of our...

AC Newman : Hello, Newman

For his uncanny ability for churning out unforgettable pop hooks and knee-buckling melodies, Vancouver's Carl Newman is one of the few Canadians in...

Betty Moon : Who is Betty Moon?

She bantered to her crowd about an identity crisis; admitted to me her respect for Madonna and fear of L.A. Her name is Margaret Gundy, but she often...

Atomic 7 : Dim the Lights, Cue the Hillbillies

Toronto's Atomic 7 are like the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. The cover of their latest album …en Hillbilly Caliente features a cutesy...

The Daybreak : Standing in the Shadows of London

Of all the band's currently trolling the Toronto underground, few have been as active these past two years as The Daybreak. Consecutive North By...

Poison The Well : Scream Thy Last Scream

For a band that has built their reputation on the road, as Florida's Poison the Well has, they would never let a little obstacle like ornery border...

The Organ : Over the Wire

In their music and stage presence, Vancouver's The Organ is brooding and distant. Their melancholy eighties style and somber, personal lyrics have...
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