In the Lab with We Are Scientists

Artist: We are Scientists
Published: 2006-01-16

We Are Scientists are a rock trio based out of Brooklyn and their new album is called With Love and Squalor. Lead singer Keith Murray wants you to forget about the stereotypes and throw all preconceived notions of what a rock band is out the window. This three piece rock band is nothing like the over hyped garage rockers of the past few years, even if you want to categorize them as so is your choice. Listen to the With Love and Squalor and then decide for yourself.

Soul Shine recently had the chance to talk to Murray about the band's rising success one week prior to their show in Buffalo and here is what he had to say.

SS: You guys are out on tour in support of your debut album With Love and Squalor. How is the band feeling at this time?

KM: We're feeling pretty good. We have been touring non stop since last March. We kind of feel like a barely registered blip on the music map now that the record is coming out.

SS: Now that We Are Scientists are making a name for themselves, do you find it easier to get up on stage and perform or has it always been an easy thing to do?

KM: The main issue now is that I can't make up lyrics to words anymore because people would know if I'm faking it. I could give my nonsense into the mic and nobody would have any idea.

SS: We Are Scientists are originally from California then moved to New York City. The transition moving from big city to big city must have been an easy one, was it not?

KM: I don't think moving to New York City is an easy transition for anyone, much less an aspiring band, but it was an utterly painless transition. It has its more than obvious upsides, but we have made it a more than worthwhile place to put your head down and plow through until things got better.

SS: There always seems to be a prototype for a band. There was Grunge, Nu-Metal, and now New Wave. Are you trying to get away from being compared to bands like the Killers and the Bravery?

KM: I really don't know how to classify ourselves. When you play the songs everyday, they really don't sound like songs anymore. I'm sure influences and genres are definitely way more apparent to the outside listeners than they are to us. Regardless of longevity of specific genres, I think bands have to kind of evolve or their reason for even kind of existing is vanquished. There certainly are always bands that are more than happy to suddenly pop up and cash in whatever is happening or whatever is popular. It is definitely something that we have been accused of as well, even though we have been around for five years. To the world, we are a brand new band. A good portion for our prominence is that there is a burgeoning market for what we do. We are definitely interested in not doing the same thing twice.

SS: How long did it take you to make With Love and Squalor?

KM: The recording process went really fast. We weren't signed when we recorded it, so it was really quite fun. We had the studio for a month, but didn't use it up everyday. We recorded it in about three weeks.

SS: What is, in your opinion, the most fun thing about being in a rock band?

KM: It definitely is fun, but being on tour everyday you kind of lose sight of what is fun. Everyday kind of blends into one another. The best part is playing, and playing a good show.

Oxford Collapse is on the leg of this tour and With Love and Squalor is out in stores now.

Writer: Robert Frezza

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