A Heart for Anticonformity

Artist: Krystal Meyers
Published: 2006-09-11

Krystal Meyers has come a long way in her career and nobody knows this more then she does. "I've grown up a lot since my last album," claims the talented 18 year old, whose musical history speaks for itself.

Krystal released her debut self-titled album in 2005 and was met with critical acclaim and success. Not only did she receive a Dove nomination for Best New Artist and a great amount of success in the U.S., but she became a major hit in Japan, garnering her a number one single.

"The first album did better then I thought it would," remarks Krystal, "I mean I kind of became this celebrity in Japan." With all that momentum that came from her first album, Krystal believes she has created a great follow up record that showcases a variety of songs. "This album has some hard rock songs as well as pretty ones," explains Krystal, when asked to describe her sophomore album titled Dying for a Heart.

Yet with all this success comes a lot more responsibility, and Krystal recognizes the expectations that have been placed on her. "Something you don't think about is that you've become this role model for younger people, especially girls," comments Krystal. "Even though I'm treated like an adult I'm still a kid myself in many ways, and I often pray I do things right," she confesses.

One thing that sets Krystal apart from other teenage girls in the music industry is the way she dresses. "I don't think my image is a problem," Krystal admits, "I wear what I want to, and I don't dress scandalously." Even with this modest approach Krystal has still landed magazine covers, appearing on the cover of both Nylon and Bounce magazine.

Krystal's relaxed, sensible approach to being in this industry can largely be accredited to the fact that she knows this is what she should be doing with her life. "I've been called to a ministry," remarks Krystal in a very serious, no nonsense approach. "I know that God is good and he has a plan that is bigger than mine."

Krystal responds to that calling by dealing with issues that are relatable for teenagers and young adults. Her new album deals with many real life issues that teenagers face such as insecurity, feeling accepted and premarital sex. "The Situation" which is a song that is all about premarital sex, is about being in compromising situations and how Jesus can be our escape from them.

Krystal's career has come a long way since she was discovered at the young age of 14. "I knew this was my calling but I was still surprised at how young I was when it happened," Krystal exclaims enthusiastically. "My family has been my biggest support and has definitely kept me grounded and down to earth," she admits. Quite the challenging task considering the accomplishments she has achieved, and the expectations she has for her upcoming album. "I'm just excited about everything," admits Krystal. "Everyday I have something to be thankful for. It's cool to travel and do what I want for the Lord."

When asked to describe her new album, Krystal describes it as having lots of different flavours. "The new record has some rock influences inspired by some of the bands I listen to, such as Dashboard Confessional and Underoath. It's an album with a lot of great tracks and messages that are easy to understand no matter what age you are." When asked where she gets her songwriting inspiration from, Krystal explains that most of her ideas and songs come from different stories she's heard, experiences she's had and people she's met. "I took a break from writing for a bit and just went back to God," Krystal acknowledges. Another good example that not only does Krystal know who she is, but she also knows who's in charge.

Krystal Meyers sophomore album, Dying for a Heart, is scheduled to be released on September 19th, with upcoming plans to tour this fall and make a trip back out to Japan. But those aren't the only things on the mind of this 18 year old. "I just graduated from high school and I think I'll be moving out soon," she reveals to me. Just one more example that Krystal Meyers is growing up in more ways then one.

For more information about Krystal and her upcoming album, please visit: www.krystalmeyers.com.

Writer: Angelica Blenich

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