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Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch
Published: 2007-11-06

It's hard to believe that it’s been over a decade since Tooth & Nail recording artists, Thousand Foot Krutch, released their first album. Ten years ago while Titanic was breaking box offices, Eric Clapton was winning his Grammy for record of the year with Change The World, and many people were freshly mourning the loss of Princess Diana; Thousand Foot Krutch was in the process of recording their first independent album That’s What People Do, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 that the band really got noticed rocking the Christian music scene. Their next album Set It Off began to impact music fans from all over. As Thousand Foot Krutch now gears up for its anticipated sixth release, lead singer, Trevor McNevan, took some time to talk with me about the last ten years, the new album, and what’s to come. September 18th, 2007 will mark another milestone for Trevor McNevan, Steve Augustine and Joel Bruyere who spent a lot of time in Pasadena, California at the Firehouse studio recording the new album with Producer Ken Andrews (Beck, Mae, Tenacious D). The release of The Flame In All Of Us will give fans a fresh new package of what McNevan calls “bigger and better, something we’re all super excited about.” TFK is always trying to reinvent, taking steps in new directions and leaving their fans wondering what will come next. “Our favourite records have always been records with a lot of variety and a lot of contrast, records that are front to back listens,” explains McNevan. “Our goal was to have fun with the things we wanted to do; but also have a contrast so that it didn’t get stagnate and have a one dimensional feel.” One of those things was the idea to record the album with a more “live off the floor approach” creating much more energy and a live feel. “Sonically, this is the biggest sounding record we’ve had.” The new record is sure to give the TFK rockers a fresh new sound. In a musical world where the use of synth and sample string sounds are a blessing and great tool for an artist, many musicians crave the sound of real orchestration. Krutch will no longer have to crave that need thanks to the collaboration of ideas with L.A. based String Arranger Stevie Blacke (Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Elton John). The opportunity with Blacke left McNevan feeling blessed. “It was a really exciting, powerful experience…the string tracks make it sound like a film.” The album title The Flame In All Of Us came about with the belief of there being a common thread between people of all ages, races, and religions, and that no matter who we are as individuals, we are all created by God with a plan and purpose.

Picking and choosing album content or themes is never the subject for Trevor McNevan. “I do a lot of songwriting and have a lot of song ideas but things are drawn from everyday life and pulled from experiences that people are going through at the time, and personal things I am going through with God. He puts things on my heart. It’s not usually a pick and choose subject of what the album will be about. It’s usually relevant and honest stuff.” Aside from his endless gig as lead singer for Thousand Foot Krutch, Trevor McNevan is constantly keeping himself busy with side projects. When I spoke with him over the phone, he was in a Nashville studio working on the new Hawk Nelson record (hopefully due out in late 2007/ early 2008). Since moving with his wife to Music City six months ago, McNevan has taken on new adventures that he is obviously excited about. On top of working with fellow Canadian rockers Hawk Nelson, he is sharing his songwriting skills with the new band Wavorly who recently released their fi rst album with Flicker/Sony BMG. He also recently worked with Firefl ight on some demo songs and if that wasn’t enough; he is now tackling something new; writing a bunch of country songs and shopping them around. That’s right, I said it. Country music. Maybe we’ll hear a TFK country album in the future? Okay maybe not, but this just proves that McNevan is multi-talented, was born to make music, and is always up for a new challenge. Although life hasn’t always been easy and as crazy as recording and touring can be, Thousand Foot Krutch believes that there is always something new to learn. Whether it is about the everyday music business or life lessons that God shows them on a daily basis. If you asked Trevor McNevan what he is always learning, he will respond with one word, “Patience with a capital P.” Life is always an onward adventure for the guys of TFK. They are constantly growing and learning. They have been fortunate to get amazing opportunities. “God has shown us a lot of favour and grace since the start, and in many ways we feel like we’re just beginning; on the brink of a new horizon,” explains McNevan. One thing that hasn’t changed for Trevor, Steve and Joel is their vision. “As cliché as it may sound, we really want to share a message of hope because we believe it is still important for this generation and ‘hope’ is often left out as a main factor when life problems can be overwhelming.”

Whether Thousand Foot Krutch is entertaining in a club, or playing at a music festival, they are grateful for the support of their fans. “We have fans in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Japan and I can’t express how thankful and grateful we are for their prayers and support over the years,” explains McNevan who recounts a time recently in Vegas when they were playing a mainstream festival in which he describes as “pretty crazy”. They were surprised to be approached after the show by a bunch of moms and dads who came up to say that they were standing at the back of the venue the whole show just praying for them. “That spoke to me big time because that’s how we know we’re not in this alone, we’ve got people backing us up in what we love to do.” Thousand Foot Krutch have definitely not spent the last ten years alone, their success has proven that. It will only carry on with The Flame In All Of Us. Fans can expect to indulge in 12 great new tracks; and two straight away singles from the new record. “Falls Apart”, now available online, is a big crunch anthem and a second song for a different radio format is “What Do We Know”. Keep watching too for videos to one if not both of the singles by the end of the year. You can catch TFK on tour with tobyMac beginning September 15th and going through until the end of November.

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Writer: Matt Borrelli

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