Chad Doucette Talks Top Ten

Artist: Chad Doucette
Published: 2006-07-17

Nova Scotia's own Chad Doucette is in the running to be the next Canadian Idol winner, Soul Shine's Stephen Clare talked with Chad about the show, the songs, and the Maritimes.

SC: How is everything going?
CD: It's been an incredible experience so far... a real whirlwind of activity! So much is happening so quickly that I hardly have time to think about it. We've been so busy the last little while with the show and everything that goes along with it.

SC: What are your impressions of Toronto?
CD: It's really big! And there are so many people here. It's been a bit of a culture shock coming from a small town in Nova Scotia where you can walk for hours without running into anyone and if you do then you probably know them. Whereas here you can't walk a block without bumping into someone and chances are you'll never see them again.

SC: Do you miss home?
CD: Yes and no. I mean, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and there is so much for me to see and do while I'm here. I'm having an amazing time and I don't know when I'll be able to do this again so I'm taking full advantage of it. On the other hand I really miss my friends and the peace and quiet of my hometown. I've learned to really appreciate it a lot more from a distance.

SC: How has being from a small town made a difference in your experience?
CD: It has made all the difference in the world. Being from Nova Scotia has helped me stay grounded in a business that can be pretty unreal at times. It could be all to easy for someone to lose themselves in the glamour and glitz of show business and the big city life, but people back home keep reminding me of what matters most and that's my family and my health.

SC: What do people there think of your being from the Maritimes?
CD: It's funny. At first a lot of people were kind of taken aback by our warmth and friendliness. They just weren't used to people being so open and talkative about things. But I think we've rubbed off on them and they're coming around. One thing I have noticed is that people here have some really strong stereotypes about Atlantic Canadians and then they are kind of shocked when they meet us and realize that we're no different from them.

SC: How do you feel about representing the region?
CD: I'm really proud and honored to be from the Maritimes. We were shut out last year, even though I made it into the top 48, so this year I feel like I have something more to prove to the rest of the country.

SC: What happens next for you?
CD: Wow. That's a good question. I really want to study broadcast journalism so I plan on going into University for sure. And I also want to see what happens with my musical career. I love music and I'm curious to see where it can take me so that's an option too. Chances are I'll try to do both if I can.

SC: Is there anything you'd like to say to the folks back home?
CD: Absolutely. I want to say thank you so much for all your love and support and for burning up the phone lines each night. I'm really grateful to everybody there for everything you have continued to do for me since the start. I really want to keep making you proud and to let the rest of the country know that Nova Scotia rocks!

Writer: Stephen Clare

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