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Paul Colman : From Nashville to Nazareth

The Australian band Jet seems to be getting all the attention right now but fellow Aussie Paul Colman has been turning the radio charts upside down...

Shezza : Shezza Opens the Door for First Nations

Just a few months ago Shezza (Sherry Ansloos) a superbly talented singer / songwriter from Manitoba was playing broomball while on a young adult...

Raylene Scarrott : From Up North to Down Under

The Aussies are coming, the Aussies are coming! We are so used to hearing that refrain with quality artists like Rebecca St James, Darlene Zesch and...

Cup O' Joy : Our Cup Runneth Over

Imagine launching a music venue in the downtown core of a major city sandwiched between a flop house and a bar where people would regularly shoot one...

Creation Festival : Creation East: Life Giving, Life Changing

The sweat was dripping off over 100,000 campers ready for the biggest Christian music festival of the summer as they poured into Agape Farm in...

Casting Crowns : Crowning Purpose

They are coming to the Molson Amphitheatre on August 20th and their front man wants you to know that, ìThe same God that used Barnabas to encourage...

Building 429 : A Fly On the Wall in A Thai Restaurant

It was a whoís who of the music industry at a Thai restaurant in Nashville in April of this year but to the casual observer it may have appeared to...

Robert Cray : Take Twenty

Howliní Wolf or Jimi Hendrix? Ask Robert Cray who heíd choose to see of any band or artist, living or dead, and he has a hard time deciding. ìIíd...

Seether : Broken and Rebuilt

With his shaggy hair, beard and tattoos, itís hard to imagine anyone not being able to tell that Dale Stewart plays in a heavy rock band. But given...

Mark Schultz : Lighting up the Crowd

When Mark Schultz was in Toronto recently for a concert Soul Shine sat down and talked with this modern day story teller. He can be whacky as...
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