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Superchic[k] : Part 1: The Teenage Years

On March 29th, Superchic[k] officially released their newest CD ìBeauty From Painî, an album whose songs have personal meaning for many members of...

Jimmy Eat World : Predicting Futures with Jimmy Eat World

Jimmy Eat World shot to popularity in 2001 with the release of the ìBleed Americanî opus, eponymously retitled following the September 11 tragedy....

Sowatt : The Language of Life

They may look like your typical pop-rock boy band, but Sowatt definitely has a few edges on the competition: Theyíre cute, they speak two languages,...

Ambulance Ltd : Ambulance Ltd Find A New Direction

Being a band on the road is hazardous. When Ambulance Ltd was on the phone with Soul Shine, their vehicle nearly took a spill off the New Jersey...

Bec Abbot : Stepping out In Faith

The number one track on Bec Abbotís debut CD ìShine Like Starsî is really a testament to the person she once was and the growth that has taken place...

Brian Byrne : From I Mother Earth to Alt Country, Brian Byrne Rocks

Youíve got to wonder what a nice guy like Brian Byrne is doing in the cutthroat business of being a rock star. Once you look past the extensive...

The Blue Van : Rolling With The Blue Van

Itís tough these days for kids to decide what theyíre going to do with the rest of their lives ñ become an accountant, a doctor, a hobo. The members...

Soulwax : Soul Wax Lay Down The Beats

ìIíve never made anything where I wanted to achieve something in particular,î admits Soulwaxís Stephen Dewaele. ìI never know what weíre going to...

Greg Sczebel : A Sound Resounds & Is ëHere to Stayí

Once every twenty years or so, in sport or entertainment, someone comes along who truly changes the way we view things, and that we recognize as a...

Hinterland : Watery, Domestic

I have excellent news, my fellow countrymen and women: the washy, rain-soaked sounds of Vancouverís Hinterland may soon be available domestically;...
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