An Organic Structure

Artist: Roger Sanchez
Published: 2004-11-29

When researching Roger Sanchez it is effortless to find an endless quantity of credit for his 23 years as a DJ/producer. There is the feat of being number 36, out of 41549 candidates, on the 2004 DJ list. Or, even his win of a Grammy, in 2003, for best remix of 'Hella Good" (No Doubt). He represents an absolute no sluggish approach to music projects. His diverse discography includes an inventory of productions, co-productions, compilations, and remixes. He has dipped his hands in many styles; Latin, funk, soul, hip-hop and of course house. Alongside that he has a "down to earth" approach to everyone he encounters. The brilliance and intelligence of this man certainly shines through the endless list of accomplishments.

A week in the life is an intense array of tasks and responsibilities as Sanchez recounts, "During the week: Monday to Thursday; it consists of training in the gym, going to studio (currently working on a new album), and phone calls to label and manager from the record company." On weekends he is traveling to several different cities to play. He lists the favorites places to play as: "London, Montreal New York and Ibiza. Ibiza is my Spiritual home and New York is where I get my energy from". It is definitely not hard to see why downtime is an issue.

Roger started out as a break-dancer, which led to the transfer to turntables. While his friend, was trying to harvest a return from a girl at a party - he took control of the decks. Although, at the time, it may have not been too pleasing to the ears his experiment led to an obvious passion. While, not completely surrendering to his music, he also pursued a degree in Architecture. When asked about the use of his education - he drew a mental diagram. The picture: "There are similar connections between architecture, the production of music and the creation of sets." There is "foundation, structure, floor plans - it is organic". It is not hard to appreciate that concept.

There is always that ever-pressing question often asked of many DJ's: Vinyl or CD's? "I am leaning towards cd's now, since they are easier to carry and require a lot less luggage. You can pack a lot more music into your set" and onto the plane. With Roger's reputation of extensive extended sets - the choice of CD's makes plenty more sense. It is also easy to change ones mind about complete exclusiveness to vinyl - should music be the more critical argument.
Roger's biggest accomplishment, outside of music, is home based. The support he has been able to give to his mother, who is a missionary in the Dominican, was with no doubt, the first response from his lips. His connection to family and friends seem to be the driving force behind his determination in his music. What else floats his boat? "Smiles - great piece of music - beautiful sexy women, being around people you care about and that care about you - the feeling that I've communicated with the people in the crowd."

Roger hits the turntables just after midnight. Everyone immediately congregates to the dance floor. With bodies moving to the sexy beats and smiles adorning their faces - it is observable everyone is blissful. His lifelong calling of enticing the crowd and producing does not lack substantial evidence. Three words that he uses to describe the feeling that you get when you are connected to a crowd - where they are feeling you and you them: "Purpose of communication realized".

Writer: Penny Hayward

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