Yoav Goes Global with 'Charmed and Strange'

Artist: Yoav
Published: 2008-03-13

It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what genre of music Yoav falls into. The musician’s unique sound manages to incorporate the instrumentation of a band, the electronic sounding elements of a DJ, and the insightful lyrics of a singer-songwriter.

If it seems like his music incorporates many different aspects to his sound – it may be because it stems from a vast number of influences. This global soul was born in Israel, grew up in Cape Town and has lived in such places as New York and London, which has enabled Yoav, to absorb music scenes all over the world. “Each place I’ve lived is a different piece of the puzzle,” he says.

Growing up with an opera singer mom, Yoav was only permitted to listen to classical and opera music. But he managed to sneak a listen to a variety of pop music and was instantly hooked. Today his tastes in music are equally diverse but tend towards artists with unique outlooks on music like Bjork, Radiohead and M.I.A.

Appropriately, Yoav’s own musical style is also quite unique. On his debut album Charmed and Strange, lacking a back up band, he made all the sounds on the record on his own guitar -- banging the side of the guitar to simulate the sound of drums for example. Though he enjoyed creating the record, he admits he’ll have to make some adjustments when he goes out on tour. “I’ll have to find ways to copy the sound on the road,” he says, admitting that it will be impossible for him to make multiple sounds on the same guitar live on stage “but it will be close to the record.”

Though he enjoyed experimenting with sounds on his guitar he admits he’s anxious to work with different musicians, but not in a typical drum, bass, guitar setup. “I want to be more creative,” he says referring to Bjork’s use of an Eskimo choir in one of her tunes and a Iceland Philharmonic in another – he want’s to think outside the box and so far that seems to be the right direction.

During this digital music age Yoav understands how important having a great live show is. His initial success was somewhat unintentional. After posting some of his tunes up on his MySpace page a few radio stations ripped his first single “Beautiful Lie” off of the site and it shot into the top 10. “I think it’s great,” he says of the fact that fans got a hold of his music the way they did, “The business needed to change; too much music is corporately driven.” But he does admit that having a great record isn’t enough, “If you have a magical live show, then you’ll be in shape.”

In spite of the fact that he’s relatively new on the scene Yoav is in good shape already, he’s toured with veteran singer-songwriter Tori Amos and even begun his own headlining tour. But of all the places in the world he’s visited he says, “Canadian audiences are some of my favourite in the world.” Yoav says he appreciates Canadian audiences’ attentiveness, “they’re right there with you,” he recalls “and I think they’ll let you know if they don’t like it.” And so far, he’s confident they’ll love the tour.

For more information please visit www.yoavmusic.com.

Writer: Michelle Garcia

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