People in Planes Take Flight

Artist: People in Planes
Published: 2006-06-29

The road to rock 'n' roll glory can be a bumpy ride, filled with obstacles and detours and very often littered with the remains of artists who have either lost control or lost the drive to survive and succeed.

For Peter Roberts, guitarist for Welsh rockers People in Planes, the lows have to be taken alongside the highs. "We are the perfect example of that famous axiom; what does not kill you will make you stronger."

Ironically, Roberts sounds relaxed and jovial on the phone from the West Coast where PIP have been touring with Toronto popsters Pilate and Halifax darlings Wintersleep. "So much has occurred over the last four years that has brought us to our knees. It feels like we've fallen on our face a million times over. It's a bit of a miracle that we're still at it."

Roberts and his mates have doggedly plowed their way through professional, personnel and personal changes to stake claim in their quest for rock's Holy Grail. "We used to be called Tetra Splendour and we had worked our [butts] off to sign to EMI Records and do the first record and tour. Then everything fell to pieces when the label went through some restructuring in 2002 and we were dropped. It was a dead stop train wreck for us."

The band didn't hesitate getting back onto the rails, taking the time to regroup, restructure and refocus. Vocalist Gareth Jones moved out from behind the ivories onto centre stage, a new keyboardist was introduced and the new moniker took hold.

PIP then got down to the business of writing and recording material for their energetic and engaging 2004 effort, As Far As the Eye Can See. Soon after, the group showcased to industry executives in New York, picking up a U.S record deal and finally releasing the album in North America this past March.

"We never gave up" professes Roberts, "We knew the songs were good and that making music was what we wanted to do and so we worked hard to create our own opportunities. It was disheartening at times for sure, but then we'd give each other the pep talks and remind ourselves that we were virtually unemployable elsewhere. And here we are, touring Canada and making music everyday and earning a living doing it and really enjoying the ride. It's something I think we have earned."

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Writer: Stephen Clare

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