Living for Today

Artist: Zoe Lewis
Published: 2003-11-10

Zoe Lewis is an entertainer in the truest sense of the word. Zoe sees being a musician not as a job but as a means to see the world. "I love the feeling of going and feeling free to take off and travel," said Zoe. She is having the time of her life making music. Zoe likes to get people involved with her music. "You gotta have fun," said Zoe. She puts on a show and gives everyone a good time. "It's important not to take oneself to seriously," says Zoe. She follows the lines from one of her songs and "lives like I die today."

Zoe's music is fun and is about everyday things. "Its important to write about what you know, your surroundings," said Zoe; like her home of Providencetown or family. That's why many of Zoe's songs have a water theme to them. She was born near Brighton, England. Now she lives in Massachusetts. "I can't not be by the water," says Zoe. For Zoe the water represents freedom.

As a child Zoe could stand on the shore and see France if the weather was just right. France – the home of her childhood hero Jacques Cousteau. Zoe remembers wanting to be the next Cousteau. Instead she wrote a song about it and travels the world searching for musical treasures and having the time of her life.

Zoe carries a journal with her where she jots down thoughts and observations. It is from these journals that her songs come to life. A concept becomes a song. Every song has a story. Music and lyrics are written together as one.

Zoe Lewis has fun on stage and she wants her audience to have fun as well.

Writer: Sherrill Fulghum

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