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Afflatus : Funk Rock Lets Loose

Packing venues across Ontario with their dynamic live shows, Toronto quintet Afflatus are certified veterans of the live indie circuit. With the...

Michael Cook : Michael Cook Makes an ëImprintí on Aípostrophe Records

On January 25th in Indianapolis, Canadian recording artist Michael Cook officially released his debut CD with Aípostrophe Records; a company owned by...

Sea Snakes : Coming up for Air

With all of the indie-rock promotion overcrowding small venues and mp3 lists, it is comforting to know a band like Sea Snakes may be on the next...

Carried Away : Up Close with Carried Away

Three young women from the Toronto area are officially releasing their debut CD ìCloser To Youî on February 8th at 7 pm with an in-store concert at...

Saj McKenley : The ëAfter Lifeí of Saj McKenley

Markham, Ontario resident Saj McKenley, a former R&B artist, is preparing to release his second solo CD this year. His first album "Life" received...

Frontier Index : Music From Big Smoke

Youíd be hard pressed to find a more collaborative and unabashedly brilliant Canadian band than 1960ís heirlooms The Band. Beginning with 1968ís...

Pavlov's Dogs : From Russia With Woof

ìBack in 1998, when we were 16-17, I was living as a squeegee kid down at the corner of Bay and Lakeshore in Toronto,î says Dima (Dmitri) Filippov,...

Magneta Lane : Constant Raving

Lexi Valentine is scared. Not of spiders or smugglers or Bill OíReilly but of expectations. Truthfully, this ìfearî isnít fear at allórather, itís a...

Kids on TV : Stripped ëN Saucy

When the Hidden Cameras began blurring the lines between the indie rock, performance art and queer undergrounds in the early 2000ís, a door was...

Starfield : Living In The Moment

The fibers of the flesh and night sky have created the magic and musical talent that is Sparrow Recordís pride and joy, Starfield. Initially started...
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