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Greg Sczebel : A Sound Resounds & Is ëHere to Stayí

Once every twenty years or so, in sport or entertainment, someone comes along who truly changes the way we view things, and that we recognize as a...

Hinterland : Watery, Domestic

I have excellent news, my fellow countrymen and women: the washy, rain-soaked sounds of Vancouverís Hinterland may soon be available domestically;...

Joel Geleynse : Think Rock, or Go Home

Well, The Flintstones gave us Bedrock, Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis introduced us to Rock ëní Roll, and now a Canadian by the name of Joel Geleynse...

Ginny Owens : Mindful Evolution

In a recent interview with Soul Shine, American singer/songwriter and former Dove Award winner, Ginny Owens talked about the evolution of her music...

Sanctus Real : No Longer Fighting The Tide

Matt Hammitt lead vocalist for the Ohio band Sanctus Real recently reflected back on this past year and discussed the album ìFight the Tideî, after...

Rev¯lver : Tough as Nails Rock & Roll

Rev¯lver has spot-on intelligence with their unity and sense of family approach. ìWe are like brothers and sister,î says bassist Laurie-Anne. When...

New Found Glory : New Found Glory Surpass Comparison

On a winterís eve in Southampton, UK a capacity crowd has gathered to witness the band that should represent Blink 182ís worst nightmare. Arriving on...

Bettie Serveert : Service with a Smile

Carol van Dyk and Peter Visser are not what youíd call a-typical indie rockers. Dressed in unassuming civies, accessorized with the calmly...

Showroom : Upward Nobility

2005 may well be a year of reckoning for Toronto wank-infused foursome Showroom. This criminally-unappreciated unitís debut long player will hit...

Leviride : Giving it All

Leviride have plans for the coming year. Big plans, in fact. Plans that will hopefully take them beyond the success of their last indie release,...
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