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vanA primer : Building a Resistance

Most reporters would jump at the chance to interview Matthew Pearn of vanA primer; he writes his own story in what he tells you. A hybrid of...

Flint : Flint: Somethingís Burning

With that heartless wench named winter about to rear its pock-marked mug, Canadian bands far and wide are breaking out the snow tires and bracing...

Hope Of The States : Bringing Back Indie Rock

Hope Of The States are one of the most seminal bands of Britainís new Indie-rock movement. Their recent success has seen them take festival crowds by...

Shannon Weir : Piano Nobile

From the hallowed halls of McMaster University in Hamilton to the rock-infused luster of clubland Toronto, Shannon Weir has long been a student of...

Buddahead : The Art of Revelation

Raman Kia, a.k.a. singer/songwriter Buddahead, has seen a lot in his life. Until age eight, he lived in war-torn Iran, where he witnessed things no...

Roger Sanchez : An Organic Structure

When researching Roger Sanchez it is effortless to find an endless quantity of credit for his 23 years as a DJ/producer. There is the feat of being...

Turn off The Stars : Turn off The Stars, Turn up the Music

True to his form as a Toronto indie musician, Andrew Walker is a pretty amiable guy. The lead guitarist for Turn Off The Stars has no misgivings...

Matt Hryhorsky : He's Got Soul, He's Got RockÖand He's Cool

Itís invigorating to meet a musician with an easy-going and modest character. Matt Hryhorskyís name is difficult to pronounce, but sooner or later it...

DJ Kenneth Thomas : DJ Kenneth Thomas signs to Armada

KTís remarkable progression into the electronic circuit has come quickly due to his talent and positive approach to his fans and his music. His most...

Limblifter : Limblifter Rise to the Occasion

Catching up with Limblifterís Ryan Dahle and Meegee Bradfield in Toronto, itís remarkable to see that the pair doesnít look all that tired. They...
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