Are The Foo Fighters on the Edge?

Artist: The Foo Fighters
Published: 2004-03-07

With the Foo Fighters again on an extended break, fans have been worrying themselves to sleep over rumours of an alleged split on the horizon. The rumours have reverberated before but people still insist on listening. Are you a fan? I am. Can I put your mind at rest? Soul Shine caught up with guitarist Chris Shiflett backstage at the Joiners in Southampton, UK for the low-down on the Foo's and his new band Jackson.

Q, Your new band Jackson has changed their name to Jackson United, Why?
CS: That isn't official yet but it's in the process, we couldn't copyright the name Jackson, it wouldn't be possible so we had to amend it a little. There are too many similar copyrights.

Q, The line-up has also recently changed with both Pete and Scott going back to their day bands…
CS: When we recorded all this stuff, it was never like we were forming a band, they were just helping me out and those guys are really busy and do all kinds of other stuff. There was never any intention that they were gonna come on tour and do all that stuff, so it just took a while to find the right people.

Q, How has the band dynamic changed with the new line-up?
CS: It always changes when you play with different people as everybody has their own style, it's going to change a lot from the way we record it to the way we play it live. I feel like its evolving.

Q, Is it weird playing such small shows again after playing huge arena's with the Foo's?
CS: We did stuff like this in No Use For A Name and actually on this tour we've played a few places I did with No Use… like King Tuts Wah Wah hut.
It's not really strange though, I did it for so long that it's just kinda second nature. It's fun and no one knows who this band is so there's no reason for us to be playing big shows at this point is a natural progression of things.

Q, Does this rank up there with your best tours? How about the worst?
CS: This would definitely be up there as far as the fun and the adventure of it for sure. I couldn't really pick a best or worst one and they are all so different, but going on promo tours really gets old fast.
You just sit there not really doing many shows, maybe a couple a week and all you're doing is interviews. That's fine but doing them eight to ten hours a day for a month straight you lose you f***ing mind. I just can't keep telling the same story with any kind of enthusiasm so it's hard.

Q, What is the current plan for Jackson and the Foo's?
CS: With Jackson, I just wanna tour, if people like it and they come to the shows then great, I'd of course love for this band to be successful but first and foremost I just wanna be able to go out on the road. We also need to figure out who's gonna put our album out. With the Foo Fighters, around the middle of the year we're going to start work on the new record but I don't think we'll tour this year, definitely next year.
Jackson will hopefully be playing some Warped tour dates though, and maybe come over for the summer festivals and a European tour supporting somebody. All the other Foo's are out doing their other stuff so when we get back together and play everybody is like 'Oh My God, I love this band!' it really does make me appreciate the Foo Fighters.

So, do you feel better? Is your mind at rest? Mine is and I'm a Foo Fan of seven years standing. The best is still to be seen of the Foo Fighters, and with Jackson, The Fire Theft, Probot and Chevy Metal all featuring members, the new album should be rich in diversity.

Writer: Dave Hardwick

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