Augustana Start Recording, Tour this Fall

Artist: Augustana
Published: 2007-06-15

So you just might have heard of their smash hit song, "Boston" all over the radio recently. Augustana's frontman, Dan Layus recently sat down with Soul Shine to reveal what is the driving force behind the band and chat about what's up next for the band.

SS: You originally grew up in Chicago and then moved to California. How did the band meet?

DL: "Jared and I met in college in Chicago. We ended up dropping out of school, then the next nine months we worked part-time jobs until we got where we are today signed with Epic records."

SS: Did you think you would of gotten this far?

DL: "No, it's one of those things that you have to know. You know you're going to make it, but at the same time you have to make the sacrifices that you need to in order for it to happen."

SS: Do you think piano-based rock is helping to pave the way for rock's big comeback?

DL: "I really don't classify us as piano-based rock. It's more guitar driven. I don't know how long this type of music is going to be around, but I think the public really likes the songwriting more than anything else." He continues, "I honestly don't think rock music will ever make a comeback. I was hoping in the last few years that it might. Hip-hop is the disco for this era. Hip-hop is spreading to a lot of different kids right now. There has got to be something like Nirvana that was like to the 80s hair bands. That transition or that change might happen, but I doubt it."

SS: Who do you see coming out to your shows?

DL: "It's a good mix---from teenagers to older adults. We've played so many tours and shows that our audiences vary."

SS: What's the next single? "Boston" has still has been getting massive radio airplay.

DL: "There's actually not going to be one. There's an ideal single called "All the Stars and Boulevards" that has been getting some play, but the record label has decided not to put promotion into a second single. Epic records doesn't think there's another single off our record that does not seem worthy of release, unfortunately. For now, we are going to tour for this record and possibly get back into the studio sometime in the fall to start recording again."

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Writer: Robert Frezza

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