Catching up with Joel Plaskett

Artist: Joel Plaskett
Published: 2006-08-01

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia resident Joel Plaskett has enjoyed another phenomenal year. As one of Atlantic Canada's foremost singer-songwriters, Plaskett has been touring the world over the last year in support of his last release La De Da.

SC: What have you been up to?
JP: After getting back from Australia in May, I toured the country and had an amazing time. Since then I've been kicking back and enjoying my summer at home, just getting out on weekends to play festivals and stuff nearby. I think I could get used to this! I mean, I love touring and playing music for people, but I don't live to be on the road. There is something very unsettling about the sheer logistics of traveling, and there is always a bit of an adjustment when I first get back, but it doesn't take long before I'm comfortable just chilling out.

SC: Where have you been performing recently?
JP: I just did the Bridgewater Ex and this weekend I'll be up in New Glasgow at the Jubilee. I'm in Lunenburg next weekend at the Folk Harbour Festival, which is kind of cool because I was born in Lunenburg and lived there until I was twelve and we used to go to the Ex in Bridgewater every summerÖso it's sort of like revisiting my youth.

SC: You seem to be very proud of your Nova Scotian roots.
JP: I am, though I've been known to be a little too vocal about that outside the province at timesÖheheÖThis is home to me and where I've chosen to hang my hat. I've been living in Dartmouth for a few years and it suits me just fine. I'm close to the people I care about and there's a strong sense of community in the area. Those are two things that are very important to me.

SC: What is it about Nova Scotia that makes it such a great place for music?
JP: There is a strong and rich musical heritage here that finds its roots in the settlement of the English, Irish, and Scottish. The French have had a huge impact on the sound here as well. With so many smaller communities in the province, music became a way of bringing peoples together and passing on family histories and cultural traditions. In Halifax the music scene first developed as a way of entertaining the many sailors and fishermen who passed through town before taking on a life of its own.

SC: What are your thought on the Maritime music scene?
JP: There has never been a more exciting time for music in Atlantic Canada. The Junos really put the spotlight on the region and opened up some doors for many artists here. There are many great bands and solo performers coming up through the ranks and the industry supporting those artists has never been stronger.

SC: What's next for you?
JP: Well, I've been rehearsing and getting ready for shows coming up through the rest of the summer and into the fall. I'm always working on new material and the new record is in the works which will be a full band recording. For right now, however, I'm quite content to be home and taking it easy around the house.

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Writer: Stephen Clare

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