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Artist: In Flight Safety
Published: 2006-11-17

Halifax's pop-rockers In Flight Safety came of age in 2006. With the release of the quartet's brilliant sophomore recording The Coast is Clear and subsequent tours of Canada and Europe, the band has hit full stride and are fulfilling the promise that both fans and critics have been expecting. Soul Shine's Stephen Clare recently spoke with bassist Brad Goodsell.

SC: It's been a good year for the band...what have been some of the highlights?
BG: The biggest highlight for us was on January 24th, which was the day we released 'The Coast is Clear'. It was an amazing feeling when we knew the end of the recording was near, since it did take a very long time and a lot of effort for it all to come together. Other highlights include shooting a couple of music videos with our good friend/director Drew Lightfoot as well as a recent tour of the UK and the current cross country tour.

SC: What have been some of the challenges?
BG: We got our van and trailer stuck in a field after a gig. Getting it out was probably our biggest challenge so far.

SC: How has touring the country changed the way you see Canada?
BG: Absolutely. It made me realize that a) Canada is huge and
b) The further west you go, the worse the coffee gets at Tim Horton's.

SC: What are your thoughts on the Canadian music industry?
BG: The industry can be amazing, if you hang with and deal with the right folks. We have always tried our best to work with people who are in artistic alignment with what we are trying to achieve, and so far we are pleased with how that has been working out.

SC: What are your thoughts on the Maritime music scene?
BG: It is amazing. I only wish I had more time to check out bands.

SC: In your opinion, has the internet helped or hurt the music industry, and in
what ways?

BG: Aside from all the downloading, which totally undermined and restructured the industry, the internet has managed to help rebuild its format quite a bit with online network communities like myspace. I suspect that these types of online communities will only become increasingly important in helping the industry do its thing as internet use for just about everything seems to be steadily climbing.

SC: Has the band been writing new material?
BG:Yes. We try to work on new music every chance we get. Our last fruitful session was in the summer when we developed, arranged and recorded demos for six or seven song ideas. We will probably have a few more sessions before we actually go to record our next album. As a band, we feel it necessary have to always keep the ideas flowing.

SC: Is the creative process more one of inspiration or perspiration?
BG: We try and focus on what is working for us. We try not to force anything and for the most part we are pretty excited and inspired when we are working on new ideas.

SC: What is coming up for In Flight Safety over the next few months?
BG: We are on tour up until December, and after that there is more touring being penciled in for the New Year which may include a return visit to the UK. Aside from that, there are the ECMA's coming up in February which are always a blast.

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Writer: Stephen Clare

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