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Salvador : Living So Natural

They have been referred to as perhaps the greatest worship band of our day and rightfully so. Salvador fronted by Nic Gonzales combines a sound...

Blue Man Group : Blue Evolution

Matthew Banks, the only Canadian member of Blue Man Group and he had to bizarrely be from my home town, Milton, Ontario. Spoken like a true...

Tom Cochrane : A Highway Full of Memories

Who sells their toy train set at the mere age of eleven? A little boy that really wants to raise money for his first guitar of course. That...

Superchic[k] : Part II: Why They Have Been Embraced By Mainstream Movie, Television, and Video Game Producers

Matt Dally has an axe to grind with Christians who do not share his vision for leading the music scene. In this the second part of Soul Shineís three...

Sabrina Korva : Classic Rock for A Tough Blonde

Sheís blonde. Sheís cute. And onstage, she could probably kick your a**. Itís time for the rock world to meet Sabrina Korva, who, at only...

Shaun Groves : An Invitation to Eavesdrop

Rocketown recording artist Shaun Groves has an ease and boyish charm on stage that belies the fact he never wanted to be a performer. The truth is,...

Hello Kelly : Not Backing Down

I sat down after a recent Hello Kelly concert with Francois Goudreault and Mike Donais from the Ontario based rock band. Goudreault is the lead...

ZOEgirl : ZOEgirl Doesn't Just Make Music, They Teach Us How to Live

She could be sitting next to you in church with a smile on her face, but deep inside she is hurting so bad that life doesnít seem to be much of an...

BevAcqua : What Love's About

If you know people who think that Christian music canít be sung with style and an edge then buy them a BevAcqua CD or drag them out to one of their...

Kimberly Perry : A Purity Ring for A Passionate Soul

Twenty year old Kimberly Perry, recording artist with EMI/CMG, has created a music style literally well beyond her years. ìStylistically I am mainly...
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