Teddy Geiger Talks Music, Acting, and His Roots

Artist: Teddy Geiger
Published: 2007-06-15

Buffalo native singer-songwriter Teddy Geiger loves his music, but acting is calling. Soul Shine's Robert Frezza recently sat down with Geiger to talk music, acting, and his roots.

SS: You are currently filming a movie called The Rocker. Can you tell me a little bit about the movie and what appeals to you more: acting or singing?

TG: "[The film is] about this drummer who got kicked out of this rock band when he was younger and the band goes off to become this huge household name band. He is kind of left in the dust. I started in music first and it has been closest to me in terms of art. Acting has been a lot of fun and has been equally exciting. If I had to choose, I'd have to choose music still."

SS: Born in Buffalo and raised in Rochester, how did Columbia Records first take notice of you? How does it feel to come back home?

TG: "I started with this reality show for the Partridge family on VH1. My mom thought it was a good idea and she kept pushing and pushing it. Eventually, I caved in and I met this record producer, Billy Mann, when I was in the show. He then introduced me to Columbia Records and that's how I got involved there. It feels good to come back home, but my parents kind of go into hyper-parent mode because I don't see them as much."

SS: Do you feel like you're a part of this whole teen wave of music right now?

TG: "In a lot of ways, yeah, all the stuff I've been doing has been resonated a lot with people my age. It's really exciting to see them come out to my shows, but I'm just writing music, you know? It's something I've always done and I actually enjoy it and it is pretty cool to see people my age come out to the shows."

SS: Do you think artists like John Mayer help pave the way for you?

TG: "I guess a lot of it was Dave Matthews coming in. The nineties acoustic rock thing happened and John Mayer and Dave Matthews had a big part in it and it was after the whole grunge thing. So, they definitely gave the whole soft rock thing a different name and made it a little cooler."

SS: Do you consider Dave Matthews and John Mayer influences?

TG: "Yes, but a bigger influence for me was Ben Folds and Weezer. Those are the first two CDs I got my hands on."

SS: If music is your first love, then when can we expect some new material

TG: "We just finished mastering it and it should be out sometime this fall."

Teddy's new album tentatively titled The March should arrive in a record store near you this fall. Stay tuned for The Rocker to be released in theaters soon after that.

For more information please visit www.teddygeigermusic.com.

Writer: Robert Frezza

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