Seabird Provide Hope On 'Til We See The Shore'

Artist: Seabird
Published: 2008-07-10

While some bands aim to sell millions of records and others make music simply to write number one hits Cincinnati band Seabird has a simple goal, “we want to be the most approachable band that ever existed,” says frontman Aaron Morgan. With the release of their debut album Til’ We See the Shore this summer, the band is another step closer to reaching it.

Seabird came together in 2005 with a couple of Aarons, when drummer Aaron Hunt heard a few of Morgan’s songs and suggested that they jam together. Soon after they were joined by bassist Chris Kubik and with the addition of Morgan’s brother Ryan on guitar the band was complete. It became clear soon after the band’s inception that simply making music for the sake of making music wasn’t enough, “it seems very natural for me to write about life experiences or relationships,” Morgan says, “especially those times when you feel like you can turn some sort of defeat into a victory.”

The message of hope in times of adversity resonates through the band’s record – especially the title track “Til’ We See the Shore”. Though Morgan realized it probably wasn’t a hit single he says it really set the tone for the rest of the album, “When I was writing this song,” Morgan recalls, “I kind of envisioned a ship that seemed like it was about the be crashed, or wrecked, or sunken and this crew of guys on the ship just kind of thinking either we’re going to die out here or we’re going to fight for our lives.”

The topics of conflict and hardships are something that everyone can relate to, “Everybody has those difficult relationships.” Morgan explains, “Whether it be a girlfriend or a mother-in-law or whatever.” The honesty with which the band approaches songwriting is the band’s way of opening up to their listeners, “those defeats and failures and victories in the songs make people feel like they can trust you and that they have something in common with you.” Morgan explains. And though Seabird’s songs have the common theme of adversity, they don’t stop there, “I never want to leave the listener in a hopeless state or a dark place where they feel like there’s nothing really good to live for,” Morgan continues “Definitely something I look forward to is leaving them with a message of hope or something good, something positive”.

But in their quest to be the most approachable it isn’t just the band that opens up, they want their audiences to open up to them as well. Morgan says, “We like to spend as much time as we can with the audience either after the show or during the set. Sometimes we’ll do question and answer time just because it’s kind of fun or silly”. Morgan explains that it’s a great way for fans to get to know them; he says they’ve been asked everything from their ages, questions about specific songs to what it’s like being in a band or on the road. Occasionally Morgan says they get a little more off-the-wall, “last show someone asked us if we’d read the book The Indian in the Cupboard,” Morgan says. And when the band replied that they had read the children’s classic about a toy coming to life in a little boy’s cupboard, “they asked if we thought that could happen in real life,” Morgan laughs, “and we said of course we think it could happen!”

The close relationship that Seabird has formed with their fans also comes in handy in more practical ways. When the band is coming through town they’ve been known to send out a message through MySpace requesting a place to stay, “and literally ever time we do that we’ve got somebody saying, I’ve got an open room, or an open floor, or a couch or whatever. And it really feels like we have family in ever city that we play in”.

And it isn’t just fans with whom this upcoming band is making a kinship they’ve begun fostering relationships with other bands as well. Seabird’s first single “Rescue” was written with fellow rockers Needtobreathe, “I had never co-written before that and was a bit leery about how it would work out,” Morgan reveals. “But the relationship was such a natural one; I mean the guys felt like brothers”. Aside from co-writing their single Needtobreathe has also taken the less established band out on the road with them and gave them encouragement and advice when they could. Morgan says Seabird was grateful for the support, “Being a new band, obviously looking for bands to stick their neck out and help us; Needtobreathe has certainly done that.”

Morgan says he hopes that one day newer bands will be able to approach them for help or advice, “We want to be able to give back in that way.” Morgan adds, “To really make it more of a community than a business”.

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Writer: Michelle Garcia

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