The Silent Won't Keep Quiet

Artist: The Silent
Published: 2006-11-21

When all four members of the Silent came together in 2004 they knew they were on the verge of something special. Though lead singer Marc Jolicoeur and guitarist Dennis Prescott had been friends since they were young it was actually the two guitarists Prescott and Matt Sutherland that began what is currently the Silent.

After playing in what he describes as some "horrible teenage bands" Jolicoeur joined Prescott and Sutherland as a bassist for the band and eventually moved into the spot of lead singer, but it wasn't until drummer Justin Macrae joined the band that Jolicoeur knew this was going somewhere, "I had an incredible impression that this was going to be something solid," he says.

So solid in fact that the band went home with the New Artist of the Year award at the 2006 Covenant Awards. "It was the most nervous I've been since I was 13," Jolicoeur said mentioning that though the band was up for four different awards that evening including Rock Song of the Year, Modern Rock/Alternative Song of the Year and Modern Rock/Alternative Album of the Year, the New Artist was the one he thought they had the best chance of winning. "I was trying to convince myself that it didn't matter if we won," Jolicoeur says, "and that it wouldn't happen."

But as the band was called up to the stage he was so nervous that band mate Sutherland put his hand on his back during the acceptance speech, "he was either trying to calm me or burp me," Jolicoeur jokes, "I'm not sure."

In spite of the fact that they're proud of their win the band still struggles with the label - Christian Band, "I would hesitate to say that we run from it," Jolicoeur says, "and it's not a question of the moral beliefs, all four of us are trying to live our lives as Christians." But he understands that the label sometimes comes with some stereotypical baggage, like a misconception that a concentration on Christian morals leaves music that is below par.

But in more recent times Jolicoeur says that the Canadian Christian music scene is producing some great things, and attracting not only fans that are Christian, and though he doesn't mind if people love the music no matter who they are Jolicoeur says, "The hope is that they'll dig through the lyrics and start to question some things."

The band also admits to letting their faith shine though in other subtle ways. Their most recent tour is an "Out of the Cold" tour with Everyday Sunday, Nathan Finochio and Adam Ferrell and along with spreading their music around the country the bands are trying to help those less fortunate. Aside from regular ticket prices, concert goers are asked to bring a non-perishable food item or clothing and working in connection with Compassion Canada they will go to those who need it most, and Jolicoeur thinks they're doing a pretty good job so far saying that at a past show in BC, there was enough food to, "feed at least me for like a year and a half!".

In spite of their successes over the past couple of years the Silent aren't ready to keep quiet, they're already in the throws of writing their next album. Though they've got a few dates booked for the New Year Jolicoeur already has plans for the last few weeks of 2006, "I'm going to lock myself in a room for at least a week and see what comes out."

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Writer: Michelle Garcia

Photo:Leanne Prescott

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