Uplifting the Arts

Artist: Christa Haberstock
Published: 2003-11-10

"I was reminded that nobody is guaranteed a tomorrow; but I did have a today, so that's where I started," said Christa Haberstock after the death of her father in 1995. Since then Christa has released three CD's and toured throughout North America and Liberia, West Africa. In 2000 Christa was nominated for Best Religious/Gospel/Christian Artist by the Alberta Recording Industry Association.

Christa's music is more than praise for the God she loves so much. Her music also reflects her interest in and influences of music from all over the world. Christa listened to artists like Sting, Enya, Paul Simon, and Peter Gabriel. When Christa began writing and recording, her music contained the complex poly-rhythms she heard while listening to her influences.

Christa's goals are to strengthen the arts in Canada. She also wants to be able to support her family with her music. Christa's music is available at her website www.ChildofGodMusic.com and CD Baby at www.cdbaby.com.

Writer: Sherrill Fulghum

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