Superchick's Tricia Brock is In The Spotlight

Artist: Tricia Brock
Published: 2007-04-12

Tricia Brock, lead vocalist for the pop-punk band Superchick recently sat down with Soul Shine's Amy Hammond-Hagberg to talk about how making their album Beauty From Pain hit so close to home.

SS: Tell me a little bit about the significance of the title, "Beauty From Pain."

TB: Beauty from pain is the title track on the album. It pretty much is the story of a time of brokenness where everything in my life, things I had planned and hoped for, started to kind of fall apart. I would almost say to the point of just being pretty depressed. And when all of this was happening we had to go back on the tour. ... I didn't really know how I was going to get through it. So I knew that the only option was to seek God... I would tell Him every thought and feeling I had. "God I don't understand you right now, I don't understand your plan, I don't understand your will, I don't understand why you let it hurt like this when you say you love me." The main Scripture that I meditated on was Job 28...Job still believed that God was watching him even though he couldn't feel God. He couldn't see God. But he kept the faith that God's promises were true and that in his pain God was still watching him and believing that God was going to make beauty in him through that pain.

SS: How would you compare this recording to your previous ones?

TB: Our other albums are more light hearted and kind of typical pop and punk stuff. We've had songs on past albums that were about more serious stuff but maybe just not as personal. That's the biggest difference. Because these are personal I think it will come across a little bit more serious and honest and vulnerable because we're not giving just analogies. We're not talking about somebody we met on the road or a friend of ours. We're saying this was me - this was the time that I went through.

SS: Several of your songs have been featured on TV and movies. Do you see yourself moving more into the mainstream market?

TB: I would say that more than ever if those doors got opened and it seemed like it was right and it was the right timing... We've never sought it out, but I would be really excited about what that could mean for our music and our ministry. But it would also be scary and I don't think I would take it lightly. We've all said we wouldn't jump into anything like that. It would definitely be a lot of praying.

SS: Do you consider yourselves to be musicians or ministers?

TB: We always said that this is our ministry and that we feel like youth pastors. But at the same time, our whole motto has always been that everyone is preaching something, and everyone with their lives is a pastor.

SS: What's in your CD player now?

TB: When I put in a CD a lot of times it's worship; David Crowder is probably one of my favorite things to just stick in because I love his lyrics, I love how they do hymns and Psalms and make them rock. Or it's a lot of really mellow stuff, some of its Christian and some of it's not. I tend to like really laid back music that just kind of relaxes me. Alicia Keys is an amazing talent.

SS: If you were to describe to someone what your sound might be compared with in the mainstream market what would you say?

TB: We've been told that if you mix Blink 182, Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt and Good Charlotte that you'd have our new album. So there you go.

SS: What do you like most and least about being a "rock star?"

TB: Probably most -- knowing at the end of the night that...What I do is just because I feel called here. And I wouldn't really want to live without a strong purpose. Probably the least is the instability - to not really feel like there's a "home" home. I've got like three different places I go off the road that are called "home." I'm a really relational person ...That's probably the hardest thing for me, missing birthdays, and missing weddings, missing my friends and family. There are just some things that aren't helped when you're gone.

For more information on Superchick please visit Trisha Brock's testimony is featured in the new book How Do You Know He's Real: God Unplugged which is available at bookstores everywhere or at

Amy Hammond-Hagberg is an internationally published freelance writer. Her work has appeared in magazines all around the globe. She is also the author of three books: "How Do You Know He's Real: Celebrity Reflections on True Life Experiences with God", and "How Do You Know He's Real: God Unplugged" feature the Christian testimonies of famous actors, recording artists and athletes. She also wrote the book, "My Favorite Christmas" (Integrity House, 2006), which shares precious holiday memories by noted celebrities. Find out more on her website,

Writer: Amy Hammond Hagberg

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