Neverending White Lights Lets Daniel Victor Shine

Artist: Neverending White Lights
Published: 2007-05-14

With two Canadian Music Week Awards for Best New Group {Radio Music Awards) and Single of the Year for "The Grace"(Indie Awards), Neverending White Lights collaborative efforts are gaining momentum. The groundbreaking album Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies features 16 stellar musicians all under the guide of the multifaceted, Daniel Victor. Soul Shine caught up with Victor fresh off his win at The Indies.

SS:"Congratulations on your win for Single of the Year for "The Grace" and for your Juno nomination for Best New Artist."

DV: "Thank you. Yes the Juno's, that's a big one."

SS: "How does it feel to be getting the recognition for this collaboration?"

DV:"It's interesting because I did something very big from something very small. My record, not only was it an independent record featuring independent artists, but it was an independent success. The single ("The Grace") sort of got lost in the major label and corporate releases this year. So to be nominated for a Juno among Canadian Idols and all those big things going on means a lot from something that was so grassroots."

SS:"You are a multitalented musician and play a wide array of instruments. What was your first instrument and did it just come naturally to you?

DV:"I was forced on the piano as a kid. My dad told me that if I learned piano, I would learn the foundation for other instruments so I was stuck with it 'till I was about twelve then I was old enough to quit. I forgot everything I learned in theory and learned to play everything else by ear which is sort of the backwards way. Then I picked up the guitar. Then I picked up the drums. Then the bass. Then I tried to learn how to sing a little bit and then sort of branched off into organs and things. I became a multi-instrumentalist by way of the wrong way. I think with some things you're just born with it."

SS:"Do you have a favourite instrument?"

DV:"Well, I'm actually a really big fan of the piano. I know I quit after nine years, but it's one of those instruments that's very classy and classic"

SS:"Is there any instrument you don't know how to play that you'd like to learn?"

DV:"Yes, probably the cello, any string instrument 'cause they're sort of sad and I'm a sad music kind of guy. I have a cello at home; I just have to learn how to play it."

SS:"Getting back to Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies; you collaborated with a lot different artists on this album. How did you decide who would be on the album?"

DV:"I actually went down my album collection. I picked out some of my favourites and tried my hardest to actually get in touch with the vocalists. Once I contacted the vocalists, I had to see if they wanted to collaborate on the Neverending White Lights album."

SS:"So did you do all of the writing on the album?"

DV:"Well I did the majority of the writing. Some of the songs I wanted the artists to write the lyrics to. Raine Maida from Our Lady of Peace and Scott Anderson of Finger Eleven are really creative lyrists and I just wanted to give them the space to write something to the music that I had written. It was sort of a collaboration where we met half way."

SS:"Is there anyone you would like to work with that you haven't had the chance to yet?"

DV:"I'm really trying to work with a Canadian artist named Rufus Wainright , I'm a big fan of his. Also Sara Slean, she's absolutely beautiful. In the US, I'm a big Nine Inch Nails fan, so Trent Reznor. There's a bunch of artists but we'll see what happens."

SS:"With the success of this album, are you apprehensive about the second album?"

DV:"I was apprehensive initially because things went so well for the first record and with "The Grace" being a really popular song and all the downloads and selling records. It went really well. So when I went to write the second record, I was worried that people weren't going to respond to it because it may not do as well as what happened with "The Grace". But I'm not worried anymore because I'm writing the album and it's going absolutely great. It's almost finished."

SS:"What musical direction is this second album taking?"

DV: "It's a little more focused. The first record was sort of a random sort of thought, like fragments of my imagination. Some songs were kind of long and didn't really have an ending. I really didn't care about anything when I wrote that record and people really warmed up to that. So I decided to take this record and cut it back a bit. Not make it more accessible or pop but just make it more focused but it's still kind of weird. It's very very sad but it's more focused on things. It's just sounds really good."

SS:"I look forward to hearing it. What is the release date?"

DV:"Well, I'm going home to work on it tonight but seriously, I'm hoping it comes out by September."

SS:"So have you recorded any of it yet?"

DV:"It's almost done. About sixteen songs are recorded and just waiting for the vocalists."

SS:"Any hints as to who'll be singing?"

DV:"I just recorded a track with Magneta Lane's Lexi, she's actually the first one on the record. This week I sent tracks to John Legend, The Stills, Sam Roberts and Metric. It's not really a matter of who I send tracks to, it's a matter of who sends them back to me. So those are the people I'm hoping for but we'll see what happens."

SS:"Are you doing the whole thing on your own again, writing, producing etc.?"

DV:"Yep. I decided to even go a little further this time. I produced the whole thing myself and this time I wrote it all. Instead of collaborating, I wrote the whole thing first and now I'm just sending it out to different people. So it's completely one person on every instrument and every note anyone is singing is already written. Their input will be on the interpretation of the music."

SS:"So you're a writer, producer and musician. Is there any one role that you feel is really yours?"

DV:"I really like being a producer. I grew up in a recording studio with my father so I was around gear and microphones. I feel like when I'm sitting behind a big board and computers, I'm able best express my talents. So being a producer is definitely the most enjoyable part for me."

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Writer: Lisa Kerr

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