Bella Clean Up Their Pretty Mess

Artist: Bella
Published: 2005-11-23

After two years of growing musically and emotionally, Bella are now a well-respected band in the indie music scene. From Nov.15 - Nov.19, Bella toured with Immaculate Machine, who just released their second full-length CD Ones and Zeros in early September.

"We think Immaculate Machine are just greatÖwe like to think that we're all somewhat kindred spirits, in the sense that we're all laid back, low maintenance people." Bella explains. "And they have a tendency to be a little over the top sometimes, see Luke's habit of removing his shirt about five minutes in to every show."

Colin Stewart, who has worked with Hot Hot Heat, Destroyer and Black Mountain, helped Bella perfect their debut album Pretty Mess. Although Bella have over 2000 members on MySpace, there is a majority of people in the music scene unfamiliar with the band. In fact, if you were to google the name Bella, you will find websites that have nothing to do with the band at all, like bath products, and restaurants.

"Yeah, we have noticed how many things are named Bella on the net. We're happy with the name though. It popped into Tiffany's head as she was wandering the streets late one night, and it was the only one we could all agree on, so we went with it."

So, is Bella working on new material? With such a talented band as thisÖof course they are! They are currently writing new songs for the next record and are hoping to release it by the summerÖif not sooner.
"We don't want to rush the release, so we're taking our time with the writing process and making sure we're happy with the material," the band explains. "Naturally, we hope the next album will be better than the first - more mature."

For more information, visit Bella's website at

Writer: Mindi St. Amand

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