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Peter Walker : Landed on the Scene

Peter Walker is an enigma, but itís not like he means to be. The 31-year-old singer-songwriter from Boston acknowledges that there isnít a lot of...

People in Planes : Crash Testing People in Planes

Most of us have been in an airplane at one point in our lives and probably wish we were heading to a warm place right about now. We would give our...

Lee Mellor and the Mudhounds : Redefining a tradition

Itís a picturesque scene at the Mellor residence, nestled along the shore of Little Lake in South-Eastern Ontario. Lee Mellor, now the frontman of a...

Rebecca St. James : The Quest for Purity

Rebecca St James became the role model for the modern young woman long before there was a ZOEgirl, BarlowGirl or Superchic[k]. That is not to take...

Reuben Morgan : Giving His Heart Away

ìI think the challenge of the church is to keep worship accessible to all people not to exclude people through style and presentation. I think thatís...

Kristina Bubar : Old Hymns Made New

It has often been said that in the arts Canadians are often the last to give recognition to their own. Sadly this has once again become true in the...

Andy Hunter : Bringing 'Life' to Dance Music

ìIím about being in the world and making a difference,î says Andy Hunter the DJ turned worship leader from Wales who has been slamming through the...

Sarah Brendel : Pardon Me, Havenít You HeardÖ

I got a chance to try out my German language skills while pronouncing the name of Sarah Brendelís top ten German chart stopper Du Bist Nicht Allein,...

Karyn Gray : Myspace or His space?

Around a year ago I finally decided to make the switch from Friendster.com and join the Myspace.com bandwagon. As I was filling out the personal...

The Exit : Enter, The Exit

Before Montreal stole all of the buzz as trendy music central, there was New York City. To a point, there is still New York City ñ just that...
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