Jonah33's Vince Lichlyter Talks About Transformation

Artist: Jonah33
Published: 2007-01-25

Arkansas rock band Jonah33 isn't your typical band. Vince Lichlyter (vocals, guitar), Joshua Dougan (drums), Jason Rooney (lead guitar), and Cory Riley (bass) have music that is both relevant and hard hitting for this generation.

In an exclusive video interview(Windows Media format), frontman Vince Lichlyter talks about where he's been and where he's going, please click the following link:

Video Interview with Vince Lichlyter

Jonah33's latest CD The Strangest Day is meant to incite a spiritual revolution of sorts amongst listeners. "We want the new disc to bring people to the point where they're opening their spiritual eyes for the first time," Lichlyter enthuses. We want them to realize [being Christian] isn't just about a religion anymore, that they need to wake up and discover for themselves what faith really means to them instead of taking it verbatim the way it was handed down. And for those who dont believe to begin with, we want them to know its not based around rules. Even though there are moral guidelines, faith is all about the relationship."

The band will be going on the 'Heart of War Tour' in March with Inhabited and Becoming the Archetype.

For more information on Jonah33 please visit

Writer: Soul Shine Staff

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