The Wave Starter

Artist: Hayley Sales
Published: 2007-07-20

While most children spend their childhood playing outside, or being entertained by cartoons, Hayley Sales was dreaming of a music career, one similar to that of her idol Judy Garland. "I have two wonderful hippy parents," exclaims Sales, an up and coming Canadian artist whose sound is reminiscent to a female version of Jack Johnson. "We had a recording studio in our basement," explains Sales. "As a toddler I would be dancing to different beats and just exploring various types of music in my own house." The studio she is referring to is none other then GlassWing Recording studios, an operation which was run by her father Richard Sales. "All I did when I was little was listen to music from the 1940s," admits Sales. "That is how I learned to sing."

And sing she can! Although her breakthrough into the music scene is a relatively new one, her fascination with various types of music genres on her album Sunseedhas helped pave the way for a diverse appreciation of music, something that has proven to be helpful in Hayley's career. "When I got older I started to appreciate and listen to other types of music as well, particularly artists such as Dave Matthew's and Bob Marley." As Hayley's interest in music continuously peaked, so did her love of songwriting. "I look at the relationship between music and songwriting as the simple act of talking to someone. It's like having the chance to communicate with the world."

Hayley is taking this chance to communicate a message that she holds close to her heart, social activism. Amidst the craziness of releasing and promoting a new album, Hayley has been enlisted by Sun-Chips to help launch the "Start a Wave" campaign. The project will celebrate individual Canadians who are starting waves in their community by taking part in positive actions, regardless of how big or small their efforts are. "With music you can get across ideas and talk about issues in a way that's not preaching," says Hayley. "I believe that's one of the most powerful things about music. There are several issues that are very important to me, such as global warming and the environment. I love that I can just talk to people about these things."

Although Hayley's career has taken an impressive turn, her rise to fame has been a slow and bumpy one. "It requires patience," responds Hayley, when asked if her breakthrough into the industry has been tough. "There was a point when I wasn't sure if I should continue my education or keep pursuing my dream of singing, because you never know what's going to happen in this business." A performer in so many ways, Hayley also attempted a career in acting, and moved to Los Angeles by herself at the young age of seventeen. "Becoming an actress is a difficult profession to pursue because it is very image based," explains Hayley, "and that was a difficult thing for me to accept." Hayley is very open about her earlier struggles, even admitting to me her challenges with an eating disorder.

However, none of these struggles have inhibited Hayley from becoming the women she is today. In fact, they have only made her stronger. "For me it's just really important to be yourself," answers Hayley, when asked how she stands apart from other female pop artists. "You need to make sure your music is honest, and is a true representation of who you are. With this album I just really wanted to create a soundtrack for people to kick back to and relax with, but most importantly to enjoy life to."

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Writer: Angelica Blenich

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