The Push Stars Frontman 'Gone Again'

Artist: Chris Trapper
Published: 2006-06-23

His music is in the movies, on television shows, and yes, even on radio, but you might not even be aware of it. From There's Something About Mary to the new WB sitcom, Pepper Dennis, Chris Trapper does it all. Although his name is most often associated with his band, Chris Trapper wants to make a mark on the music industry for himself for the time being.

Trapper is the lead singer of the pop rock Boston, Massachusetts based band, The Push Stars. However, Trapper is ready to put his foot on the break from his band for now and fly solo once again this time for his sophomore solo LP titled, Gone Again.

Backed by Boston based jazz band, The Wolverines, Trapper wants to induce his loyal fan base with a little bit of a different style and that is straight up jazz music. "This time I've got a seven piece jazz band backing me up," says Trapper of his jazz influenced album. When The Push Stars finished recording Paint the Town in 2004, Trapper was really proud of it, so much so, that he wanted to work each album from here on out to the bone, so to speak. "We really had no record label at that time of Paint the Town and we had to release product in order to make money," Trapper says. "I also had 45 near songs demoed. I thought of recording my record as a rock record with pro tools and computers and it didn't appeal to me at all."

Trapper was a big fan of a local jazz band called the Wolverines at the time and saw them playing music in a local jazz club, which is obviously very different from the standard rock venue. "I asked the lead singer of the band if he wanted to make a whole record together and he was up for it." The Wolverines is a jazz band based out of Boston, Massachusetts that have rose to popularity in their hometown thanks to their inspired music of the 1930s and 40s. The end product is a throwback of that era of original material written for Trapper's solo disc called Gone Again. "For me it was a chance to play with more experienced players and also a chance for me to learn something new in terms of music and playing," says Trapper.

"I am at the point now that I realize that in some ways I have the perfect balance of a loyal fan base and a real fame and still have a normal life. I can be at a movie theater, for example, hear my song play in that movie, and nobody knows that it's me. It's cool, but it's kind of hard to explain," says Trapper modestly.

Trapper's music can be heard on an upcoming WB show called Pepper Dennis, in which he is accredited for the show's theme music and will be making a guest appearance on the show as well. Other projects on his plate include an appearance in a Robin William's movie called August Rush, which will be released this fall.

For all those Push Stars fans, don't worry, The Push Stars have not broken up!! They will be reuniting in the studio for Chris Trapper's next solo album, which will feature a song with Rob Thomas, of Matchbox Twenty, as well, which is due sometime later this year.

Writer: Robert Frezza

Photo:Liz Linder

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