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L.P. : A Classic Long Player

Itís pretty easy to contextualize an artist like L.P. Under the influence of molten guitar riffs and varied nocturnal emissions spurting from her...

DJ Collette : Soul Shine's Q&A with DJ Collette

What was the worst/best experience you have had in your musical career? DJ Collette: Many scary flights! I recently was on a plane when the wing...

Latefallen : Fusion is Might

ìLatefallen doesnít agree on a lot of things, like where we should go to eat or transportation but when it comes to the music, weíre completely...

Chris Brown and Kate Fenner : Resistance Ainít Futile

Politics and popular music have always been diametrically opposed. Yet there have always been proponents of the latter attempting to blur the two...

Armin Van Buuren : Soul Shine's Q&A with Armin Van Buuren

Soul Shine Magazine had a chat with one of Dance music's finest, Armin Van Buuren, Label exec, DJ and international traveler extraordinaire. 1....

Neil Leyton : Neil Leyton Speaks Out

Neil Leyton is a man of duality, although he probably wouldnít agree with that statement. But truthfully, itís easier to imagine this soft-spoken...

Melissa McClelland : Do the Strand

In a country that furnishes enough female singer/songwriters to choke a horse (assuming, obviously, that cette equine has an appetite for human...

Oliver Black : Havin' A Ball

So few words describe as well as kickass and f*ckin awesome. I know. I've tried them. I could say "a solid rock band with real potential" or...

Rye : Rye Not?

At initial glance, Jeff Pearce doesn't seem to have aged much since ten years ago, when he first broke onto the scene as the bassist of alt.rock...

Billy Talent : For All ìIntensiveî Purposes

"Drink lots of water and try not to smoke as many cigarettes." A simple formula perhaps, but one that has allowed Ben Kowalewicz to become the most...
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