Mobile Head to the USA

Artist: Mobile
Published: 2007-07-03

Montreal band, Mobile, has officially signed with an American label and have plans to conquer the states. Soul Shine recently talked to lead singer Mat Joly about the move, and the history of the band all from his home in Quebec.

SS: Tell us a bit about how Mobile got started.

MJ: "We have known each other forever. We grew up on the same street, attended the same school. We were in a few bands at one point. We were all skateboarders as well. Once we got bored with that, we were really into music. Music has been really important in our lives. So we started a band and started jamming. We started playing Montreal gigs all over town. We were always kind of influenced by all sorts of music. We started listening to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Black Sabbath, and all these '60s bands. We were also really into the Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana scene. Blur, Stone Roses and the whole Brit-pop scene was important to us as well. We always were very passionate about music so we used to perform and rehearse for about three years until our first live performance. We just wanted to be sure we were ready and we wanted to put on really good show and have a really good reputation all around Montreal."

SS: What made the band make the move to Toronto then?

MJ: "The scene was exploding in Montreal and no one was giving us the proper attention. We did not have a manager or a booking agent. We just felt like we needed to go somewhere else to make it happen. It was getting difficult concentrating on just music in Montreal because everyone had day jobs and such. We started playing shows in Toronto and got the attention of booking agents and then things started rolling."

SS: So the transition from Montreal to Toronto was an easy one, then?

MJ: "It was easy. Going to Toronto was like a last chance for us to score a record deal. The only hard thing was leaving behind family and our loved ones in Montreal. We scored ourselves a record deal in Toronto and that is something we were really proud of.

SS: Do you think you've paid your dues in Canada now that you are signed to an American label?

MJ: "Yeah, definitely. The way we signed the deal was that we signed with Interscope in the States and at the same time we were a part of the Universal music group in Canada. As much as we love our country, it's about time we turn to the states now. I think now there are more Canadian bands that are seeing the crossover now than back in the 90s. Arcade Fire, Metric, The Stills, and the Dears are some bands that are doing better now."

Writer: Robert Frezza

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