LAX Have Dreams That Soar

Artist: LAX
Published: 2007-02-12

Although a number of possibilities come to mind upon hearing the acronym LAX, not to be confused with the airport, it refers to the name of the latest pop group to emerge on the music scene. Short for 'Los Angeles' Finest X-Port', LAX is comprised of three equally talented and ambitious teenage girls.

The group's members include, Cristina Ballestero, Brianna Cara and Jamie Spradley. The girls, whose talent far surpasses their ages, have been dreaming about music careers since they were just toddlers. "We definitely started young," the girls mention unanimously, "we have all been performing in some way since we were three and four years old."

However, this early start did not guarantee a simple rise to the top. The three girls formed a group through the help of a friend, and an open mic audition, yet there was still a lot of preparation and work that lay ahead. "We went through a year of training," the girls admit to me, "we were trained on everything from our dancing and choreography, to our vocal capabilities, before we went to the record label." Yet all that hard work and patience paid off. "We had to go through a huge audition against a lot of competition, which makes you quickly realize the importance of your image and the need to stick out." After all was said and done, the girls received a record deal, and for this they felt truly blessed.

Fresh off the success of landing a record deal, the girls went straight to work again, heading out on a cross-country radio tour to promote their debut album, and their first single, Forget You. They must have done something right, as Forget You has been steadily climbing the radio charts across the country. Nonetheless, business is not the only thing on the minds of these three girls. "It is so much fun to promote your album when you are in a group," the girls agree, "we get along really well, like sisters." And even though the girls realize that they are fortunate to be following their dreams, there are still a number of sacrifices that have been made on their part. "We are all home-schooled and extremely busy with work, which unfortunately takes a toll on our social life, but we realize this is what we want to do and we're ok with that." It is this type of mature outlook and attitude that makes it clear that LAX is ready for the spotlight.

Their debut album, which is scheduled to come out sometime this spring, has a fresh pop sound with a blend of different beats and influences. The girl's musical influences, which range from Gwen Stefani to May J. Blige to TLC, epitomize the diverse styles and sounds that each individual girl brings into the group. While they all express different musical tastes and interests, they simultaneously share a large amount of gratitude towards their families. "Our families are a big support to us," the girls honestly admit, "not only financially but emotionally, and physically as well." I later learn that this includes the endless amount of hours their parents have spent traveling with them while on tour, driving them to auditions and so on, all in the pursuit of fulfilling a dream.

When asked why someone should buy their CD instead of the countless others out there, the girls do not hesitate for a moment to tell me why they feel so strongly about their album. "It deals with real teenage issues, it's not overly sexy and suggestive, but rather just keeps you smiling. The album is young and hip, but also relatable for all different groups of people." Their album has also received a lot of positive feedback from young fans and supporters, who appreciate an alternative choice when it comes to female pop artists.

So where do these girls see themselves going in a couple of years? "We definitely want to be at the top of the charts," they exclaim excitedly, "we would like to be winning awards, selling albums, producing and writing, and so much more." Their dreams definitely speak for themselves, and guarantee these girls will have many more years of hard work and determination to come.

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Writer: Angelica Blenich

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