The Morning After

Artist: The Waxwings
Published: 2004-06-22

Detroit rockers The Waxwings came to Toronto to play the NXNE festival at Healey's June 11. Things are going well for the guys – a new album, a tour and great press are obviously keeping them busy. Lead vocalist Dean Fertita seems wistful when I apologize for calling him late Saturday morning after his show. Sheepishly, I explain that I overslept. "It's 11:30!" he says with a sigh, "You lucky girl." Still, he was gracious enough to take time for a quick pre-breakfast chat with me before heading back home.

Hey, how was your show last night?

I thought it went really well actually. It was the Rainbow Quartz [The Waxwings' record label] night. Three of the four bands were from Detroit too. It was a good crowd – I was surprised, we didn't play until 1am, but it was really full.

How do you like playing on Toronto?

It's good, I'd like to get over here more 'cause it's so close…we've played at El Mocombo and the Horseshoe before, so it's not our first time here.

Have you been in many festivals like NXNE?

We're just getting into the mode of festivals…we had a huge layoff between our first and third record so we haven't been able to tour that much over the past few years. We had to get out of our old deal and find a new one – it held us up for a bunch of shows.

So what's your name a reference to?

It's from a book called Pale Fire, by Nabokov. It's a reference to a bird called Waxwing – there's a poem about the bird at the beginning of the book. We were recording our first record and reading the book and making lists of names when we came across it…we decided it was the name least likely to be taken but it was – we worked it out but there's a another band called Waxwing out there…

So what are you up to for the next while?

Well, our record comes out July 13. Then, we have an east coast tour in July, west coast in August. Also, there's a trip through the States in September and October.

Check out their latest, Let's make Our Descent, available July 13.

Writer: Fiona Mclean

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