A Reflection on Christmas, Music, and the Art of Thinking for Yourself

Artist: Merry Christmas
Published: 2005-12-22

When it was time to break for the Christmas season, I began Christmas shopping and quickly noticed that a lot of the signage in stores read "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas". At first I thought "whatever", but then it got me thinking, it looked a lot like stores were cancelling Christmas. It appears they were saying the "holiday" was more about discounts and the mall rush instead of the joy of giving and thinking about what really went down that first Christmas.

I guess in both the retail market and in my mind we were both trying to be politically correct, but was it politically correct to cancel a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ? "Cancelling Christmas was like canceling our very Creation", I thought. It's cool to be respectful about what others believe and encourage peace, so why is being respectful to Christmas any different?

We're all pretty logical thinkers, and as such, we should be presented with all the facts that surround us. After Christmas this weekend, we have an interesting federal election coming around the end of January. I called up the Liberals, NDP, and Conservative Party to find out where they stood on Creationism being taught in schools. Creationism is an interpretation that God created the universe and everything in it, it's not the Intelligent Design movement that says "What If?", it's Creationism that says He does exist. Why Creationism? Well, it has a lot to do with Christmas, which had recently peeved me the week before.

I think being taught strictly evolutionist theory is as predjudice as the retail rendition of "the holidays". Having people in the school system and newspapers understand what it means to believe in evolutionist theory and what it means to believe in creationism is essential to a balance of the facts, but as I soon found out, politicians were not going to touch it because supposedly it offends people when you present more than one interpretation and allow the general public to think for themselves.

I got voice mail at the NDP and Liberal Party offices in Ottawa, but the Conservatives (which you'd think would be standing by all values in this country) were in fact siding with the political golden rule "if it's broke and not harming anyone now, don't address it". A rep for the Conservative Party didn't even know where Mr. Harper stood on the issue until he put me on hold to ask his manager. This is what he said when he returned, "Mr. Harper would not encourage that as it has no basis in scientific fact".

Many of you could agree with him, "Where's the proof?" you'd say. Having been given my own evolutionist-only education in school, how was I to know anything about defensible fact that backed God creating everything. I happened upon a site called Answers in Genesis (www.answersingenesis.org) and the facts are all there, presented along side what we've been taught about evolution and what we're not being taught about creationism. If you want to stand up for your values (whatever they may be), read up on the foundation that your beliefs stand on, see how solid they are. If anyone would like to write in to Soul Shine and challenge that Creationism is NOT based in operational scientific fact, I'll happily reply. If you do see the logic in it, I'm thankful for your being able to evaluate for yourself both interpretations, just like you would evaluate your upcoming politician or that bizarre food Aunty Irma brought for Christmas dinner.

Now for the music, I've compiled a Soul Shine Christmas Music Chart for the fun of counting down the days until Christmas this weekend, enjoy, and uh, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

To get informed visit, www.answersingenesis.org.


1. Switchfoot/Nothing is Sound (SonyBMG)
2. Chris Velan/Twitter,Buzz,Howl (Universal)
3. New Pornographers/Twin Cinema (Mint Records)
4. Chasing Arcadia/Chasing Arcadia (Chasing Arcadia)
5. Vivek Shraya/A Composite of Straight Lines EP (skinsongs)
6. Morning After Girls/Prelude:ep's 1&2 (Rainbow Quartz)
7. David Crowder/Sunsets & Sushi (Sparrow)
8. onlyforward/Everything's Perfect (onlyforward)
9. Andy Hunter/Life EP (Sparrow)
10.High Dials/War of the Wakening Phantoms (Rainbow Quartz)


1. Superchic[k]/"We Live" (EMI)
2. Relient K/"Apathetic Way to Be" (Gotee)
3. Aly&AJ/"Rush" (Hollywood Records)
4. Switchfoot/"Stars" (Sony BMG)
5. onlyforward/"Trees" (onlyforward)
6. Michael Olson/"Long Arm of Love" (Provident)
7. Andy Hunter/"Alive" (Sparrow)
8. Chris Velan/"Shiver" (Universal)
9. Manafest/"Let it Go" (BEC)
10. High Dials/"The Holy Ground" (Rainbow Quartz)

1. Relient K/"Apathetic Way to Be" (Gotee)
2.Charlie Hall/"Marvelous Light" (EMI)
3.LA Symphony/"Timeless" (EMI)


1. The Exit/Home for An Island (Wind up)
2.Building 429/The Space In Between Us (Word)
3.REM/Out of Time (Warner)

50 Cent/Massacre (Universal)

1. Britney Spears
2. Motley Crue

1. Mute Math
2. Switchfoot

Writer: Lindsay Whitfield

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